Gown; an essential

Everyone needs that one special gown that was a complete one off, a garment that they hesitantly “umed” and “ahed” about thoroughly previous to finally giving in and handing over the ‘one off’ sum of change. It’s that piece that provides such a depth of satisfaction when you delicately place it on. The apparel that makes you constantly glance over at your reflection whenever a mirror is passed or a shop window is seen. Despite an evening dress’ overwhelming elegance only some designers dare to include it in their collections, particularly during this season it included that of Emilia Wickstead, Oscar De La Renta and Christopher Kane. But of whom ended in a success and of who ended in the idea that it should not be taken any further? Amidst this post, I will pick out my most favoured attempts yet also the ones I greatly oppose.

Alberta Feretti produces quite bohemian style pieces in nature related colour for instance: camel beige, subtle nudes and patent whites. Overall, its gowns are exceedingly angelic and in my opinion, would make the perfect prom dress catalogue. Specifically, I adore her undertaking of lace which being saintly itself is embroidered to create ethereal attire that when developing a-line skirts can sneakily cause a 1 foot increase in any ones height. Throughout presenting lace clothes, the label uses dominantly ginger haired models further emphasising the sense of outdoor environment as well as an indication to religion due to the fact that Eve herself (stated in the bible to be one of the first people God placed on planet earth along with Adam) had red hair. Moreover, we can all continue to note infinite connotations of spirituality but if I did we would be here all day. Anyway, I love the patterns symmetry upon the dress, Victorian style floral mixed with the sudden full block of white located at the bottom hem. Unlike other designers output of the lace material, Alberta Feretti makes sure that the piece isn’t overwhelming (dissimilar to approaches by designers such as Valentino and Roberto Cavalli), instead it can be worn by everyday people without looking out of place.

Alberta Ferretti Lace White Dress Para 2 Roberto Cavalli Lace white dress para 2 Valentino lace black dress para 2

On the other hand I am not a fan of Prada’s new collection of gowns exhibited at Milan Fashion Week mainly due to the thorough overuse of pattern and colour. Although the shades involved in each gown tend to be paired with each other often, at this specific occurrence, the concept has clearly not worked. Furthermore, I believe that this point has caused the dresses to appear behind time. Yes, vintage is the new contemporary but this example is grandma vintage which only grandmas can wear. However, if you disagree with my opinion which is possible since everyone has a different taste, you’d best be placing an intensely patterned gown with that of some plain garments. In this case, ditch the socks and wear flat gladiator sandals as well as a sun-hat because it is extremely rare to see one in a single layer during winter.


Next, as well as discovering a new collection of dresses, I discovered a new designer called Matthew Williamson. Some may be wondering where I’ve been all my life but it turns out that he is a big label. For instance, he has had models such as Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne speculate his creations which include a fascinating group of gowns. In particular, I chose a kind of hallucination style of dress with the dominance of a black rose bunch as a belt. To be honest, I am not completely sure about the material types however I suspect it to be tweed. Tweed is an incredible material due to the versatility as well as the texture it provides to apparel, not only to the fabric but the colours it placed with. As a result, I believe that this dress wouldn’t be as enhancing to the eye without its focus on the material. To pair this piece or something similar comes as a remarkably simple task; just add heels, a clutch and your good to go.


Another dress I absolutely loved however found 2 years ago and have remembered well was the dress Emma Stone wore to the Met Gala in 2012. Covered infinite, what look to be plastic transparent poppies, this is possibly my favourite red-carpet outfit in history and being honest, I was never a fan of red until this came up on my We Heart It feed. She looks so beautiful and dainty; I would do anything to be in the ownership of that gown. By Lanvin, the dresses opulence came as no surprise also I am in total guilt for staying up till 3am by endlessly browsing the Lanvin web-store. Unfortunately, this dress is so uniquely magnificent that I was unable to find similar high-street attire. Anyway, I am forever dreaming.

Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-2012 lanvin-emma-stone-met-gala-05-07-12-nyc

Returning back to my dislikes, the Funlayo Deri Celestine Evening Gown is a definite no-no. Firstly, the placement of the satin ribbon puts me off considering it being under the bust which possibly can disfigure body shapes making them look less appealing than in reality. Secondly, I personally believe that the satin segments of the skirt resemble that of the curtain in your living room and I originally hated thigh cut outs being what this style corresponds to (just replacing the thigh outline with the material). Overall, the gown is tremendously random and clashes greatly. Moreover, it has the capability of highlighting the places most women try to avoid signifying throughout all their attire. I was unable to place a picture of this dress so if you wish to view it here’s the link – https://www.wolfandbadger.com/celestine-evening-gown/?mid=36620&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-DzJhhvUMgAUlvPJ67ixO9w .


A Review of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2015 Show – Chanel Boulevard, Grand Palais, Paris

So Karl Largerfeld isn’t a stranger to conveying real life society in his fascinating Chanel catwalks and the recent s/s 15 show was no exception. Take a look at the major feminist protests on the news, now convert the women into models and place a complacent black and white figure in the lead under the name of Karl Otto Largerfeld. Only he could be the designer to take on such a contradictory topic. Fortunately, there was no police involved just the enthusiastic appraise of a style filled crowd including Alexa Chung (yes I always mention her) and Poppy Delevigne.

1412072092210_Image_galleryImage_PARIS_FRANCE_SEPTEMBER_30 1412072508838_wps_43_PARIS_FRANCE_SEPTEMBER_30

Despite the usual chaotic atmosphere of a protest, Chanel consisted of a much greater elegance. Models consisting of Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bundchen, Edie Campbell and Georgia May Jagger partly sauntered along the Chanel Boulevard in the Grand Palais, backs as far back as possible and faces as expressionless as possible, then for the finale, followed Karl along the catwalk carrying cardboard signs reading ‘Make fashion not war’, ‘Sans femmes plus d’hommes’ (Without women more men), ‘Tweed is better than Tweet’, ‘Be your own stylist’, ‘Free freedom’ and ‘Ladies First’ meanwhile Karl had Cara Delevigne and Gisele Bundchen shouting “What do we want? When do we want it” through the most trendy megaphones around (they were quilted underneath the Chanel logo). But let us not forget the advantage of receiving Alexa’s views on feminism after Grazia Magazine raised the question, her response being ‘a no-brainier that every women is a feminist and men should be them too’, she says this whilst two women appear behind looking star struck as hell to see her in reality (forever jealous). Moreover, Karl was also filmed capturing a selfie however the mouth stayed shut and the glasses remained covering the eyes. Not even a French tourist repeating “tout le fait” could give him the slightest bit of remark. 

1093614 tumblr_mhm4lvjUer1rpt6oyo1_500

Focusing on the important features, the collection started off with vibrant colours including the themes of art deco and floral however the garments turned to the classic Chanel look; monochrome and gold through lace, metallic leather and delicate silk. Each look fit the specific model perfectly as some convincingly strode on in pairs or threes chatting to each other on a street that if real, would be an exceedingly opulent location in the world. Besides the fabrics mentioned, tweed made a continual presence throughout attire from the rim of maxi-coats to the sleeves of crop tops, as well as this, two looks deemed to be very hipster based depicting the finale of protest. One was made up of a khaki shoulder bag with the double Cs placed right in the middle of it, as if the Chanel logo is the new peace sign (I am so for this). Whereas the alternative hipster reference combined a distressed shirt dress with a bag bursting with rouge and rose embroidery yet what was most unique was the handle being leather and resembling that of the random school craft box material segment you use to stick on your collage back in primary school (elementary school). 

00260h_320x480 00280h_320x480

What appealed the most were the accessories. I would die for every single one of them; chunky gold belts, petite bags reading ‘females first’ and those 70’s square glasses only nerds would wear… but in white. And let’s not forget the fact that Chanel can now be associated with maths after presenting a bag reading ‘5 x 5 = *Chanel Logo*. This leads me on to my next point, In the midst of the show there was quite a school vibe (i must say that if Chanel was a school it would get an ‘outstanding’ report from Ofsted as well as be private without a doubt). I believe this because of the white blouses and frilly collars likewise to the school girls in an anime film. Moreover, there was an exceeding amount of stripes both vertically and horizontally also demonstrating a sailor vibe, nonetheless the unimaginably expensive diamond Chanel logos, glossy brogues and childish buttons turned it into a kind of Gabrielle Chanel style mass. 


