“Leggings: that word leaves my brain in utter unease”

Leggings: that word leaves my brain in utter unease. Those bottoms that practically stick to your thighs are said to ‘accentuate your curves’ which we can all agree, is totally untrue. They surely don’t compliment my figure when I’m helplessly staring into a 2 meter mirror with some black leather ones on, I mean it looked fine previewed on chicnova.com but I must bear in mind that was upon a 6″1, 24 inch waisted Korean supermodel. Anyway apparently men are all for them, yeah that probably only applies to the Korean supermodels once again.


During the periods of the 2014 fashion weeks where practically everybody is wearing clothing and outfits that are considered ‘on trend’, there was certainly a lack of the tight bottoms, instead people were opting for more dimensional and flared bottoms such as: boot-cut jeans, in my opinion these are equally as terrifying as wearing leggings; and culottes, which recently has had countless appearances in Vogue. My favourite from the two is culottes because despite their incredible inappropriateness to the environment I live in (Britain having weather that 99.9% of the time is pouring rain mixed with 100 mph gale force winds), these bottoms surely have been one of the few hopelessly searched on Google images keeping me up till 3 am in the morning just looking at street style outfits involving the specific attire. On the other hand, boot-cut jeans are as I previously indicated not scribed in my good books as much. It’s the fact that they highlight the thighs massively reasoning why we only see the jeans on Claudia Schiffer and people on 1960s to 70s black and white photographs considering that those years were the original golden era of the flared style.

Latex Leggings British Vogue October 2009 Gisele-Bundchen-Vogue-UK-leggings

As well as the fashion weeks, there is also a legging rarity in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar which could be the indication of something those of us who wear the bottom attire regularly may be quite saddened to hear. However, when leggings do make an appearance upon street style blogs/webpages and magazine segments, it is most common to be that of a leather material yet they do appear rather baggy than normal leggings so whether you classify this style as bottoms is your own opinion, but what about jeggings? Jeggings have definitely risen in popularity in recent times due to the fact that they are akin to skinny jeans, nevertheless are even tighter and created from a larger comfort based material that is soft and thin meaning jeggings won’t increase sweating during summer contrary to authentic leggings. Jeggings are most frequently made from a blend of denim and spandex whereas leggings are lycra, nylon, polyester and cotton mix. You can see how the leggings are of a thicker material.

DD-VOGUE-LEGGINGS blob-out-6-684726_0x420

Of the few various presences of leggings in street style, I have managed to pick a favourite. This look is made up of some very in-trend leather black leggings, a white faux-fur (we hope) coat over a cream saggy polo-neck sweater and some opaque stilettos which may be the ones seen at the Miu Miu show. I adore this outfit because of the fact that the bottom half is very tight and non-textured though the top half is filled with texture, different lengths and fabric. Overall, the look is a contrast of black and neutral with the skin colour showing from the opaque boots complimenting it perfectly. Furthermore, there’s quite a mix of adequacy for both sides of the seasons; see-through boots, the classic block black sunglasses and the minimalistic panama hat added besides the furry insulation of the coat, snug knit of a sweater and of course, the shine of some black leggings (being black they will provide great warmth). This outfit proves that winter doesn’t need to be all dark to stay at a moderate temperature.

Fur - White - Coat - Leggings - Clear Heels - Josefin N

On to catwalks, Balenciaga speculated some leggings I would die for in there spring/summer 2007 show. Costing $100,000 at the time, they were part of the Transformer Collection contributing to the birth of futuristic style. Forwarding on, the garments were made ready to order and despite the resemblance and colossal price, were not made from real gold. I love them as greatly as they do not show the full shape of the legs contrasting to standard leggings. By being segments placed together, the bottoms are able to fool people and instead, remake the wearer’s leg shape themselves. Personally they remind me of the lost treasures of Ancient Egypt by result of their shine and pronounced quality, instantly depicting quite an aspect of higher-class to the attired.

balenciaga-legging-6 balenciaga-legging-4 balenciaga-legging-3 balenciaga-legging-2 balenciaga-legging

My Personal Style Icons

If someone asked me who my most favoured fashion icon was, I would be lost because there is no particular person who influences my style. Despite this, there is several whom of which I receive outfit ideas from on a regular basis. As you read on, it becomes definitively clear that most of these are extremely cliché but that’s the reality and I am not going to fake a point just to seem original, I’ll just give the absolute truth. So here are the five humans who take the greatest superiority over my wardrobe and outfit configuration:

Alexa Chung

Most certainly, she is one of the biggest names in the industry of mode. Model turned TV presenter turned Vogue fashion journalist, Alexa possesses the uttermost desirable life for myself and she dated Alex Turner (it is unknown whether they are together at present day), another stupendous life achievement. Regarding style, hers is so effortless yet so effective, a goal I wish I had the capability of achieving. In addition, it is very masculine which she states by describing it as ‘boyish’ and adding to the idea of her living in my dream life, her wardrobe seems infinite. Literally, she wears different clothing every single day because she must have the majority given to her for free by companies but no matter what garment, Alexa can produce a striking combination. Overall, I believe that Alexa is the first British member to successfully pull off that chic Parisian look.

