Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Couture Show “Starts with the End”

Stating the obvious truth that all trends come back around in the long-term, Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Couture show exhibited the most elegant pieces, all having an extensive association with the eighteenth century French court. How? Every piece included a reference to the genuine art of Edwardian tailoring adding dimension therefore greater dominance.

As always spectators were invited consisting of Peruvian fashion photographer, Mario Testino, as well as the former actress of Bianca Jagger. Regarding the recent media, Hunger Games actress, Jennifer Lawrence sat front row accompanied with usual show-attender, Emma Watson. Attiring an elaborate and spatial dress, Emma made an obscure assemblage appear mature and appropriate. Additionally, she combined the dress with a classic black clutch bag and diagonally strapped and ferociously pointed stilettos providing a level of sophistication. 


On the other hand, Jennifer decided to incorporate a vintage aspect by a high-waisted white pencil-skirt once again reflecting that of a developed feel along with the artistically printed top that just managed to make an appearance. Focusing on accessories, we see a supplementary clutch bag however this time in the authenticity of white corresponding with the fundamental shade of the outfit. Likewise to that of Emma’s, primly the pointed heels implement the sense of vintage style and emphasize Dior’s original characteristics included all the designer’s pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 15.04.27

Dior’s chief, Raf Simons was the obvious dictator of this ambiguous runway show. Acquiring cream orchids towered above the spectator’s gothic seats that read intertwined branches totalling to the naturalistic aspect that delivered the overall eerie atmosphere. Uniquely, astute models walked around the circular runway that made resemblance to an extra-terrestrial UFO room. Quoting “Confronting what people now think is modern”, Simons was able to remind everyone that the iconic spirit of Victorian fashion is now viewed as a modern statement of our everyday clothing decisions. As if every time we combine pieces, there is still an influence from vintage style involved even-though this may be unnoticeable. Overall, the setting was developed to combine the two eras of classical and contemporary. 

With the pre-eminent aim of allowing the audience to focal point the key aspects of each piece, Simons gave the collection in sets of a maximum of ten looks. Doing so highlighted the singularity of each  feature and built up the impression of indulgence and originality. Concentrating on the model’s aesthetics, it was no surprise that Simon’s went with his usual contemplation of completely straight hair contrasting with the instinctive pale skin. As a result, Simons was able to convey the eighteenth century component of the show by conveying how bleached skin was classy, this vastly contradicts the thoughts of now-a-days where a sun-kissed glow is considered to be good-looking.

 As stated in Vogue “the show started at the end” meaning that it evolved from beginning with the punctuality of Victorian centred gowns to further come to a close by consideration of the recent health-fad through athletic related attire in addition to an outfit that of a typical urban Parisian is redeemed to wear. Another aspect I noticed was the revolution from an absence of quantity and colour to the definite engagement of accessories and vibrancy. Having vibrancy induced the model’s dim skin-tone, one again portraying disparity between two phases in generation. Casually, none of the outfits had an involvement of heels climaxing the adaptation that the pieces can be worn during every-day life for example strolling through towns and cities, despite this the lavish materials of mink, chinchilla and cashmere made up for the shoes depth vacancy.

Furthermore, I am now going to present you with my three favourite pieces included in this differentiating group of outfits.

To start with, we have beautiful early gown that involves the angelic flow of a gather-skirt combined with the opulent rose print upon the top. Being a mix of geranium pink and poppy pink, the roses provide a hint of excitement and transfer the paucity of technology during the eighteenth century. Although, a slight appearance of knitted badges along the right sleeve foreshadow a today as they come across as very metropolitan. To complement the piece, Simons has incorporated plain black flats to bring the audiences eyes towards the centre-piece gown.


00030h_216x324 00040h_216x324

Secondly comes a very Valentino style long blazer that truly reflects wealth by the use of gold embroidery and artistry. With the circular collar it highlights the idea of sophistication however unusually includes two layers maintaining texture. Corresponding with the petals of decoration, its knitted flowers illustrate essence and the style of former centuries. Not only essence, but the outfit acknowledges royalty in addition to opulence bringing a sense of higher-class and higher-standards.


01370h_320x480 01350h_320x480

Regarding the later outfits that annotate the present-day views of fashion, we have a largely collared ultramarine blue trench coat that doubtlessly aids in drizzly and bitter atmospheres therefore being exceedingly suitable for outdoor terrains. This piece helps even the most busy of people to still look impressive yet feel complacent and assured. Combined with the business wear of some sleek tailored trousers, this outfit captures everything appropriate for the urban city-goer. Also, we have this paired with the proclamation of black pointed flats prioritizing the how relevant this piece is to the the twenty-first century.


