About Me

Hey, I’m Poppy Grundy, currently at the age of 14 and want to venture into the field of journalism after university. Currently inhabited in the limited area of Glossop, one day I would love to see the world from a different angle by travelling to new places and experiencing their differentiating cultures. In order to do this I would love my journalism career to be based on the subject of fashion as I have a keen interest in this topic.

Largerfeld Enthusiast is a fashion blog where most articles I post are in a magazine context. What appeals to me about blogging is the unique idea of being able to write anything in your style rather than the dictatorship assignments done during school require. Aiming to post at a rate of at-least once a week, I hope to inspire other people with my views and develop a positive relationship with those who have a similar hobby.

Here’s me:

‘I like things simple’ – Valentino Garavani

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for the invitation to visit your blog! You are a talented young girl. Keep up the good work both at school and then in the “virtual world” of blogging. Fashion journalism needs brand new ideas and the energy of the young generations. Good luck!

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