One of my favourite Alexa Chung outfits was the one she wore to the Chanel Ready to Wear Show in 2011. Sporting a special edition Chanel tote bag looking to be made from straw, she brought quite a childish feeling. The bag in particular was no surprise since she is seen regularly with cube/cuboid shaped bags which I rarely see in high street shops. Furthermore, the add-on of the biker shorts and spotted tights underneath a white blouse and grey tweed blazer (probably Chanel) really make the outfit quite preppy yet still keeping with her ‘boyish’ style, the plain and simple colours result in a lack of vibrancy conveying formality.

la modella mafia model street style Alexa Chung 1 njds tumblr_mj1yljjgwr1rmca72o1_500 tumblr_mqoxu1ilNv1rsek1eo7_250 tumblr_mqoxu1ilNv1rsek1eo1_1280 Various at London Fashion Week, London, Britain - 21 Feb 2011


Twiggy is such a vast contributor to the fashion industry. Many articles have referenced her as being ‘the first supermodel’ with her long twig legs of which she received the name from. Regarding Twiggy’s style, many of the looks is ones used today that come as a reoccurring trend. Shift dresses and polo necks are the fundamental attire of the British icon. And here we are with shifts and polo necks lying on the shelves of almost every store. Another Twiggy trend I absolutely desire to master however has not yet completed is her definitive use of eye make-up. Sharp, thick black lashes as well as bold and audacious eye-liner with a precise line of black eye-shadow outlining her eye lids above that of quite a nude colour of base. To finish off her appearance, there was the classic Twiggy pixie-cut that many try to replicate: Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley to name a few. Besides my fascination for the do, I would never get one myself after having a bob during primary years of which I thoroughly despised.

tumblr_ma1c130RuV1rf1jvro1_500 tumblr_mahd8po0n11r9lhfqo1_500 tumblr_mhb5do37mL1rsqu6no1_400 tumblr_mnbkl74fTn1rw64hoo1_500 tumblr_n0n2pxVvPD1totd0lo1_500 tumblr_n9c3s3AMNt1rze0r3o1_500 Twiggy-Ultimate-Style-Icon-14

Tavi Gevinson

Now I discovered Tavi Gevinson after reading an article in Teen Vogue where she was interviewed by Alexa Chung. If you haven’t noted Tavi before than basically, she created a fashion blog called ‘Style Rookie’ (Google it) at 12 years old and became remarkably acknowledged in fashion. After having such a high status, Tavi got invited to shows and therefore, continued to be publicised even more. Meeting idols such as Karl Largerfeld and Anna Wintour, Tavi is a massive inspiration for me not only through her style but her success. Moving on to her fashion sense, it started as appearing very erratic however the looks worked. She’d combine a variety of textures she’d combine, one for instance was a wool rose brooch, tweed blazer and satin shirt. Yet, by the age of 18 (at present) Tavi tends to be more matching in her clothing, slightly having a greater use of common attire (denim shorts, converse) largely opposing the purple kimonos worn when she first came onto the scene.

tumblr_nbr1ephAUc1rf29u9o1_500 tumblr_n6wffny8sH1qgvybqo1_500 tavi-gevinson-rex_1807806a Tavi-G-1 tavi3_v_25feb10_rex_b tavi 1 cn_image.size.tavi-broadway elle-tavi-gevinson-mdn

Jenn Im 

I admit to being a YouTube addict likewise to many people my age. Subscribed to mostly the American teenagers channels, the ones who post morning routine videos when literally every single one of them has a house the size of a palace, views yoga as a religion and drinks kale, lettuce and whatever-other-green-vegetable-to-make-it-look-gross-as-hell smoothies. In conjunction with these perfect-lived teens, I also watch fashion channels such as fashionista804 and British Vogue, but above all I love Jenn Im’s (clothesencounters) content. Jenn has an alternative style to other ‘fashiony YouTube channels’. I mean this by the fact that she isn’t cliché. Rather than the teenagers on YouTube and those who go to my school of which they all practically wear the exact garments and the exact outfits, whereas Jenn Im dresses like someone from a street-style gallery- imaginative and à la mode. Plus Jenn always recommends amazing stores that I never knew existed.

tumblr_na5rxwH4OS1qfyjoto1_500 tumblr_ndevqcgrdj1s3yxaeo1_500 tumblr_n1w0z3J6N41s3yxaeo1_500 tumblr_munwuasJsp1s5lg9eo1_1280

Franca Sozzani

Franca is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. Basically she’s the Italian version of Anna Wintour. A constant wearer of maxi coats and dresses, the outfits she creates lack quantity demonstrating the capability of producing a great look without using so many elements. Besides this, the most dominant feature of Franca is her georgous blonde locks that are always shaped into those perfect intertwining waves, a look that myself as well as many others strive for. In my opinion, maxi coats wouldn’t have rose as such as big a trend without Franca whose been wearing them since what seems like birth.

franca8tumblr_mb1b310zOu1qd8hm0o1_500 tumblr_ncbc3njwiy1qa7p1yo1_500

Ponchos Are The New Coat

Ponchos, ponchos, ponchos; the certain cape on the scene right now is that of Burberry’s custom initialled with a sophisticated font. You may not have noticed it but you will have come across it. Olivia Palermo had the ‘o’ and the ‘p’ on hers which she outstandingly paired with some black above-the-knee suede boots whereas Cara Delevigne opted for including her middle name of ‘Jocelyn’ having black lettering reading ‘CJD’. Excuse me before I start rambling on about the others (Suki Waterhouse, Rosie Huntington-Whitely) but where’s Alexa? To be completely honest, I don’t enter the craze of a product until she’s been snapped attiring it. Anyway, all my fellow Vogue readers will most probably be nodding their heads right now knowing how the magazine is just caped in ponchos at the moment. And surely enough we all want to pull one off right?