01830h_320x480 01850h_320x480

Throughout this catwalk, Simons successfully made us query how different times can contribute to an output of outfits we wear every day of our lives. Justifying how trends are on a constant recycle, it presents a use of old clothes and reclaimed vintage meaning that we should hold spotlight on our wardrobes contents instead of holding spotlight on our wardrobes quantity. Due to this there needn’t be extra money spent on the latest trends but instead just a thorough rummage through past attire.

Go Wild for Animal Print

Who can’t roar for a bit of animal print? Positively, this ongoing style is a pattern that is constantly being combined with differentiating clothing and accessories to create original pieces. Numerous Celebrities from Nicole Richie to the singing sensation of Jennifer Lopez have been successfully attiring this energetic tendency. Overall, the unique aspect of animal prints is their vast amount of variety. For example, you can have snake, leopard, zebra and many other distinguished bodily arrangements, allowing an idea of merging your own habitat with a completely different habitat of the animal print in which you are wearing.

rexfeatures-3384323c slide_241689_1303905_free

Genuinely being resolutely against killing animals for clothing, I believe that the print should not be made of real skin. Doing this brings no benefit when compared to producing the clothing with vegan materials such as hemp, jute and faux leather (pleather) therefore there is no need to bring innocent animals to their death with the meagre aim of converting their skin into clothing. Furthermore, in December last year after announcing her change to the limited diet of a vegan, Beyonce entered a vegan restaurant wearing a full clothing set created from the legitimate body fur of a cow. This intrigued me because becoming vegan not only includes the avoidance of consumption of entirely any animal product but the avoidance of using entirely any kind of animal product.

Personally, I despise most animal prints and possess a lack of the style upon my clothing. Whereas, if I had the command to wear a kind it would have to be that of a snake, not the texture due to the fact that I find it quite decrepit but the stereo-typical print of dozens of analogues circles combined to make the spectacle of a well formed as well as alluring shape. Mainly, I discovered this preference from the allurement of Vanessa Hudgen’s attempt at attiring the exclusive pattern. In my opinion, the way that Vanessa has successfully paired two items of the same print without the occurrence of over-doing the set is exceedingly impressive. As a result of the fringed kimono, we get added texture besides that of the snake print and improvise contrast the deep between the belted play-suit and kimono with the fringe and shoes. Cleverly, Vanessa supplemented a spark of colour as a consequence of the pastel pink Chanel vintage matelassé shoulder bag providing an aspect of optimism being a rich shade.

vanessa_hudgens_snakeskin_prin Vanessa-Hudgens-Chanel-Purse

Next Barbados pop-star, Rihanna has been seen sporting the compact apparel of a lush red jumpsuit including an opinion-varying gap below the breasts. Forwarding onto benefits, being the holder of an elegant tattoo on show in addition to having an idealistic figure, this jump suit fits perfectly with Rihanna’s body formation however may be the opposite when pursued by others. Following on, Rihanna’s exotic skin-town aids the outfit by implementing vibrancy and dominance. Clearly, we see the intact accessory of a black clutch bag mixed with the affluent impression provided by the way-farer sunglasses which personally, gives me an idea of class and brings a vintage statement to the outfit. On the other hand, I disagree with the shoe’s presence. Having a single item of monochrome admitted produces further colour involvement, being the route of overwhelming fallout. 

wenn20521002 wenn20520997

Last of the print reviews comes the curious case of the tiger print. Boldly, Rosie Huntington-Whitley attired this pattern during the annual staging of the MTV Movie Awards. Similarly to the animal its self, this pattern has a definite impact and stands out from a congregation in an undeniable way. Although I would never be the holder of as tight a dress as Rosie’s I think that it suits her enormously. One reason for this is the correlation of her hair colour and dress colour conveying a dramatic feature to the piece. Additionally, the dresses fur consistency depicts the fact that the set is mightily compelling nevertheless still covers Rosie’s character notably. An important aspect of the outfit are the accessories which in this case are a substantial relief under the circumstance of the colours being solid and plain preventing the appalling incidence of a colour clash.

rosie-huntington-whiteley-mtv-movie-awards-2011 376480616_Wim_Heitinga_RosieHuntington_Whiteley.10_122_561lo[1]

 To conclude, animal prints have the unique ability of combining themselves with the wearers character. For instance, they cause the wearer to adapt to the animal and provide an immense confidence in which the original being possesses. Being a straight-forward person, I believe that the pattern should by safely worn, meaning an absence of farther print should be combined apart from that of the or-ready present pattern. On the other hand, before venturing into the dominance of animal prints, you must be certain that it corresponds with your figure in a conclusive way as alternatively, you will lose appeal which doing so is at a high possibility.