Overall, my favourite look was Marie Antoinette pale white dress complimented by a chin cross-body bag, thick gold belt, what looks to be shiny brogues combined with sandals, some gold jewellery but most of all, glittery tights. Now I’m not usually taken by coloured tights, blacks as far as I’ll get but these look beautiful. Similarly futuristic due to their astronomical aesthetic, plus the skin colour of the leg is not completely coloured, there is neither too much nor too little of that sparkle of Chanel. What’s more, you would usually expect gold tights to appear as rather tacky and reasonably cheap though this form doesn’t relate to not either of the two mentioned points, it just has Chanel written all over it.

00710h_320x480 00790h_320x480

Next, a tweed red and blue twin set over a thin polyester pink shirt. What instantly comes to mind is an utterly negative clash, still the wonders of Chanel managed to pull it off as one would expect. An exceptional example of the idea that each model wore the outfit that fit them was through this Scottish attire and tie-dye blouse (complete opposites) considering this already existing clash added to the bleached long hair of a model, this was beyond clashing. Beyond Clashing so much that it worked. This set fits your school P.E teacher (sports teacher) perfectly having a mature, non-movement outfit withal a quirky little silver whistle to justify their occupation. And when you thought that Chanel actually exhibited an outfit without some high-class bling, there was the essential Chanel Logo upon the key-ring of the set’s clutch (but no chain?). 


 Everything in the show screamed glamour and delicacy which was extraordinarily emphasised by the idealistic street setting. It was corresponding to that of a street style location covered in Chanel. Karl risked some new looks for instance: grunge, school girl preppy and tie-dye (not generally seen on the designer catwalks) while he also stuck with the same standard Chanel sense of sophistication and a major amount of feminist intensity in the manner Gabrielle Chanel did back after World War I when she revolutionised women’s fashion from the influence of men.


 Thanks for reading,

Poppy x

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Feels for Flats whilst Heels Jog on

I can guarantee that this won’t have been the first time you’ll have heard about how flats are superbly dominating heels right now. From Chanel’s tweed sneakers to Valentino’s quirky rock-runners, this is a craze everyone knows about. And it isn’t just trainers, but sandals, ankle-boots and many more; finally we can walk around without getting blisters yet still looking stylish. What more I hear you say? Well these flats aren’t all £900 Chanel, we can actually purchase them from the common in-your-local-shopping-centre brands making everything just that £800 cheaper.

04shoe-chanel-tmagArticle1 chanel-hc-clp-rs14-7354 476607417-1AG00410.450x675 runway-sneakers-dkny-495x739

First let’s talk about the ugly wedge flats. Being a regular appearance at this year’s fashion weeks, the category includes that of a sandal that can be worn both in the winter and the summer as well as the industry promoting its new turn-around of being absolutely acceptable as a pairing of socks. Of course Anna Wintour still detests the socks and sandals look, moreover, she is a keen opposition of the all black look yet we still continue to see all black everywhere. Likewise to sandals, creepers are another flat that has been reigning the schemes of shoes for as long as I can remember (you can read my blog post about creepers here – https://largerfeldentusiast.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/who-would-have-thought-that-creepers-originate-from-the-army). Mostly viewed as a youthy gothic attire, Prada produced chunky creeper brogues amidst there runway show way back in spring 2011 however, I believe that we’ve got a long time to wait until they become an attire of the past. Another fact is that creepers are definitely 110 times better than heels just because, they’re not heels.

Tommy-Hilfiger-Spring-Summer-2014-Runway-Show-2 article-1365214-0D8AAF1B000005DC-452_468x732Glatiator-Sandals-Fashion-2014

Flats have become the new heels mainly due to convenience, who wants to be running around the city whilst balancing on a 3 inch stick? Exactly. As the human population’s percentage of city inhabitancy has increased so has the need for functional footwear that works with the busy lives of working people. Additionally, gender rights have improved dramatically therefore women now require just as much efficiency in the things they wear just as much as men do when attending work. Plus, women travel at a fair greater amount (hence those idealistic Instagram accounts, for instance the ones who live in Paris and drink green smoothies religiously), another reason behind the sudden rise of even-soled shoes.