manual_de_uso_de_los_ponchos_657518464_800x (1) manual_de_uso_de_los_ponchos_174677258_800x

Taking its design way back to the times of the Paracas, a Peruvian and Pre-Inca Culture amongst the years of 500BC, the design was originally as simple as a blanket cut with a hole for the head and arms. However, several years later in 1850, the ruana (poncho in Columbian and Venezuelan) developed an increased market being worn by U.S military forces upon the Western Plains. These models in particular were produced through a latex-covered, waterproof cloth identified under the name of gutta percha muslin. Eventually, the chamanto (Chilli for poncho) was commonly worn as a form of water-proof apparel as well as a surface sheet for sleeping during the years of the American Civil War.

Let’s start with talking about the reoccurring item I’ve seen two fashion icons pair with the cosy overthrow. Knee-high boots are a tall person’s go-to whereas if you’re in a similar situation to me being 5’3 and below, this is definitely the opposition thus I’d opt for some regular stilettos instead. Anyhow, wearing such protracted garments besides a textured over-sized poncho really helps to cover-up. Another advantage of this look is the fact that due to the poncho and boots enclosing the majority of your body, there is take such time of thought into what you are wearing underneath, all that is needed is a t-shirt and jeans, items that everybody’s closet holds.

On the other hand, the runway takes a very alternative approach to styling ponchos for example Rag and Bone undertook their usual punk twist upon the pullover in of course dull greys that gave a gothic sense. Seen with some knee length socks (replacing the boots) and laced ankle boots, I deem this look to give out a greater feeling of youth rather than middle aged attire because of the socks childish aspect. Additionally, I love the bottom garment being an almost secretive pencil skirt emphasising the ponchos size further emphasising the poncho as a whole.


Another runway collection was Alexandra Wang’s back in the 2011 New York Fashion Week, bringing a more pure vibe rather than paranormal. Consisting of pastel pinks with intricate wool and furry detail the garments resembled angelic beings moreover angels conveying the flow of the poncho. However there were also Alexandra Wang ponchos in entire black that I am not so keen on. Altogether, both forms were of an extremely wide design and cover up a plentiful amount of the body reassuring that snug enclosed aspect you expect from a standard poncho.

Alexander Wang Fall 2011 RTW

Personally, I adore Hunter’s new group of ponchos. Some of which have a white top and coloured bottom corresponding well with their welling ton’s theme of block colour. Being water-proof, the capes are very convenient for those living an outdoor-orientated life who still wants to look stylish; even so, if you live in a rainy location such as Britain for example, this is an efficient pick-me-up for walking to and from places. None the less, there seems to be no hood. This may bring a disadvantage to those desiring one but there always lays Hunter’s moustache bubble umbrellas to keep your hair in-tact. Overall, having this look would appear as exceptionally art-deco as well as combining the classic with the modern because let’s face it, primary colours (blue, yellow and red) will always depict a contemporary essence.

20140820093034ORG_CDW_AW14_WRO1000VAD_product 658a3ab49502f0b630a8c074e54dfe21_l

Another poncho I particularly liked was that of Johnstons wool and cashmere-blend poncho. To start with, this design is partially similar to the Burberry form I talked about previously. Why? Because of its delicate cashmere and parallel print. Secondly, by using beige and cream shades, the design has a neutral feeling about it as if weightless. Therefore, during usage, the attire will appear more free-flowing and quite effortless. Similarly to my preceding paragraph, pair with some form of boots meaning dark ankle boots, knee length boots or just regular boots. From then on, it’s your choice. I believe that capes look acceptable with any kind of bottoms but as long as boots are included, everything is fine.

133-79005136-TB000035VU8521_BEIGE_ALT01 133-79005136-TB000035VU8521_BEIGE_M

Here are some of my favourite poncho outfits I found on the internet:

http%3A%2F%2Fmedia-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2F736x%2F88%2Fe2%2F9f%2F88e29f5476bae752a9ba2cc8dd603747 e4732d5e6446d1bfc8b7764fdae54db3 e3e2b34f9d1b3a45b4f58f08842bde78 Miroslava-Duma-Street-Style article-1338988-0C7F1571000005DC-828_224x423

Please pop a comment below of feedback regarding this post as I always want to improve to interest my readers more.

Thank-you for reading,

Poppy ~ Largerfeld Enthusiast x

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Death by Handbags: Visiting the Amsterdam Museum of Handbags and Purses

You know that feeling when you have to touch something such as clothes on rails or the fur of an animal. Well the Tassen Museum Hendrikje (Museum of Handbags and Purses) in Amsterdam was exactly that. Being surrounded by exquisite one-of-a-kind hand wear may sound quite a bore but believe me, it was magical. Even one who is not that enthusiastic regarding attire would enjoy this because every single handbag was unique and differed from the rest providing both an historical essence and a feeling of attraction towards the item. Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Orla Kiely, Bottega Veneta and many more well-known designers ranging from the 1400s to the present day all exhibited in opulent glass shelves.