High Street vs Designer

Since the recession has hit bringing a vast number of consequences, one being a 2 million rise of people in the field of unemployment, the public has had no option but to turn to the reliance of retailers that are named as budget shops. ALDI or LIDL may appear upon your mind even though this same retailer arrangement occurs in the worlds clothing businesses. 

In that regular circumstance where your dream Valentino gown is selling for a considerable £3,000, being way out of a middle-class person’s budget, we can always be consoled with the fact that the Primark down the road holds an almost similar piece at the economical price of £20. But does this copy give us the same amount of satisfaction as that of the original piece? Of course not but be assured that with the £2980 there is a colossal saving to place towards further pieces from the high-street. 

Despite this tremendous benefit there still lies the classic saying of “quality over quantity”. Unsurprisingly, we all fully well know the idea that a Valentino gown is going to last longer and provide a larger level of amenity with the fitted shape and durable fabric it offers when compared to the estimated size and hesitant material that of a Primark shirt overtures. As I previously mentioned, it’s still a bargain right? You could purchase over 100 Primark shirts with the expense of payment that of a Valentino gown would require.

Another benefit of attiring the luxury of a Valentino gown is the exclusive reputation you will receive. People will expect a profound purse and extravagant mansion of your own inhabitancy. I’m picturing a husband resembling Luke Brandon, i.e. being in possession of a polished Chrysler in addition to a gold iPhone 5 for contact with his personal assistant. In my opinion, this can’t be the situation where the brand is being worn because of the logo; it has to be a situation where the brand is being worn as part of an acceptable outfit. Every day of my life I witness the scandalous sight of numerous teenagers wearing a CHANEL jersey flap bag (in neon pink may I mention) paired with the ghastly ridicule of a new look top imprinted with growling tigers. It doesn’t match. Furthermore, I class this position as a complete waste of money.

Focusing back onto high-street, an exceptional one of a kind outfit has no difficulty of birth through a mere £50 spent. In other words, someone can make a £50 set be visualized as a million dollar masterpiece. Due to the plentiful as well as diverse range of pieces each high street store offers there is a 0.0000001 chance that someone will have been or ever been attiring an the clone outfit as yourself. On the contrary, what makes the handbags of a designer so iconic is the lack of quantity the range offers, there is a limited choice meaning that owners of each piece will be at a higher percentage than owners of a certain high-street piece.

Undoubtedly, designers are in a much greater remarkable condition when trailed against the alleviation of high-street copies. Pieces can be made to have the same level of effect upon others whether or not the top is by Valentino or Primark. Regarding designers, they cause a feeling of superiority and opulence moreover the fact that they are the genuine piece. On the other hand, high-street clothing saves money, which juxtaposes the expense of designers in addition to sounding as a more favourable concept in the current days of austerity. Above all, the main case that has arrived to me during writing this article up is that you can wear designers, just as long as it is not a form of boasting and on the other hand, a form of making a statement. To conclude, as long as the outfit is competent therefore provides the wearer with a feeling of pleasure, no action is needed in taking into account the name in which the dress label displays.

Anorexia – My Story

Before I start, I would just like to state that this is not one of my usual posts; in fact it is extremely serious and is one of my own personal experiences. VOGUE and other fashion magazines tend to include images of alarmingly thin models promoting an idea of perfection and under-eating. These images have the possibility of inducing exceptionally atrocious issues upon their readers.

I vividly remember being a 10 year old and having my eyes attached to this one picture on display. A portrait of the favoured fashion icon, Twiggy. Her hair cut into a pixie cut. A fringed mid-skirt that pocketed her hands. But there was one thing I noticed, the lack of fat upon the women’s body was way below average. Looking as though it was about to snap, her arm was pointed out in the perfect triangle in addition to the narrow legs that seemed to be fixed into position, resembling a gaunt mannequin that was a distance from being the literal body of a human being. Even then I had the sly thoughts of maybe that kind of fragile shape being attractive despite the fact that I was still in primary and certainly had not attained a growth-spurt yet.

During the first two years of secondary, I somehow found numerous blogs and websites promoting this idea of thinness, of perfection, of control, of anorexia. By year two, there had been a few periods of my year spent drinking just water for lunch however coming home, giving into the burdensome diet and constantly binging on oleaginous and sugar filled food. Mostly custard creams, cereal and of course chocolate. To be completely honest, it was not a binge, just an outstanding of the calorie goal I was gaining at too loose. Furthermore, the year continued and greater changes occurred starting with weigh in, every Monday, previous to the waking of my parents and it was permitted that the paucity of my clothing would take place.

