The Life-Savers of Attire

We all own up to suffer from the reoccurring circumstance of the considerable aggravation of choosing an outfit daily. Whether it is casual or party attire, there never comes the convenience of efficiently combining items of clothing and accessories in one fell swoop to create a masterpiece of garments. Evidently, this process takes time. During attendance of social events, it is almost likely that every single attendant has had the majority of their preceding day being absorbed with the thoughts of “what to wear?” or even additionally the intractable thoughts of “should I risk the red lipstick” and “straight or curly hair?” Above all, there are always those classic fragments of subservient apparel that we can draw out to make the situation a little less arduous, meaning the attire that can go with the bulk of clothing, evidently needing no configuration to their consolidation with other drapery and embellishments.

The Black Jersey Skirt

To start with, we have the typical black jersey skirt; it provides an idiosyncratic yet sensual appeal to any top. Personally, I combine it with baggy sweaters however not so baggy that the skirt is hidden as you don’t want too much flesh on show. An advantage of this competent apparel is its ability to suit any character. For example those who feel a lack of sanguine regarding their figure are able to add matching black tights underneath without the beholding of obscurity. On the other hand, those who have a greater contribute of wearing miscellaneously costumed attire can adept to add the simplicity of patterned knee length socks that have the involvement of the top’s pre-eminent colours and/or arrangements. Focusing on my own wardrobe, I hold that of a black H and M Jersey skirt which cost me the tremendously meagre amount of £3.99 in store. Once owned I have come to the applicable realisation of the idea that it has a wide width of elastication therefore feels remarkably comfortable yet still has the protracted aspect of durability. Considering those of us who have the dearth of this beneficial attire, there is always the continuation of a dainty black skater skirt which makes a satisfying reinstatement.

Pippa Middleton Sighted on Kings Road in London on July 14, 2011il_fullxfull.493394421_21cl

H and M Black Jersey Skirt

The Denim Jacket

Unequivocally, no one can raise the proclamation of denim jackets having ever been out of fashion amid this century so far. In my opinion, its sense of appliance is an immense donor to this on-going apparel. Invariably, the denim jacket has been a tremendous life-saver when needing to add prosperity to any kind of dress. Somehow the typical blue denim profitably trials with any colour or pattern therefore is the head attire to locate when one is in need of a canvas to administer security nevertheless still have the custom of an exquisite gown. Even though this universal outwear successfully progresses essentially with every outfit, I believe that the most affective colour to wear the twill textile amongst is that of the tedious black. For instance, I find having the sluggish under layer comes across as eerie however when overlay with a flash of brittle denim implements texture accordingly causing the set to be positively emphasised.

MEADHAM KIRCHOFF JACKET  6 miranda-kerr-hat

Rag and Bone Jean Jacket

The Denim Shorts 

Once again, denim is the recipient of vast gratification by its quality material that is extremely resilient apart from the fact that it causes intense irritation towards skin when in the negligible contact with liquid. With reference to the abbreviated denim short, I adore placing this terse apparel with that of the serene over throw of a boyfriend shirt, only with the single precaution that the shirt must be resolutely tucked in to the frontal area of the tenacious bottoms. Doing so conveys a dimensional component to any pairing in addition to yielding thoughts of thorough content to yourself and others as it materialises as quite a casual response. Further on, denim shorts had the competence of being adapted depending the state of atmosphere, such as: winter (over lay some broad tights with the insulation of a pair of robust denim shorts) or autumn (knee length socks can be worn just below some coloured denim shorts to provide a moderate warmth). As of myself, I own a reasonably priced pair of contemporary Levi turn up shorts in faded blue. Due to experience, I intensively recommend Levi Strauss and Co’s denim apparel, firstly as a result of the convenience of the denim’s abiding quality signifying its feature of not shrinking after several washes unlike alternative denim attire and secondly, the shorts being high waisted has that absolute bohemian essence which has been the essential aspiration of trends this preceding season.

Studded Up The Superdry SS15 Event,  London Collections: Men

Levi’s 501 Denim Shorts


Dominantly worn by the chilled individual of Marty Mcfly in the favourable 1985 film ‘Back to the Future’ converse have been the during high-school prerequisite since they were notably discharged in the distant year of 1917 anticipated to be worn midst basketball games. As a relief, Converse have the definite capability of being able to reconcile with any form of clothing whatsoever as long as the colour/print matches. Converse are the principle direction to go when in the troublesome corpus of a shoe dilemma. Subjectively, I believe that the nostalgic sneakers greatest pairing is alongside that of compact skinny jeans and a childish crop top (preferably including a band logo/name). This induces a naive but still youthful outlook by virtue of the bands statement transmitting character to the wearer as well as the skinny jeans that bring an expectable outline to any person’s instinctive figure.

130221-1 converse

Kurt Geiger Grey Tie-Dye Converse

The Striped Top

Considering the up-roar in the copacetic hipster trend, denim dungarees have surmounted in demand considerably. As a route of priority, dungarees have most popularly been worn with the sailor trait of a striped top, providing a spark of pattern to the plain denim dungaree itself. Additionally, he occasional principle of a striped top has the unique essence of looking acceptable when spontaneously being paired with that of a floral skirt. The utmost of fashion enthusiasts would assail this obscure suggestion withal when visualized in reality; the couple emerge to give out an adequate look deemed appropriate as attire for an estival climate accordingly a tremendously satisfying set for temperate holidays. American Apparel gravitate in this field of garments, offering a gargantuan spectrum of striped imprinted vestments manufactured for both adults, adolescents and infants in the structures of billowing t-shirts to tenacious web belts.

striped tee MTV's "It's On with Alexa Chung" presents Ashley Tisdale and Christopher Mintz-Plasse

American Apparel Striped Baby Rib Crop Top

The Chronograph Watch

Corresponding to the colossal promotion of striped t-shirts, the chronograph watch has been identified upon the facades of celebrities’ wrists including: Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Scherzinger and Lea Michele. Not forgetting that of the opulent designer Michael Kors outstandingly impressive watch range including that of the oblique Chronograph watch. In contempt of designers, Rolex is at the pronounced peak being at the largest level of expense, such as the genuine Rolex Day Date costing an extravagant £19,995. Although, there is still an inevitability of hope as resignation to high-street retailers producing replicas that may not bring as exceptional an aura as that of a Rolex chronograph watch but still execute the job of looking astute. A predicament being Topshop whom handle a variety of watch styles from less costly brands distinguished as David Wellington, Casio and an abounding extent of substitutes.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Steel Watch

All of these conferred specific forms of apparel have saved the feasible scrutiny of venturing out in a macabre set of clothing on several occasions regarding myself. Entirely every piece analysed in this post tends to be that of a current tendency to the fashion industry. As a result my predicament for the following years will be that this list alternates depending on the seasons prevailing development yet I still believe that sometime in the remote future, these trends will enter once anew then reoccur, the procedure is obvious. Due to this consciousness, my convinced summary for this post is to never remote your clothing and to invariably cache every garment as no one can predict the imminent trends apart from that of the present day.

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