Placed upon an idealistic Dutch street in Amsterdam, the museum began through an avid handbag collector called Hendrikje Ivo who found her fascination amongst the year of 1820 when she discovered a leather handbag with tortoiseshell capping near Norwich, England, of which she then went on to uncover its history thus did the same for her future handbag purchases. Around 75 years on, the museum currently speculates 4000 handbags that all have compelling disparate origins.

Firstly I came across this beige velvet bag created in 1550-1570 with rose detail that we all know, is still used today. The bag is part of the Rothschild Collection and was used by both women and men which they attached to a belt as there was a lack of pockets during the 1500s. Overall, the hand attire would have been viewed as advanced clothing back then due to its strong iron clasp and variety of hidden locks. Focusing on uses, bags in those days were frequently used for carrying coins, the bible and alternative personal requirements.


Next is this range of coin purses from the 1700s which obviously conveys the century’s allure with embroidery, mainly being flowers alike to the previous handbag. Personally, I adore the draw string locks as they provide dimension rather than a flat surface. Not only were these pouches used for carrying personal belongings but they also acted as an ostentatious carrier of expensive perfumes called ‘sweet bags. These sweet bags would then be reused as pretty carriers of money that would be given as New Year’s gifts towards royalty; moreover the bags would be placed upon attire to maintain a distinct aroma of perfume which was viewed as a high-class action. Alternatively, pouches were used as gaming bags for chips. These specifically consisted of a flat bottom to aid the purses in standing upright. Decorated at the surface was usually a family coat of arms therefore the players could easily distinguish their own pouch. Almost every Dutch woman tended to wear their bags upon harnesses, chatelaines or belts similar to the 1400s. 


Amid the 1800s, craftsmanship progressed greatly starting with the use of silk reticule however ending with the popularity of leather fabric attire. This was mainly a root from the French Industrial Revolution meaning that items were made more efficiently thus larger quantities of each product could be made at a quicker rate. As a result the pinpoint of handbags was made: the reticule. The reticule  was a pouch with either a cord or chain (corresponding to the classic Chanel Chain Bag), of which the term ‘reticule’ originated from the Latin word reticulum defining a miniature women’s mesh bag used during the times of the Romans. Another consequence of the French Industrial Revolution was the increase in transport and wealth generating a brand new market of carrying attire decorated with images of individual locations often bought to bring home to friends and family as a souvenir. Bringing the 1800s to a final was the popularity of leather handbags and purses. Quite peculiarly they were attached to a metal ring and worn upon the wrist to carry purses, diaries and train tickets. Above all, I regard the 1800s as being a major pinnacle in handbag and purse development considering that the base of mode, Paris, went through an Industrial Revolution. 


Forwarding on to the 1900s, this century saw leather handbags change from basic leather to leather with added element using features such as shimmering metallic and textured beads. For example, colours other than beige and black were implemented upon leather. One hand garment at the museum was a sophisticated lilac evening bag with enamelled adornment in gold from France in 1915 conveying the sense that women began to have particular bags for the day and evening, of which day bags were most commonly briefcases and satchels, whereas evening bags involved pouches with a larger amount of decoration rather than one set colour and print. Not only did leather become vastly successful but also glass beads mainly from the Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, Italy and Austria. These beads would be organised to display flowers, landscapes and historical scenes in a theme of art deco and orient. Furthermore, I saw a synthetic lucite bag which resembled that of glass. With a mahogany shade and structured design, it was one of my favourites contained in the exhibition for the reason that despite the formal shade, the gloss of the product made it appealing thus I believe the designer (which was not stated) to have been very intelligent and creative. Moreover, hand garments corresponding to this bag of that age all came together to inspire box bags seen today, for instance the plastic Chanel clutch and the cube shaped handbags Alexa Chung constantly wears. 


Finally arriving in the 21st century, the time we all know too well. Here was an array of designer names that dominantly made their mark on the external of the handbag. Think the Louis Vuitton ‘LV’ print and Vivienne Westwood’s signature crown jewels logo centring the product in an opulent pre-eminence of gold. Besides these, the one I found most preferable and surprisingly my mum too, was the Chanel Lego Bag in pastel blue. Why do all my posts turn into an advertisement for Chanel? Anyway, this bag is timeless even though it has only been available for at most ten years, the Chanel Lego Bag is the first item I would purchase if I was in possession of 10,000 pounds, it is what I define as perfect. Of course the clutch was shown exactly at the midpoint of its case just to give you that urgent need to grab it and run. Anyway, this bag is and will forever be my uttermost need of handbags. 


To conclude, the Museum of Handbags and Purses was for me, a once in a lifetime experience. There was no need to travel to various different designer shops just to see their offerings of handbags, everything was grouped into one and I constantly got won over by one handbag and then another and then another. Additionally, it is very surprising that there is so much information and in-depth origin in the field of hand garments as they are such a necessity in everybody’s lives today and provide such an impact to getting around. To be honest, my entire knowledge of fashion was pleading for some extra notes in the bag field and without a doubt these notes are now covered. 

Please pop a comment below of feedback regarding this post and make sure you view the gallery linked to get lost in a multitude of handbags from the early 1400s to the present day all taken at the Amsterdam Museum of Handbags and Purses.

Thank-you for reading,

Poppy ~ Largerfeld Enthusiast x

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Does Age Effect Style?