Commencing with the calorie goal of 1200, I stuck to it and dropped by 1lb, doing so provided me with a feeling of exhilaration moreover regulation in myself and life. Personally, this first attempt was an endeavour but I did it and doing so caused me the idea that I could extend this by setting a target lower weight. At this point, my weight was at the higher end of the NHS bmi which, to be honest made me have thoughts of grotesque looks and a pessimistic reputation from peers, likewise everyone. Undoubtedly, there was absolutely no chance someone as corpulent and lax figure as me could decrease to such a number that would state the readings of and idealise my weight, not to mention the case of a mediocre bmi.

Furthermore, I proceeded to loose pounds at an appropriate rate with the odd pound increase here and there from holidays but overall it was a vast triumph to the amount of reduction in the characters. -3lb, -5lb, it endured to shrink. Finally, I reached my goal weight nonetheless something in me said that this wasn’t satisfying enough for instance, I still saw the considerably bulging whale whenever a glance was caught of my reflection. As a result, I set a new goal weight being on the minor end but according to the NHS bmi, not underweight. Furthermore, I started to decrease my calories by 100 per day starting from 1000 until I reached 500 and from then on lived everyday consuming a precarious 400 calories.

As greater time passed, I began to feel truly morose, as if each day getting up for school was an inconceivable struggle. Following on, irritation and overwhelming displeasure could be caused in the most little amounts of communication, as well as this, my thick, coiled hair was converting into a lean and greasy head of strands. Yet, the most noticeable and almost oppressive effect was the fact that I felt outstandingly cold in any environment, it could be 90degrees and I would still feel the need to shawl myself in a blanket and wear a considerable volume of layers.

But on Christmas Day, I was a ghost scowling around my amazing presents showing no sense of gratitude whatsoever. I was an ungrateful brat in my opinion and placed the deepest remorse upon my family. Forwarding on, Boxing Day came and I was still feeling non-existent, purposefully staying in bed for the entire day to prevent consumption of anything, an abandoned ham sandwich sat beside me untouched. Finally, my mum came up and asked me to get something to eat so I forced myself out of the covers and staggered down stairs, grabbed the usual tomato soup and started to pour as little as possible. Mum noticed the lack of volume to the meal and came over pleading for me to add more causing a large annoyance to be placed upon me. Overwhelmed with ill stress, I blacked out falling to the laminate floor as if falling to death.

Awoken by the commotion, a paramedic was gazing over my fragile body mentioning how a teenage girl to not be eating is a common case nowadays. To continue, he placed me in a wheelchair and pushed me to the uncomfortable surface of an ambulance bed then drove to Tameside A and E with the siren aloud. This was a very unusual circumstance for me as I had never needed proper aid in having someone motion me from one place to another; I used to be such an energetic person. During my protracted overnight stay in hospital, I was constantly weighed and awoke by irritating nurses, sporting the usual high-pitched-talking-to-children-voice at awkward times for another check of my dangerously low blood pressure. After being taken home, I was forced to eat a mere 1050 calories and this would be raised by 150 each week. Even though my parents thought I was eating this poor amount, anorexia was still controlling my every thought, i.e. trying to eat as little as possible therefore I was still losing myself at a rapid rate. By the time we were referred to eating-disorder specialists, my weight had dropped by 2 kilos since that of hospital. This continued to lessen. As a higher number of calories were set, more motivation to deepen the difference between the goal and my actual intake was made.  As Poppy got stronger, anorexia got stronger.

Proceeding from this drooling 3 months of tears, altercation and impending stress, my parents were in the greatest melancholy of their lives. Just coming to a halt and pushing anorexia aside for once to look at the anguish and heartbreak each doctor’s appointment delivered upon my family gave me a feeling of considerable regret. I had to change, this infinite loosing was foolish, and it was anorexia’s deceiving character. Poppy needed to speak for once, this grim mind-set was only making my life worse because no matter how much my weight decreased, it would still never be enough. I decided to change from that point on, recovery was possible, and I could do this. Each meal was a struggle but I got through it by thinking about how big the benefit would be upon my family, I had ruined their lives at this time and needed to convert the circumstance I had caused. Like I previously indicated, it was a struggle but in the end, it is the most tremendous choice you can make.

At present, it is still possible for thoughts to creep in throughout the process of providing myself with the all-important calories. On the other hand, who wants to be a weak figure of depression and fictitious control? A type of control that just makes your life a living hell in addition to providing the people who love you with an astounding amount of misery. You are worth it. Please know that because I didn’t believe it and came to the conclusion that anorexia can dictate my life instead. Amid recovery, I felt like everyone else was dictating my life but believe me, it’s a better dictator then the insidious commands of anorexia.

