High Street vs Designer

Since the recession has hit bringing a vast number of consequences, one being a 2 million rise of people in the field of unemployment, the public has had no option but to turn to the reliance of retailers that are named as budget shops. ALDI or LIDL may appear upon your mind even though this same retailer arrangement occurs in the worlds clothing businesses. 

In that regular circumstance where your dream Valentino gown is selling for a considerable £3,000, being way out of a middle-class person’s budget, we can always be consoled with the fact that the Primark down the road holds an almost similar piece at the economical price of £20. But does this copy give us the same amount of satisfaction as that of the original piece? Of course not but be assured that with the £2980 there is a colossal saving to place towards further pieces from the high-street. 

Despite this tremendous benefit there still lies the classic saying of “quality over quantity”. Unsurprisingly, we all fully well know the idea that a Valentino gown is going to last longer and provide a larger level of amenity with the fitted shape and durable fabric it offers when compared to the estimated size and hesitant material that of a Primark shirt overtures. As I previously mentioned, it’s still a bargain right? You could purchase over 100 Primark shirts with the expense of payment that of a Valentino gown would require.

Another benefit of attiring the luxury of a Valentino gown is the exclusive reputation you will receive. People will expect a profound purse and extravagant mansion of your own inhabitancy. I’m picturing a husband resembling Luke Brandon, i.e. being in possession of a polished Chrysler in addition to a gold iPhone 5 for contact with his personal assistant. In my opinion, this can’t be the situation where the brand is being worn because of the logo; it has to be a situation where the brand is being worn as part of an acceptable outfit. Every day of my life I witness the scandalous sight of numerous teenagers wearing a CHANEL jersey flap bag (in neon pink may I mention) paired with the ghastly ridicule of a new look top imprinted with growling tigers. It doesn’t match. Furthermore, I class this position as a complete waste of money.

Focusing back onto high-street, an exceptional one of a kind outfit has no difficulty of birth through a mere £50 spent. In other words, someone can make a £50 set be visualized as a million dollar masterpiece. Due to the plentiful as well as diverse range of pieces each high street store offers there is a 0.0000001 chance that someone will have been or ever been attiring an the clone outfit as yourself. On the contrary, what makes the handbags of a designer so iconic is the lack of quantity the range offers, there is a limited choice meaning that owners of each piece will be at a higher percentage than owners of a certain high-street piece.

Undoubtedly, designers are in a much greater remarkable condition when trailed against the alleviation of high-street copies. Pieces can be made to have the same level of effect upon others whether or not the top is by Valentino or Primark. Regarding designers, they cause a feeling of superiority and opulence moreover the fact that they are the genuine piece. On the other hand, high-street clothing saves money, which juxtaposes the expense of designers in addition to sounding as a more favourable concept in the current days of austerity. Above all, the main case that has arrived to me during writing this article up is that you can wear designers, just as long as it is not a form of boasting and on the other hand, a form of making a statement. To conclude, as long as the outfit is competent therefore provides the wearer with a feeling of pleasure, no action is needed in taking into account the name in which the dress label displays.