I am in complete admittance of being at a stage where in four months’ time there will lay fifteen candles upon my birthday cake, despite being scared of growing older my biggest concern at the moment is the fact that I am practically half way to turning thirty. Now the majority of my viewers (I hope) will be close to this age therefore probably thinking that I am lucky to still be in my teens whereas others may currently be in the same stage of being an adolescent and only just understanding your true self. Anyway, I believe that whether or not age effects the clothes you wear can be quite a controversial topic. In my opinion, it does because a 50th wedding anniversary party isn’t usually filled with attendees attiring mini-skirts unlike that of an eighteen year old’s birthday bash.

Firstly, I find myself repeatedly talking about modern day technology however we all have to agree that it is a major factor of trends being set. Now by this I mean social media. Having a target audience of teens to about fifty year olds, there are only so many elders sat in care homes checking up their Facebook… on an IPad. So the fashion we see on these sites is created to correspond with the reads therefore those standard yarn ‘granny cardis’ are deliberately pushed aside and instead our Instagram feeds receive infinite images of Superga trainers and what the general public call ‘kimonos’ even though they’re not kimonos, just fringed jackets. 


Secondly is advertising, Chanel’s latest ad for Coco Mademoiselle sees the 29 year old Kiera Knightley playing a seductive ‘carefree women’ in a monochrome Chanel-all-over-it party of sophistication involving no hint of anything thirty years or over. Even the (I hate to say it) frail 81 year old Karl Largerfeld couldn’t resist the intention of attracting a 20 something audience, although I think that Chanel has an extremely extensive range of viewers through its range of products (make-up, furniture and clothing). Thus, elders aren’t attracted to smart-phone-filled adverts with celebrities they’ve never heard of, their more drawn to real women wearing the clothes (the M&S adverts being an evident example) or a middle-aged man snuggling puppies whilst enthusing about the latest life insurance dealer. It may be difficult to accept, but designers don’t want these people wearing their clothing, they’d rather have an enticing young icon like Alexa Chung strolling through London clutching the label’s metallic purse. 


Another frequent association with dressing too young for your age is miniskirts. We must all come to the agreement that when you throw on a mini-skirt, chances are you’re not looking for glances of people thinking how chic you look, on the other hand your being a free bit of eye candy. For example, it fairly obvious on a first date to differentiate what a women wants just by regarding whether she is wearing a secluded blouse with boot cut trousers or some hot pink vest top and a pair of skorts. Moreover, when dating young, people will by fact, get together and then be over within 3-9 months whereas when older women look for love, their direction is for finding a permanent relationship with other people similar to them therefore won’t need to make as much of an effort.


Overall, the celebrity whose fashion sense I most deem to be way out of their age range is Madonna’s. The gothic black fish nets and Marilyn Monroe replicas where all acceptable until she turned 40 where, we all expected it to stop but instead it continued on. Loud and proud, she was seen at the Met Gala with a black bob wig along with that ghastly tartan body suit and let’s all shudder as I harshly reminisce about her retake of fish nets on not only the arms, but the chest, ugh. And when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, she had to sneak on some hot pink point stilettos. Yes, you could think that this is one of those chic street-style outfits that looks trendy because it doesn’t match, but this certain ensemble is an outfit that doesn’t match in the negative form.

madonna met gala

Without a doubt, there will be several readers, maybe you, who ultimately disagree with this entire post and my personal opinion and that’s your decision of which I fully respect. Though you definitely won’t find me sat beside my birthday cake upon where 70 candles are lay still wearing this florescent jacquard skirt. Actually, maybe you might because trends change and while we all continue to go to the moon and back just to be viewed as a high-class individual after purchasing an £1,000 Marni blouse, most older women don’t bother because they may have an effortless outlook to style that we all desire nonetheless are too scared to achieve thanks to the media. Don’t think that I am careless in regards to fashion just understand that we all must acknowledge the fact that looking as good as you did today didn’t only take a single glance in your wardrobe.

My October Favourites

I’ve seen frequent post titled under the bloggers favourites of not just fashion but general things therefore, after being quite stuck on what to post, I have decided to join in. Every season, I will provide a list of stuff in which I have been enjoying at that current time. Don’t expect just fashion because I will also list other products such as books and décor. Even though, these posts will not be centred around style, I still want my blog to be based around that subject so please don’t lose interest in this site by virtue of this alternative subject, just remember that Largerfeld Enthusiast is still a fashion blog and in no way whatsoever do I intend for it to be a lifestyle blog or any other kind.

Sleeper Earrings

To be honest, I believe that the large sleeper earrings appear as quite ‘chavvy’ however I have a major love for the ones measuring in at 4 cm and under. Unlike regular stud earrings, sleepers are vastly definitive, they move whenever you move not only adding activity to a piece but also dimension. Moreover, they are the perfect add-on to an outfit lacking dimension such as a suit or trousers and tee. Sienna Miller wore the hoops well during a charity event she attended in Los-Angeles, not only placing them on the lobes but the helix also. 

DSCN2201_edited The silver ones are from Claire’s and the gold ones are from Urban Outfitters.

Tartan Scarves

Let’s not discuss how I ended up with this (it is not my mums ok) but I think tartan is such a beautiful pattern especially in the classic Scottish reds, blues and whites in addition to your standard Burberry beige. Literally everyone I see is attiring the print in the form of a checked scarf and what’s more, scarves are an absolutely wonderful accessory due to their versatility. You just Google image ‘scarf’ and in an instant appears oceans of different methods of knotting the garments. My favourite is possibly the most common technique; I’ll place a picture of it below. Anyway, scarves are a considerable bonus during this season as it is starting to get cold and we all want to be consistently comfortable whilst still looking chic. 


