Jourdan Dunn gives you a “Well Dunn” Clams Linguini

When considering the contents of the You-Tube channel ‘Jay Z’s Life and Times’, the first palpable interpretation that comes to one’s mind is abbreviated clips of Jay Z, maybe innocently home-recording himself or a documentation of the preparation of his and Beyoncé’s latest sold-out tour ‘On the Run’. Indeed, it is a tremendously satisfying surprise to encounter that of a model cooking show, not some look-like-a-model cooking show, no, an actual one where a model cooks meals involving no dietary requirements whatsoever, forget the devastation of gluten free or the displeasure of turning into a restrictive vegan, model in the notoriety, Jourdan Dunn consumes what she pleases.

Confidently joined by a different celebrity friend or cooking fanatic for each episode, Jourdan is seen in a profound debate regarding whether the greasy butter is salted or not and frying red onions adjacent to the American fashion model, Karlie Kloss. Following on, episodes also include Cara Delevigne, Charlie Bird, 2 Chains and Wale. Despite society’s clear perception of the typical dull character model that’s only two answers are ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Jourdan definitely captures the audience’s engagement with her gregarious and resounding attitude that is presented amongst socialising with her equally-as-approachable celebrity guests. 

karlie kloss

Although the recipes ingredients and methods are questioned regularly, Dunn seems to proceed with a definitive adolescent language using “bangin'” as an adjective describing her distinctive pasta dish, Maccheroni Inferrati. Using expressions alike to “bangin'” unequivocally relates to the youthful audience of You-Tube in addition to the devotees of Jourdan Dunn expanding their interests in cooking. Furthermore, this could also promote the idea that models do eat and dieting at such a young age is evidently an awry idea hence the ample rise in eating disorders throughout young people in the interim of this subversive century hitherto. Also, since the considerable contraction of people watching programmes upon the TV when related with the extent who do the same nevertheless upon a mobile device, i.e. a smart phone, by putting such an informational series of episodes on the internet provides viewers with a discount in absence of acknowledgement of cooking legitimate and convenient meals efficiently for their beloved family and cherished friends.

Personally, the episode that intrigues me the most was undeniably that featuring the prodigious Cara Delevigne, mainly because I can associate their actions with plentiful of the occurrences of my actions. For instance they talk to each-other precisely alike to the way you would talk to your friends. Joking sporadically and denoting out each other’s amusing amateurish moments as if they’ve known each other for their integrated life-span. Referring back to the sentiment of which I stated before, this is one of the components that provide opposition against the prospect that models have a paucity of contentment and enthusiasm in their personality. 

cara delevigne

On the other hand, the only negative and adverse notion that came to my mind was the fact that cooking doesn’t behold as an authentic professionalism for Dunn which doubtlessly must be intended considering that just like everyone of my alternative points, it is justified with the fact that it pertains with that of the a general public’s limited spectrum of ability. Dunn’s first substantial experience in cookery and cuisine is the result of this show and that dovetails with the adolescents of today as they will see Dunn and think “Jourdan has a remarkable body and face so maybe I’ll be the same if I cook and eat that.” Moreover, the dishes are thoroughly healthy meaning that the ones who copy her will have a segment of healthy living introduced into their lives as a substitute for the sabotaging junk consumed by the majority of young people at present. 

Even at a time as insufficient as 5 minutes spent watching of Nigella Lawson’s cooking programs such as ‘Nigellissima’ and ‘Nigella Express’, I already began to witness feelings of intimidation by her advanced dexterity and contemporary equipped kitchen ware. Whereas, when viewing that of Jourdan’s ‘Well Dunn’ the most immense technology she uses is that of a blender causing the audience to feel a more personal attachment of Jourdan. Not only this but the kitchen is extremely mediocre, a deep white sink heaving with unwashed dishes and that of three shelves bombarded with various oriental spices, vibrant flavourings and surprisingly primitive condiments such as salt and pepper, in other words food that can most regularly be found in the bona fide storage held by ourselves. 

Contradicting that of the civilised cooking presentations shown to us constantly by the civility of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, this one decidedly appeals to me the most being a person who is captivated by counter-productive gossip and obtaining people no matter who they are. Well Dunn shows that even the most direct of people in cooking can whip up a master-piece of acute cuisine. Lastly, as it is emphasised around the fact that it is ran by possibly the most authorities people in getting an impeccable body image of today, the show should be advertised immeasurably instead of being hidden in the impediment of You-Tube.