Secondly, the majority of people in the fashion industry are stereo-typed under being over 6 foot yet having a 22 inch or less waist and we all know how awkward it can be for a 6 foot friend to wear heels besides there average-height-of-5’4 friends due to the fact that they look like a giant rather than a tall person. In my opinion, it looks good on the runway when the models are joined with 100 other 6 foot-or-higher humans yet it doesn’t when you’re in reality. For example, I recently read Naomi Campbell’s – Back in Brixton article for British Vogue where she is photographed in 5 inch heels standing beside her 5 foot mother (Naomi is 6 foot!). Yep, not the best image regarding composition. Associated to the idea of expanded female employment, women have started to take a more masculine approach to fashion through garments such as sophisticated blazers and boyfriend shirts/jeans. Take a look at Cara Delevigne’s numerous blazer and trouser suit-combos. Evidently men aren’t known to take on a heel larger than 1.5 inches so bringing back flats is just another cause of female fashion’s manly take-over.

hbz-holiday-style-ideas-cara-delevingne-lgn1-Naomi Campbell-OnoBello-811

One flat we all can’t live without is ballet flats. Seen constantly on British Vogue editor, Alexa Chung, there is a ballet for any outfit, all you have to do is find the colour that matches and bam fashion crisis solved. Other well-known people who aren’t a stranger to ballet flats include Taylor Swift. Red, yellow, black, you name it, Taylor has worn it. As part of her typical sailor style, Taylor combines the footwear style with printed shirts (most commonly stripes) as well as plain skater skirts. This is such an effortless set yet the outcome is incredible. In relation to Alexa, she has done the same by placing the shoes with a long sleeve striped shirt however besides some vintage denim shorts. Moreover, Alexa most frequently pairs ballet flats with just a single dress thus far she still manages to look flawless against the simplicity.


Furthermore, there are the classic trainers or sneakers if you prefer. This category is definitely the most relatable to my point in reference to how women need helpful footwear. Especially this season we have seen a mass wearing of trainers everywhere yet mainly upon the feet of city livers. Brands such as New Balance, Superga and Nike are the current superiors, in my opinion, this scheme of shoes has now exceedingly overtaken the classic All Stars Converse, which was once thought to be impossible.

1212 nrm_1410775766-trainers-one

MFW more like MFM

  Marni recently launched a new collection involving a few feminine and floral printed garments contrasting to the alternative plain apparel that it was released with. Despite this, we saw the Marni’s fluorescent apparel on their s/s 15 catwalk when dominant Victorian prints were presented with tribal-like exotic layers of matching necklaces. The Marni Flower Market was definitely expected. Bundles of herbs arranged in leather Marni bag whilst the violet and pale roses provided that bit of colour needed. 


Everyone knows that Milan Fashion Week isn’t just about catwalks and perfect street style images but it’s also about the designers promoting themselves through other forms. On Saturday, the Rotonda della Besana was the lucky location to host the pop-up Marni flower stall showing groups of appealing produce and enticing blossoms. Marni wanted to convey their true Italian heritage through the limited edition Marni vases, aprons and pots holding the contents, however the pin-point of the occasion was its alluring aromas depicting Marni’s blossomy perfumes. 

0E5A9469 10693574_646737518758605_2112227785_n_article_banner_img

Carolina Castiglioni, Marni’s creative director arranged the event. Seen keeping with the theme, she attired a dress emblazoned with patterned leafs that was included in the preceding Marni catwalk. Later on, Carolina proudly directed friends and family around the netted paradise informing them about the sweet blossoms and delicate crops. Never mind the aprons, vases and pots, some of us would be pleased with a piece of the kale coloured Marni paper that enclosed some products as if they were some greasy takeaway chips cloaked in The Daily Mail’s pages. The Marni goddess told the press that she enjoys filling her home’s courtyard and terrace with plants and herbs; I’d share the same view if I had my own mansion as-well. Additionally, Carolina stated her hope to provide the cities children with a unique experience as well as mentioning the inspiration coming from that of her own passion for growing produce.