Vintage Postcards 

One of the few items that is cheap yet can make the biggest of differences are second-hand postcards. But I’m not talking about that trashy but classy man-wearing-Speedos-with-a-colourful-filter Benidorm merchandise, I’m meaning the ones that sell for 25 pence (40 cents) a piece in vintage shops. Lord do I love vintage shops. Anyhow, a few months ago I discovered some exquisite, inkwell-style postcards in a secluded vintage store in Kirkby Lonsdale down near Cumbria, England. One was originally from Venezia and featured a man and women attiring very opulent clothes. Whereas the other was taken at Wells Cathedral in the UK showing a sample of the building’s striking architecture, think opulent columns and arched walkways. Unsurprisingly, these postcards are visually compatible besides the three (again monochrome) postcards’ I bought at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which I now know as my dream place of inhabitance. 



Subsequent to receiving a new phone, I immediately needed a case so being the stereotypical Tumblr girl; I began my find for the perfect Tumblr quote case. By ‘Tumblr Quotes’, I mean ‘Can You Not’ or ‘Too Sassy for You’ I would have been perfectly fine with a mediocre Mean Girl’s ‘you can’t sit with us’. Surprisingly I couldn’t find a single one so instead I ordered a clear case then uncovered some Tumblr stickers reading ‘Nope’ ‘Can You Not’ ‘Go Away’ and ‘100% Done’ upon a quirky site called RedBubble.com. Basically the shop other a wide range of designs but they are all ones that people like because it’s independent sellers who create them rather than one big brand. Not only do they sell an assortment of quirky stickers but also Wall art, Stationary and many others. And I won’t forget to mention alternative designs, the ones that I most take an interest in being Karl Largerfeld, The Great Gatsby and Cats holding up Canon Camera’s. 

(Can I just mention that this is all my personal opinion and RedBubble has not asked for their feature in this post.)

1984 by George Orwell

I confess to being the ultimate bookworm, I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and the remainder of John Green’s books though not many alternative teen-crave novels (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner etc.) More so, I am most probably the only living 13-16 year old who has not yet seen any of The Hunger Game movies, neither do I have a desire to since not being a stranger to falling asleep midst the showing of any Harry Potter film. Despite this I am currently making my way through the top 20 penguin classics to complete my bucket list goal of, you guessed it: ‘Read all the top 20 Penguin Classics. Now, without a doubt, some that I’ve read so far have been a bit too old English therefore my head hasn’t completely figured out the storyline (essentially every single Jane Austin book, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry ok). Yet, the last one I finished, 1984, was exceptionally good. I won’t spoil anything but it’s basically about living in a world dictated by a Utopian government and besides being a novel that’s impossible to put down, it is quite educational and if your studying law in any form, I would read it asap.


Maxi Cardigans 

Forget those long black cocoon coats that are practically seen in every single street style image of 2014 and on the other hand, take note of cardigans, maxi ones in particular. To start with they are extremely versatile, but be cautious regarding colours, as I preach constantly, black is best. Worn with a patterned pencil skirt, tights and a plain tee, a cardigan can make a summer outfit become the perfect forest-wanderer for autumn. On the contrary, go all one colour. For example, grab a grey knit cardi; some grey skinny jeans and a grey top however add on some striking white and black Adidas originals for the look of a minimalist city-commuter. I adore undertaking the look of a base colour with one prevailing contrast of shade, in addition to being the culminating a la mode of looks; it is markedly affordable and convenient.


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Is That Designer Handbag Really What It Says On The Tag?

Since the internet became an intense part of people’s lives, the majority of fashion labels have created online shops where a buyer is able to purchase there desired item with no hassle of attending the shop itself, just a filling in details than clicking once for the order to be sent. As well as their own webpages, designers such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry’s products can be easily found upon Ebay. Obviously, the idea of purchasing an £1,000 handbag from a stranger who lives 15,000 miles away from you usually makes you question whether the apparel is genuine thus we need to be certain that what is stated as the ‘Camubutterfly Valentino Handbag’ is exactly that.

1) Firstly, make a visit to your nearest store that sells designer handbags, in Britain I’d recommend Selfridges or House of Fraser, when you arrive just analyse the fabric of the designer handbags because fakes are generally made out of a coarse fake material which the two can be distinguished without difficulty. Furthermore, the real handbag will feel a lot more comfortable when compared with a fake of which the producer would have most possibly only taken the aesthetics into account.

2) Secondly, take into account the stitching’s appearance on the bag, proper designer goods use quality and faint stitching for their inside labels so that the tag blends in well with the remainder of the product. If the string is blatantly obvious, there is a large possibility that the bag is a fake. Additionally, the stitching is generally completed in a careless manner thus if the string is rather chaotic and rushed there is no doubt that the bag is not by the real designer. 


3) Even -though some fakes have replicated buttons, there are a few who don’t. View the actual handbag online or in the shop taking to mind the buttons. If the buttons are meant to present the name of the designer, then they should. For example, a Chanel handbag is most unlikely to have ‘HK12U’ upon the buttons because it wants the labels name to be mentioned as repetitively as possible to further draw more purchasers of the designers items. 