Symptoms of anorexia include:

  • Missing meals, eating very little or avoiding eating any fatty foods.
  • Obsessively counting calories in food.
  • Leaving the table immediately after eating so that they can vomit.
  • Taking appetite suppressants , laxatives and diuretics (medication that helps remove fluid from the body)
  • Repeatedly weighing them-selves or checking their body in the mirror.
  • Physical problems, such as feeling lightheaded or dizzy, hair loss or dry skin.

If you have concerns that you or someone you know could be under the influence of anorexia nervosa please take action as soon as possible to prevent long-term consequences such as infertility and osteoporosis.

BEAT (Beating Eating Disorders) –

NHS (National Health Service) –

NEDO (National Eating Disorders Association) –

Please remember that they may look ok but there mind might be in a completely different setting.


Sat at the very right, I may appear as an average and contented teen even though my thoughts were overcrowded with negativity at this period of time. Having a Constant yell persuading me how I wasn’t good enough and pointing out my flaws, saying that I was still fat as ever and a pig.

Reasoning my Desire for a Parisian Lifestyle via my most Favourable Instagram Accounts

Before you read on, I just want to spare a moment to apologize for missing two blog posts as I aim to post on an agenda of every 2 days. I hope that this has not decreased the reputation of my blog in your own mind and I myself wish to put this occurrence aside, thank you.

Since the Instagram mania hit the globe suddenly mostly through the advances in technology, i.e. smart phones and tablets resulting in major breakthroughs to occur in the fashion industry. An example of this is the idea that regular people who have no experience in education regarding photography are able to take images providing both a professional structure in addition to a professional state of quality. After this, they then have the option of uploading this image onto social media generating an entirely new faction of viewers.

Being an Instagram devotee myself, I have often come across a number of accounts in which I can’t resist to check up on at least once a day as well as taking inspiration in order to improve my own profile’s allure.

Kate Rooney is a beauty editor located in London. Having an extensive make-up collection to die for, she regularly posts white bordered images in a variety of formulated arrangements. Despite her competent lifestyle, Kate apprehends comments and undertakes the odd reply unlike most lucrative accounts. Additionally, Kate holds a blog stating that it caters as ”your definitive guide to beauty, health and style”. Regarding this promise, after pondering across the site I found it rather helpful through the differentiating posts that cover everyone’s opinions in the subjects included. Instagram pictures consist of piles of piquant French macaroons to the elegant outline of Kate’s killer shins in shredded Levis.

theglowedit profile overview

theglowedit 1

theglowedit 2

Instagram – @theglowedit

Twitter – @TheGlowEdit

Blog –

If you’re looking for an extremely minimalistic feed, @imindiarose captures the most immaculate pictures. Focusing on the repercussion of monochrome, India shows modern outfits set mostly on the side-walks in the exquisite city of Paris. Despite outfits we see pictures of her own pedigree canine, the exclusive insights of Parisian interior and the impeccable carcass of a Giorgio Armani model. Regarding myself, I adore the women’s surreal hair being a waterfall of beach waves and a colour of clear mahogany.

imindiarose profile review

imindiarose 2

imindiarose 1

Instagram – @imindiarose

Next, saying that she wants to be the reason Londoners turn into Calis, Alice Zielasko has a passion for street style, taking the most intricate pictures in a variety of subjects. In addition to sporting the most highly regarded attire, Alice appears to consume some of the most aesthetically pleasing meals in existence due to her competent approach in food photography. What appealed to me the most was the secluded fact that the sets she displays comprise a scarcity of accessories meaning that a beginner in combining clothing to create a decent outfit finds the vital process less difficult. Not only does Alice’s Instagram profile perplex but her wondrous array of information and photography is presented on ‘Alice Point’, her imposing site.

alicezielasko profile review

alicezielasko 1

aliceziasko 2

Instagram – @alicezielasko

Twitter – @alicezielasko

Blog –

Now I am highly convinced that in the future, I will be strolling along the opulent streets of Paris carrying a cardboard coffee cup of an expensive company and the varnished cover of French Vogue. @meetmeinparee seizes this dream to the maximum rate with the idealistic Parisian lifestyle; appetizing cup-cakes delicately renovated as well as flawless action shots of Nikita herself. Even though Nikita is based in Paris, she is originally half Chinese and half English but comes across as a plausible and emblematic Parisian. In my opinion, Nikita’s quirky character stands out the most, whether its placing designer sunglasses upon pineapples or using the inner-circle of doughnuts to replace a person’s relevant eyes, Nikita has it all covered in her unique and visionary way.