0E5A9574 marni.official5_article_banner_img

Aesthetics were certainly a significant feature having energetic coil dragonflies and insects hanging from the ceiling attracted to the scene as much as the spectators were. One cursory Italian pronounced in a strong accent “you’re a legend” to Carolina as she swiftly purchased numerous blooms grinning like a child in a sweet shop. A benefit of this wonder is the towering sculptures of wired mannequins perked with rainbow skirts hand-crafted by Columbian artisans of which a majority of the proceedings are given to children’s charities, an example being that of the charity Vimala. 


Every part of the show was considerably lively just a typical local florist. Supermodel Coco Brandolini d’Adda casually pulled outside on her bike escorting her two children in meanwhile alternative model, Shala Monroque concentrated on crafting hued necklaces of recycled materials based around the brand’s own wacky jewellery. Unfortunately, the herds of travellers were disappointed when they realised they couldn’t take home the intended amount of merchandise due to their limiting baggage allowances. 


Likewise to Marni, Burberry has surprised catwalk attendants with their latest spring/summer 2015 catwalk with a completely different theme of colour than usual. Pastel pinks and dominant yellows along with denim jackets. A stark contrast when compared to the brand’s statement masculine tartans and tedious beige, whites and blacks. No need to worry though because they ensued with the country theme throughout the compelling maxi-coats imprinted with elegant images of nature, for instance bees, the specific coat Suki Waterhouse wore upon the runway show. 

0 0 (1)

Let’s not all try and convince ourselves into believing that floral is one of the major trends this summer because it is not at all. Times when floral came in was back in 2011, the year when Rodarte gave models angelic dresses overlaid with roses not so long after the women’s faces had been covered in talcum powder like they had just taken part in that game where you search for the sweet in a heap of self-rising flour. Other designers that year incorporated blossoms into their runways: Vivienne Westwood, Paul and Joe and Rochas. 


I apologize for the short post readers as I am currently staring at an infinite stack of homework since moving into my last 2 years of high-school. As a result I may not be able to post as often so please don’t unfollow me due to the lack of consistency. 

Piercing – Love it or Hate it?

I remember being a galvanic 7 year old, gazing at the ear lobe of a teenager longing for the day when I could finally accustom a piercing just like her. For years my parents had gone through infinite mithering of “can I have my ears pierced please” “when your 18” they would say every. Single. Time. But it wasn’t until my friends began joining the club, one by one until it became a need. Back then I didn’t view it as a form of fashion, I viewed it as an aid of becoming ‘cool’, if you had a piercing, your level on my cool-o-meter would instantly be increased. Then finally, on my 11th birthday, feeling like the last one of my friend-ship group to experience it, I had the puncher placed through the skin. Prior to entering the local hair-dressers, I was secretly nervous as hell after years of my own pierce-less father disputing the process “why would anyone want a gun shot through their ear” I was actually here, and it was not a gun, thanks for the ghastly imaginings of that situation dad. Overall, the enduring pain was more like a friendly pinch and it was over in a jiffy. 


Whether it is the prevalent ear lobe or the contentious genital area, locations of piercings are becoming obscurer by the second. A vast majority of the female population have one yet vibrant Brazilian, Elaine Davidson owns the greatest amount at an astonishing 7,000 piercings. Included in Rodarte’s recent New York Fashion Week catwalk, Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy startled the show attenders with a full model force consisting of brows capped of metal rings (they were glued on), this took back the latest craze of resolute eye-brows. Furthermore, a less courageous presentation of piercings occurred back in 2012 when Chanel as well as Givenchy sent out there collections accompanied by numerous gems surrounding the mouth and beautiful nose rings connected to the lobes giving a definite reminiscence of the body-hole starters back in ancient Persia from the Persepolis. Many people believe Karl’s inspiration for his immense involvement of piercings was after he viewed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. A book turned film featuring that of ring filled goth Lisbeth Salander in fact the actress who plays the murky character, Rooney Mara, admitted to receiving a nipple piercing just for the result of gaining the particular part: “it just felt like a good one to get – a necessary one to get.”