4) Centred around the Far East and Asia lie boundless amounts of market stalls selling fake designer bags, the most common being Versace, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Accordingly, it is obviously much safer to order from the evident label’s online store or trusted stores who will have workers that are professionally trained in investigating authentic designer goods.


5) Most commonly, fake dealers use the acronym BNWT (Brand New With Tags) this is an immediate indicator of dishonesty. Could you ever imagine Valentino sticking some tatty tag to one of their £1,300 Rockstud Leather bags reading ‘BNTW’ in permanent marker, no me neither. The tag must be opulent and have a high element regarding that it is a main contributor to encouraging the audience to invest in that piece. Besides, why would Valentino accept some dodgy market worker to legally be a seller of their company’s creations? 

6) Forwarding on, quite a substantial give-away will be the price, the only barrier between yourself and your dream accessory. As mentioned in past points, research the bag and find the price conveyed upon the official designer’s webpage – £1,350. Well her it is being displayed at a worthy cost of £2,000. Everyone wants to save money amongst this day and age so why not accept that it’s a non no and order it from the genuine, 99.9% more trustworthy dealer. 


7) This point directly applies to those viewing online. Read the feedback of the dealers already completed purchasers. Make an instant exit if you see negativity considering that when you’re paying almost £2000 to an outright anonymous, how unsatisfying would it be to have that garment in the post, you open it and it’s the supreme opposite to what you bargained for. 

Despite the on-going worry of being sold counterfeit goods, the number of cases has declined. For instance, 7,800 fake designer products were purchased in 2012, this lead to an overall cost of £87.3 million ($133,000), whereas during 2011 the number was 8, 094 coming in at a total price of £90 million ($142.3 million). Unsurprisingly, the majority of these purchases took place in China where over the course of 12 months, a hefty 697 false designer product’s websites were eradicated. 

Alternatively to China’s vast involvement, Vogue released an article last week regarding a raid of warehouses in Malina, the Philippines where an astounding 14 million pounds worth of counterfeit designer handbags were discovered. More specifically, these handbags included replicas of Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Micheal Kors. 

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What did Coco do?

Let’s forget Karl for just a second and reminisce about the original, insanely intuitive Gabrielle Chanel or if you prefer – Coco Chanel. Now we all understand that this inspirational designer went beyond others of her time, making women’s fashion that radiated femininity opposing against the strong demand of the common uncomfortable attire, a frequent being that of tight corsets. But how did she do this? What were the specific elements that combined to give Gabrielle such a prodigious reputation in fashion?

Using Jersey

This fabric was viewed as the main for men’s underwear and nothing else. Coco decided that jersey would be suitable for her creations due to its low cost compared to alternative substances that had suddenly risen in price after the war. Daringly, Chanel was the first designer to involve jersey in her creations stating that it had a quality finish and an exceptional drapery. In addition, the fabric suited Chanel’s influence of straightforward and convenient menswear making it a perfect match for her ideas.


Inventing the Little Black Dress

Everyone has one, it’s that noted classic yet do you know that Chanel is the women to thank? Previously, black was the dull, unnoticeable shade viewed as a principle look for only funerals and the grief of widows. Gabrielle discovered the hues secretive aspect and came with the ever valued belief of it being a major contribution for fashion. To be honest, I cannot imagine a world without it. Dominant reds, greens and sharp blues were referenced to making Coco “feel ill” later on she quoted “these Women, I’m bloody well going to dress them in black!” Noticed by Vogue, they first introduced Gabrielle’s time-honoured black masterpiece in a 1926 issue spreading word of the commodity to a larger amount of fashion enthusiasts which is still growing today.


Labelling Perfume

Back then, scents were a mixture of completely natural aspects focused on floral aromas unlike the artificial perks involved nowadays. 1921 was the year Coco released her favoured perfume, possibly the most acknowledged of scents today, Chanel No.5 after the instance of it being the 5th perfume tested. Yes, Paul Poiret recently launched his own scent earlier in the year however there was an absence of his name. Gabrielle was of course intelligent enough to be the first of brands to officially have their name placed on the bottle. By doing this, people recognised the scent and knew it was Chanel no.5. Famously a particular lover was Marilyn Monroe repeatedly noting the scent during interviews “I said Chanel No 5 because it’s the truth.”


Releasing Extravagant Jewellery

Chanel is all about the elegance and high-class of the wearers so it is no surprise that Gabrielle was one of the first to produce costume jewellery in her collections. Likewise to before, Paul Poiret was the first nevertheless Coco’s range constituted of flamboyant white pearls placed besides each other, the reason why you have that treasured pearl necklace in your jewellery box. She adored the idea of exaggerated gems contrasting with her minimalistic and sophisticated apparel. Moreover, the combination of speculating both fake and legitimate in one look.


Having Tanned Skin

Surely, Gabrielle wasn’t the original copy of those orange faced stags you see on a night out; she was the opener of healthy, sun-kissed skin. This greatly rebelled against the standard appearance of pale faced complexions resembling porcelain dolls by the adding of bright blusher and rouge lips. She caught hold of the present man’s thoughts of an idealistic women being as alike to paintings as possible. Coincidently, Coco caught a beautiful tan amid her cruise holiday along the French Riviera. After arriving home, her peers exceedingly desired for the same coloured skin furthermore passing the fascination to other members of public enough to make it a trend all around the world as well as an ongoing accessory for years to come.  Even though the expression is generally viewed as being cheap when by the use of fake tan, formerly it gave out a reputation of prosperity and refinement.