meetmeinparee profile overview

meetmeinparee 2

meetmeinparee 1

Instagram – @meetmeinparee

Blog –

Another competent minimalist profile is that of Angelia Prisca. Shown through her conscientiously planned images of monochrome goods and immaculate spaces (all of which could be placed in an IKEA catalogue). Significantly, Angelia is Indonesian and an art connoisseur implementing the greatest reason behind her remarkable dimension of imagery. To continue, Angelia’s art and lifestyle blog depicts a whole new set of exclusive pictures still proceeding with the same aspect of beautiful photography and tenacious minimalist.

angeliaprsc profile review

angeliaprsc 2

angeliaprisc 1

Instagram – @angeliaprsc

Blog –

Beneath all my most favoured Instagram accounts there comes one particular reason, I want to live their lives and hope to in the future. An artistic lifestyle providing the knowledge of looking exceptional every day in addition to having an equally valuable job that must consist of this main aspect, I enjoy it no matter what task is given.

Who would have thought that Creepers Originate from the Army?

Brothel creepers have been the optimal item for creating an eerie yet virtuous appearance. Although this certain chunky footwear provides the remarkable increase in the wearer’s height, they are still able to add a look of innocence to any organisation of clothing. Spawned just after World War II, creepers were formerly worn during the placement of soldiers fighting in North Africa by virtue of the coarse sand that made the environment and climate difficult to function in. Therefore suede-boots were attired consisting of tough-wearing crepe rubber soles to aid the soldiers in operating. Furthermore, these soldiers wore the shoes till they arrived back home in the distinguished English capital of London.

As a greater rate of the public commenced to attire this form of shoe, well-known designer, George Cox, noticed and embarked on developing the shoe amid the year of 1949, with no expectancy of the substantial demand it was yet to cause. Cox decided to market the shoes under the name of “Hamilton” being the common middle name of Cox himself. Despite the Hamilton Creeper’s overwhelming prosperity, an opposing brand labelled under the name of ‘Teddy Boys’ created a divergent line of creepers moreover becoming the contemporary brand for purchasing the finest quality creepers. However, the promotion of dynamic rock orientated fashion arrived on the scene since the triumph of punk associated designer, Vivienne Westwood in addition to her equally-as-lucrative partner, McLaren.

Forwarding on, at the present-day you cannot walk around a city for 10 minutes without catching a glimpse of these broad soled shoes. Japan specifically has taken a considerable advantage of this form of foot-wear, combining it with their eccentric but authentic numerous street styles such as lolita, a modest Victorian inspired look, and decora, being most childish, this look is portrayed with a vast thickness of individual idiosyncratic accessories as well as the bright clothing that highlights positivity.

tumblr_n8idg9w6Xg1s8n76bo1_500_edited_edited 130831-9274 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

 Regarding myself, I have a pair of Vans that subsist of the prevailing sole of the classic creepers. Forwarding on, due to the high statistics of creepers being displayed upon social media sites, most obviously the prominent site of Tumblr, I received some inspiration as to an outfit idea including my creepers. Consisted in this set is a monochrome (of course) tremendously oversized hockey shirt imprinted with a dominant tiger in white and the paramount horizontal white lines that finalize the top in a dramatic approach. Focusing on bottoms, I supplemented a pair of knee length socks which, being knee-length, I was able to crease up to apply texture to the set. Finally, the set was ended with the centre-piece of the lanky creeper-soles that provided quite a Gothic and rebellious feel being of very basic colours. In order to not ruin the impact of this set, be sure to prevent having your hair down, instead place it into a high pony/bun or otherwise a messy pony/bun.


DSCN1563_edited DSCN1564_edited

 Drama is the first word that comes to me when the word creeper is witnessed. Soles of scene turn plain sneakers into dominant shoes for outdoor events. I believe that the only disadvantage is the soles substantial weight as each stride involves greater effort than walking to work in a pair of 3 inch stilettos. Even though I have this concern, the historical legacy of creepers is the biggest motivation to keep my persistence of pace at a moderate rate.

How I Style Stripes

Countless celebrities have been detected attiring the most common pattern in fashion, stripes. But how do you style stripes? In addition to googling the frequent search term of ‘Taylor Swift wearing stripes’ I had the most indisputable sense of deciding to show you how I, myself tend to style the sailor originated print.

To start with, I paired a printed t-shirt of which I folded over the sleeves to decrease the feel of effortlessness to the outfit. Additionally, a choker was placed which creates more individuality when combined with the Jesus bracelet and monochrome rubber swatch watch (contemporary retro). Regarding shoes, I choose once again a retro piece, some black jelly shoes. I believe that Jelly shoes convey much formality as they cover a greater amount of skin when compared to your standard sandals or flip flops. Most importantly, these items all came together with the flicker of pattern in which the striped jersey skirt offers. In my opinion, dominant prints such as stripes and spots must be worn with genuinely plain clothing and accessories because if not, the outfit will appear as quite over-dramatic. Ideally, this outfit can be worn during a day-event, for instance meeting up with friends.

outfit 1

Choker – Purchased by my dear grandma during a holiday in sunny Barbados,

Watch – Swatch Watch,

Bracelet – Jacaste (local variety shop in Glossop),

T-shirt – Tee and Cake at Topshop,

Skirt – H and M,

Shoes – JuJu,

Lipstick- Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Mayfair Red Lady.