noomi_rapace_the_girl_with_the_dragon_tattoo_lisbeth_salander Beauty_Hakaan

Mentioned in the bible, piercings are of tremendous significance to human-kinds culture as Jacobs is declared to have stolen his families and idols earrings then proceeded to have buried the jewellery (Genesis 35:4). Regarding physical evidence, archaeologists have uncovered the body of a 5,300 year old ear-pierced mummy with holes of an audacious 7-11 mm diameter, a little larger than your almost 0.5 mm standard ear lobe hole. Alternative earring eras dwell on that of the Pacific North-western Americans, the Tlingits in which attiring earrings was only undertook by those of a prodigious prosperity unlike the present day where hefty sleeper earrings are genuinely stereo-typed under ‘chav’. Additionally, we had the ancient Greeks with god shaped ear pieces as well as the ancient Romans decorated with the most delicate of gemstones costing a price of which only the most up-scale of people could afford. Clearly, piercings have been the mode for a lengthy amount of time nonetheless this did fall subsequent to World War I when shock, horror, people developed a pre-eminent enthusiasm for clip-on earrings, never-again! Yes, 60’s fashion icon Twiggy did accustom the items usually found in the contents of a girl’s princess costume set, but for now I’ll give it a miss!

Vogue-UK-September-2013-Daria-Patrick-Demarchelier-4 chanel4

Previously, being in possession of a piercing placed other than your ear lobe was an immense put-off; anyone with a lip ring was a definite insurrection whereas having that of a septum piercing (the one resembling a cow’s nose ring) was only for exotic native tribes. Whereas nowadays you are never less than a meagre 10 foot away from someone with a body-piercing. Particularly, I have noticed an upsurge in nose-piercings amidst the fellow students of my high-school, constantly being told to pull the jewel out by teachers these once Indian culture traditions are now becoming the norm throughout British young-people. I have no opposition towards this piercing situation but know that Indians have it completed due to the belief of it being a nostril of female reproductive organs therefore by piercing this specific place; discomfort can be declined for the duration of menstruation and labour. Celebrities such as the contradictory Miley Cyrus have been known to wear a nose ring now-and-again. You never know, this might be a part of her fascinating dirty-hippy look! 

Tattoo faced Desia Khond abbey lee ear piercings

Inspired by Harry Potter’s Launa actress, Evanna Lynch anyone with a nose ring should try pairing it with grunge themed clothing reflecting that hipster feel, meaning cosy cardigans with the strings intentionally hanging out, vintage maxi skirts and chunky leather belts for dimension. Likewise to Evanna, I would recommend accessorising with a substantial necklace that predominant to the garment, not only does this convey confidence but it also provides emphasis towards the all-important nose ring. All in all, the greatest advantage of dressing all flower-power is the aspect of reusing clothes that would usually be given to a charity shop or just non hesitantly dumped into your black bin, forgotten about forever. Focusing on the extra jewellery, I’d use materials that are often having the outlook of being ‘organic’, for instance: wood and feathers, influenced by Armani’s wooden badged summer collection in 2013. 

Evanna+Lynch+Body+Piercings+Nose+Piercing+TNhGvoKpeALx Marni ss2013 catwalk adorn london jewelry trends blog

What is your view regarding piercings? Make sure that you leave a response in the comments.

The Anorak – This Season’s Top Coat

If you glance outside, there is noticeably a vast difference in atmosphere, i.e. an over-cast sky and maybe an increase in precipitation as the year delves deeper into September as well as autumn. Floral mini dresses are starting to be placed amongst the clearance rail whilst cushy knits upsurge in demand. Despite knits, there is another form of clothing that rises in popularity during the bitter days – coats. Whether it’s a broad parka, a sophisticated maxi-coat or even a chic pea-coat, we all have the fundamental attire upon our Autumn/Winter clothing agenda. Evidently, there is a wide range to choose from however a year never passes where one type is the current trend. This year particularly, I believe it to be the anorak: lightweight, tremendously convenient and when-chosen-right visually top-notch. An anorak is this season’s must-have.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Numerous designers have undertaken this certain apparel; Marc Jacobs for instance. Amidst his spectacular Marc by Marc Jacobs line, he created a classic anorak jacket in a khaki style fatigue green. With the involvement of substantial pockets either side of each other, this make is at a considerable suitability to the girl who transports many of her belongings and has an immediate need for items. Overall the busy commuter ideally inhabited in the bustling city. Being exceedingly thick, this coat will maintain a good level of insulation yet still contribute a trendy aspect.