Females Wearing Trousers 

Especially amongst the time of war, women working in factories would usually custom that of a pair of trousers for efficiency and health and safety reasons though not prior to Coco did the forms of attire become a general clothing item to females. It was when Gabrielle became anxious about displaying her figure to men precedent to having to wear a swimsuit that she refused and instead astounded people with walking out in a pair of sailors pants, this occurred at the society beach resort in Deauville (been there, just saying). Similar to how those of us in the Alexa Chung fandom attempt (and tremendously fail) to manipulate her style, Gabrielle’s fans did the same. Despite the women’s wearing of the clothing, she ensued to proclaim “I came up with them by modesty. From this usage to it becoming fashion, having 70% of women wearing trousers at evening dinner is quite sad.” I thoroughly disagree with her.


The Fashion-Changing Chanel Suit

The Chanel suit was the pinnacle of Coco’s clothing creations; it was the first of its kind. Recommended by major fashion icons consisting of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy (worn on the day of her husband’s assassination) and Grace Kelly, the garment was trimmed with braid, had fitted sleeves, no collar and metallic embellished buttons. Additionally, the boxer jacket was combined with a sophisticated slim-line skirt emphasising that typical aristocratic Chanel women.


Warby Parker’s Limited Edition Corner Capsuel Collection makes Contacts a thing of the Past

Now Warby Parker is a brand whose concept, those of us with an average person’s budget can all thank. They saw the growing possibilities of the sunglasses industry and having experienced a college student budget, created Warby Parker. Both sunglasses and optical wear are available in store and they now have concessions in major American locations such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, their success is expanding by the day. Their other focus is charity work, they have partnerships with non-profit organisations, one being Vision-Spring, which assures them that a less fortunate person in need of optical eye wear will receive a free pair of optical glasses for every pair of Warby Parker glasses that are purchased.

Amidst their limited edition Corner Capsuel Collection, there are 5 new styles for both eyeglasses and sunglasses fitting any wearer’s preference. Uncover your inner Hepburn with the seductive leopard print cat-eyes or reminisce about the seventies with some transparent box lens eyeglasses. What’s more, the label has successfully added two contemporary hues, Rhubarb and Quartz. Incorporated with Parker’s professionally polished eye-wear, the distinctive shades provide sparking up of your standard plain pair of glasses.


I myself was immediately won over by the Teddy 285 Topdown Suns. An Emerald Lens rimmed with exotic leopard print upon quite an obscure style. Yet the elements combined together make a peculiar masterpiece, it isn’t like your typical pair of sunglasses where a designer takes them, uses one fixed colour then adds just one differentiating pattern or shade so they can place the word ‘exciting’ throughout its description. Alternatively, this model goes where others fear and I can assuredly affirm that risk as being an ultimate triumph.


Another positive feature is the collection’s reoccurring theme of British styles. To start with, some have that mahogany look; a style one would most commonly associate with a man carrying a satchel in chinos. It’s that business sense, moreover sophistication. You are able to wear these to work without appearing as overdone however they still act as a stylish accessory. Forget those only-child-with-glasses days and finally be satisfied with that identification. Who needs contact lenses when we have Warby Parker? There is no doubt that the attire will be noticed amongst a crowd.

Forwarding on to pairings, cat eyes look great with suits because you’re mixing both the masculinity of a blazer and trousers with the femininity of the all-important point upon the glasses. Never the less, use modernistic colours such as solid blues, blacks, whites and silvers to amplify the contrast between Hollywood vintage and the 21st century, for this look use the Warby Parker Goodney 100 Angel Suns. Secondly, let’s discuss the Hutton Topdowns for men. Appearing as a narrower though protracted form, these are suited for those with oval shaped faces who desire for them to look a meagre amount larger. By the small, square shaped rims, this style will sharpen the eyes whilst elongating the face providing a more muscular presence which is a goal most men strive for.


Alternatively to the Hutton Topdowns, the collection includes a quirky pair called Topper Topdowns. This has a combination of the classic almond brown with sparks of white that emphasise the glass’ tremendous glow. These glasses correspond to that of Ray Ban’s tortoise shell acetate products however they are a lot cheaper, giving out that they look remarkably prodigious over other models without a lack of sensibility.


‘The Corner Collection gets its name from our seasonal preoccupation with silhouettes and angles. This time around, we’re experimenting with traditional shapes; think crisp keyhole bridges, sloping brow lines, sharp temples, and straight-edged brow bars in a handsome mix of horn-inspired acetate and stainless steel.’

The New Corner Capsuel Collection matches Warby Parker’s creation process combining the unique inspiration of global features with hand designed quality pair of glasses. In addition, their material is always the best quality ranging from premium Japanese titanium to custom single-sheet cellulose acetate all manufactured its own family-run factory.

Overall this Corner Capsule Collection bravely explores like no other brand. It captures new trends, combining patterns and shades in a group of exclusive eye-wear that is the answer to all our prayers. Their limited edition collection would make the perfect photo base for Instagram, they are the styles you see on a popular fashion blogger’s feed, and thus they are a clear portrayal of futuristic trends with a touch of the trendy vintage past.

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