Forwarding on, I have a striped mid-length sleeved top in black and white combined with some navy leggings that can easily be replaced by navy or black trousers as some feel self-conscious in this form of bottom-wear. Personally, I adore the spark of colour which the blazer rolled-up sleeves offer being a plumb pink as well as the bold aura of the lust red lipstick. Due to the fact that stripes are associated with sailors, using a red lipstick seemed like the perfect feature to emphasise the sailor semantic field. Concentrating on the situation in which this set can be worn, I believe that wearing this to work would be appropriate. Consequently because of the high heels that depict a genuine and non-casual feel.


Blazer – Dorothy Perkin’s,

Top – Next,

Leggings – Zara,

High Heels – Primark,

Lipstick – As Before.

My final set presents formality and intelligence. Having the top button done up on a shirt reduces the risk of having a nonchalant reputation but instead being receptive, when we incorporate the potent black heels there is a real intensity of these characteristics. What is most convenient about this piece is the fact that it can be worn to a wide variety of occasions:  out with friends, business meetings, parties ect. Furthermore, skinny jeans administrate a sumptuous figure both physically and mentally meaning that you will appear more appealing moreover is more positive of your body-image.


Shirt – Ralph Lauren,

Bag – H and M,

Jeans – Next,

High Heels – As before.

To summarize, I think that stripes are genuinely appropriate in summer being a sailor related print however can be worn to indoor situations such as work occasions. In my opinion, it is a very controversial pattern as the possibility of awry combinations are not difficult to occur when this pattern is involved. 

Question and Answer Tag

Since I have started posting at a consistent rate in addition to being the recipient of feedback from other bloggers, I thought that adding extra information regarding myself would make my blog a little more engaging, so here are some basic questions answered:

What is your current fashion obsession? – JuJu Jelly Sandals,

What is your current make-up obsession? – bleach white nail-polish,

What are you wearing today? – I’m home today therefore I am dressed in a thoroughly casual standard, a pair of New Look skinny jeans and a Topshop cropped baseball top,

Hair? – frizzy/curly and voluminous, 

Do you nap a lot? – no,

Why is today special? – its the last Sunday with school being the next day before the summer holidays,

What would you like to learn to do? – henna,

What’s for dinner today? – baked beans,

What are you listening to right now? – Florida Killos by Lana Del Rey,

What is your favourite weather? – scorching and luminously bright,

What’s the last thing you bought? – the August edition of UK Vogue, 

What are your essentials when travelling? – a wifi enabled device(laptop, IPad, ect,), lip balm, deodorant and my immense deep pink blanket,

What’s your style? – quite preppy but it fluctuates depending on the situation or event,

What is your most challenging goal right now? – recovering,

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? – Paris with an implausible view of the Eiffel Tower,

Favourite Vacation Spot? – Paris,

Name the things you cannot live without?– the internet and my family,

How was your childhood? – pleasurable,

What would you like to have in your hands right now? – an IPhone 5,

What would you like to get rid of? – Hadfield,

What are you most excited about? – nothing really,

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? – California, 

Which countries have you visited? – Cyprus, England, France,Germany, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Wales.

Makeup in the featured Image:

-Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Rossetto lipstick

-Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation in Soft Beige

-Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in Warm Beige

-Maybelline Cover Stick concealer in 01IVORY 

-The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit lipbutter

-Bobby-pin eye-shadow in gold and white

-Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact mascara

-17 Blusher in First Kiss







Some Souvlaki Please, with Extra Valentino

Historical gowns patterned with ravishing floral decoration, who couldn’t doubt that the designer is Valentino. This stereo-typical style was clearly shown during Valentino’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Cover Show where Greek goddesses took strides along an almost Adam and Eve based runway, filled with elegant bushes that resembled every child’s imagination of the enchanted forest. Meanwhile, Mr Valentino himself was perched, front row with the exemplary and exquisite female of Kim Kardashian discussing the strong character of the show. Other celebrities fortunate enough to be written on the invitation list included Emma Watson, dressed in a sophisticated black Valentino two pieces and Olivia Palermo, carrying a white satin blouse paired with a black and rosso corsa coloured skort. Furthermore, I just want to mention how opulent the single dangling earring looks on Emma, it has certainly inspired me to wear a similar style of one earring.
Valentino : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Valentino : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015
As explained in my previous post, I unquestionably adore monochrome so it came as a tremendously pleasant surprise when I realised that every piece included in the collection constituted of complete monochrome. Additionally, the spectators must have or ready been told about this feature previous to the dawn of the catwalk, hence Emma and Olivia are both presenting monochrome attire apart from the horizontal line concluding Olivia’s skort.

