Bonjour Mes Copains…


Welcome to Largerfeld Enthusiast, Largerfeld depicting the most known man to the fashion industry (i.e Chanel) and ‘enthusiast’ conveying the meaning of being particularly interested in a certain topic.

Anyway, hey, I’m Poppy. I’m a 14 year old high school student who has a keen interest in the world of mode. Currently I am situated in a 4 room semi-detached house in North-Western England, UK along with my parents and younger brother. Despite this, my ideal future involves a balcony consisted apartment overlooking le tour de eiffel in beautiful beautiful Paris. Furthermore, I have a dream of becoming a fashion journalist providing my idea of starting this blog. Another reason for this is to express my style views that to be honest, i feel comes as a lack of interest when I attempt to express them towards the people who surround me.

My aims regarding posts on this blog include:

-Street style,

-My outfits,

-My views on celebrities presentations focusing on their clothing,

-Occurances in the fashion industry,

To conclude, I want to use this blog as a way of recording my thoughts on fashion and sharing them with poeple who have the same interests as myself.