5 Trends of the Eighties – The Tragedies and the Successes

Although your reminiscence of the eighties is most possibly not the best considering it involves that of an excess of neon, tremendously obscure hairdos for example the mullet, and the men who wore shorts that were funnily enough, too short, there has been a rise in eighties throwbacks presented amongst this seasons catwalks. Particularly Chanel and Lanvin have shocked in vibrant turtle necks and models wearing prodigious mullets, the designers are certainly emphasising the eighties brights. But what can we pull off without looking like a die-hard raver in-need of a contemporary hair do? Well after some research through various sources of eighties fashion, I hope that I, myself can provide a response.

The Black Leather Jacket

Certainly not the most unappealing of 80’s attire nevertheless it was a sure root from testosterone. After John Travoltra’s appearance in Grease during 1978, the leather jacket was not an estimation of fashion but a guarantee of fashion. Slick and cool, this jacket also featured in 1985’s Back to the Future (everyone loves a bit of Marty McFly) and 1986’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (“Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…”). Despite the simplicity of this attire, the 80’s trend setters couldn’t resist adding some intensity to the piece through dominant patterns and loud colours. Personally I love the idea of pairing a leather jacket as part of a Rocker look, skinny jeans with a thick belt of course, and the distressed tank top. As well as this, add gold statement jewellery to increase the rebellion feel.

carol alt model Vogue Nippon June 2011 michael-jackson-zipper-jacket

Teased Hair

Not only did Grease predict the leather jacket but also the unnecessarily teased do. Back-combed and permed as much as possible, I admit that this wasn’t the best flash back. In fact, there is probably not a single 80’s film where no teased do is included. The biggest recommendation for achieving this style would be the bigger, the better and I just can’t resist referencing Bueller ok; I believe that Jennifer Grey’s hair was appropriate yet I thoroughly disliked Brooke Shields mainly due to the coiled fringe. All in all, the government should have set a law stating the measures of teasing size then we wouldn’t have to look back and cringe tremendously. Remember that there are limits but a teased style is always satisfactory for night outs because there is no light to see it. However, if you are risking the nest of hair and aiming for a tragic eighties appearance, place some neon leg warmers over a leotard and socks just because you’ll be drunk by the end of it.

Celebrity Hair braided-ponytail8dd8f868e6de18d99c7bdd15fa2675f5

The Zipped Up Jumpsuit

Subsequent to the aerobics craze and ABBA’s costumes, jump-suits became a must have for not just girls, but boys too. Even though gays were vastly discriminated during this time period, there couldn’t have been any stereo-typical attire for them regarding the fact that straight men wore rompers showing half their chests. Nonetheless, the male jumpsuit isn’t a complete miss for everyone as without it the 90’s shell-suit may not have existed. Yes, I agree that a two piece matching shell is wrong in so many ways but take a look at the jackets. Alike to bombers, shell jackets can add flare to a colourless outfit without being mistaken for a character from the 1984’s Ghost Busters. Regularly wear your bomber jacket with super skinny jeans and if your brave enough, the classic circular Lennon sunglasses producing a hipster mixed with contemporary kind of look.



Although your first thought after someone mentioning the netted fabric is gothic and emo. Amidst the eighties, these prevalent forms of hand-wear were viewed as Party pieces whilst still being an accessory for the every-day. Popularized by Madonna’s arrival along with the childish headbands and lace-ribbons, fish nets were originally the attachment of a hat piece elegantly worn by fashion icons such as Co Co Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Generally, the fabric was opulent and higher class until it became a garment indicating rough hen-dos and dishevelled tramps. Please do not go crazy with the material identically to how Kate Moss did when she overlay a turquoise bikini in Marc Jacob’s fish net dress amid her August Ibiza holiday earlier this year. Neither replicate Madonna’s tartan catastrophe from the 2013 Met Gala. Instead, maybe copy that of Miley Cyrus’ look in placing the fabric above a plain maxi dress. Even though Miley has been in the media recently for her antithetical outfits, this is one that I deem applicable.

AW13HC-Versace-025_2604653a 6038583_1_l winterwhitei

Shoulder Pads

In addition to male taking on female clothing, females on the other hand undertook that of male clothing, an example being shoulder pads. I agree that they create a masculine appearance nevertheless they can be an easy route for providing sophistication to an item of apparel. In contempt of the fact that they look to be supportive and capable, these structures of padding tend to be quite uncomfortable due to their substantial weight for clothing. Thought to have been influenced by Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, shoulder-pads were considered as an apparel for people with an element of class. This explains why shoulder pads were most generally worn for formal occasions in the midst of the starting of other figure changing garments such as peplum skirts and batwing sleeves. Alternatively to the shell suits, it is acceptable to wear sholder parts as part of a matching two piece or akin to a found catwalk look; it is good to wear the pads with a considerable amount of layers along with an opaque bottom wear.

Jean Pierre Braganza LFW SS 15 80s Shoulder Pads hbz-street-style-paris-fw13-day4-07-lgn

Back then the main influence of fashion was evidently the film industry. Who doesn’t love the 80’s teen stereo-typical movie? Some of the most well-known and directed films were created in that time: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Dirty Dancing, and Star-Wars. Still there is a recognizable link between all these films, they are teen, and young-adult dominated presenting the idea of there being no age limit in those days. Both mums and their teen daughter would wear the classic mum jean, both dads and there teen sons would attire a dapper leather jacket. Further on into the 21st century there still prevails those assuring attire that can be worn no matter what the age.