To follow on I am going to display my three favourite pieces that adequately took their place along the naturalistic catwalk:

First of all we have this mature darkened maxi dress paired with wrapped leather flat sandals, emphasising the Greek theme of the collection. Its mandarin collar adds a mysterious feel to the piece however we then see the gap between the top and skirt providing greater composure and emotion. Another aspect of its piece is its realistic nature. Being a pleated dress among flat soled shoes produces the most perfect outfit for everyday life, particularly city people who spend the majority of their time upon their feet. Especially moving around quite a lot which as you should know, it is not of the highest intelligence to be attiring a pair of Louis Vuitton stilettos in this situation. Even though these beige sandals offer a lack of heel, it is still enough to make an entrance and have others take you seriously. 


Secondly, this piece really composed the formality of Valentino’s collection. By the use of the geometric pattern included in the set contrasting to the pale, partly see-through, collar of the cropped yet still sophisticated top gives the most gallant personality. Once again worn with the khaki sandals, it is very easy to tell that Valentino’s main aim for this collection is that it can be worn in any kind of environment and is comfortable yet still gives a mod impression. In addition to this, I have also noticed that all the pieces have no difficulty in being adapted to fit the season. For instance, the following image pictured only needs a removal of the striking jacket to evolve from an ideal business like winter/autumn set to an impeccable outfit for radiant summer days.


This last piece is likewise to the youthful skater dresses often worn by teenagers of this generation; as a result it’s directed towards younger people. Boldly, there is a considerable appearance of what most people dread showing… legs, however it is not too short to have everyone giving it a deep hesitation when they eye it up in Selfridge’s. Due to the long set-in sleeves, this piece has drama and is definitely not your typical item of a plain, pasty dose of apparel. I believe that the most effective component of this set is the impeccability of the bow that conveys innocence and is associated with the archival form of the graceful fragment of an emblematic Victorian gown.


To summarize, Valentino successfully granted everybody’s idealistic Greek atmosphere by the use of monochrome yet somehow exotic gowns, divine taupe sandals amongst a runway brimming with sensual basil plants. You could only get slightly more Greek if Valentino himself was consuming the luscious taste of a grape during the fascination of his enigmatic show.

How High is your Metronome on Monochrome?

Each time I shop, whether its or the Topshop in my city centre, there’s always a voice trying to convince my ostentatious side to make an appearance but that never occurs because I always end up purchasing the same four colours: black, blue, white and grey. But who can’t go wrong with a bit of monochrome? It is the queen of all colour matches as you should know that white goes with everything and black goes with everything, so what could go wrong?

Despite having the decreased risk of an erroneous pairing, monochrome can tend to bore as at some times the match can be very dull and have a primitive reality. In my opinion, it should be worn in proportion with colourful clothing similar to eating chocolate but balancing it out by eating vegetables in addition. Even though I think this, when choosing between a magenta filled floral tunic dress and a plain abalone tunic dress, I just can’t resist grabbing the more comfortable, easy-to-pair and reassuring piece. Yes, you should be able to feel sanguine in the style you undertake but we need to embrace our figure instead of concealing it in a blanket-like shallow gown. Maybe we should all attempt to wear clothes that usually would be pushed forward on the rail. Because, if not these items will remain as a deliberate avoidance forever.

To end, I would like to present to you two of my favourite clothing items that are purely of course grey, black and white:

Number 1 is a Ribbon acid-wash grey sweater that gives me a feeling of protection as it is 3 sizes bigger than my actual size, I just love the extent of over sized sweaters because they hide my  insecurities resulting in a swift transportation of myself without the apprehension that I look likewise to an elephant.

Grey sweater edited

Secondly, is an H and M white cable knit jumper costing £19.99 which I agree to the fact that it is a substantial bargain when compared to the equally protracted length of wear that £60 Jack Will’s cable knits implement. Furthermore, white never fails to look pertinent with any form or colour of bottoms which makes the combinations involving this knit appear materialize at an endless rate.


Although relieving dyes bring an infinite ballot of long-term benefits (confidence, reliability and economical pleasantry), there are still ceaseless pieces that speculate endorsing characteristics such as contentment and  spontaneity of which include no sign of black or white. Motivation of the people who attire to these items of clothing still leaves my mind roving every day.