marc-by-marc-jacobs-green-classic-anorak-jacket-product-1-23074367-2-277369776-normal Capture


Miu Miu

In my opinion, Miu Miu produces the most dainty of clothing and is one of my personal favourites of designers so when I discovered the label’s pretty anorak coat, it left a large desire upon me. With the brand’s usually childish pastels, this anorak is very prominent. Furthermore, it could be paired with endless outfits as a result of its striking colours and unique layout. This coat can make any rainy day a sunny one as of the vibrant body in pale blue and deep midnight green shown through the hood. Most of all, the coat’s parallel draw strings add strong texture as well as bringing back a partly-good throwback to the recently previous years. In addition to this, the fact that the coat has a lack of length guarantees that your dearest bottom wear can still fully be on show.

P00107588--STANDARD P00107588-Lightweight-anorak-BUNDLE_2


The Ragged Priest at Topshop

Anyone searching for outerwear to make a bold statement will be intrigued by this garment. The Ragged Priest pink splashed anorak is remarkably holographic, offering glows that resemble the baco-foil in your kitchen cupboard. Strikingly space based, it holds a pop of neutral throughout the slight hint of grey upon the ending of sleeves that also take-away the major thin based fabric of the apparel. Even though this anorak may come as too prevailing for everyday situations such as work and coffee catch-ups, I think it is perfect for drizzly festivals and may-be coming home subsequent to late night parties because this attire accentuates a superior presence.

62A13GPNK_large 62A13GPNK_2_large


White Chocolate at ASOS

Corresponding with the preceding Miu Miu attire, this anorak is substantially childish, mixing a mature scheme with a spontaneous pattern, polka dots. Available in 2 contrasting colours of dashing navy and a courageous scarlet, this coat can be worn by either side of the personality spectrum. If you’re wearing an outfit that lacks print, just throw on this charming overthrow to be viewed from a more out-going yet dynamic perspective. What is most significant about this energetic piece is its astounding versatility through the compelling pattern and difference in existing colours.

image3xl image4xxl



Known for its efficient rain-wear (hence the name), Rains endears a greatly constructive yet artistic outlook to its apparel. Using color blocks of black sleeves and a black top section besides the remainder being overtook with an assertive sky blue, this anorak is the chief of contemporary clothing. In my opinion it would look best paired with a geometric print considering that the coat consists of no patterns whatsoever. Regarding disadvantages, dissimilar to that of the other garments, this anorak subsists of a short zip rather than a full zip which can cause the removal of the coat to be more time consuming therefore less conducive then substitutes of a comparable design and/or arrangement.

12182501-black-sky-blue_b7d522ee-1517-4b31-9c6b-5cba4c1d5796 0016_Rains_lookbook_64_V006-2


 Acne Studios

Last but not least is the exceptionally deluxe label of Acne, popular upon social media, this brand may be lavish but its extravagance is worth the money. Having features identical to the Marc by Marc Jacobs anorak, this piece is undoubtedly thick but still practical. In addition, the maxi approach contains that of an inside faux-fur coat that is unequivocally able at keeping a satisfactory neck temperature and in damp circumstances, an equally as good head temperature. Focusing on colour, this coat is in the frequent shade of navy conveying an idea that it is not difficult to be paired with other clothing.



The Liebster Award

Recently 4 utterly delightful spectators of Largerfeld Enthusiast provided me with the considerably gratifying surprise of nominations regarding the liebster award. Considering that I have secretly been lingering optimistically for just one to designate my participation with this prevalent award, it was inconceivable to resist:

First to give me a nomination was Sophia at http://thesoapybubbles.wordpress.com/ :

What is currently the number one thing on your beauty wish-list?

Talking conscientiously, my enthusiasm for fashion indubitably over-rules that of my enthusiasm for beauty therefore I am not as cognizant in the beauty field. Undeterred by this, I considerably cherish my Burt’s Bees Lip Balm scented with acai providing me with a further desire for alternative products by Burt’s Bees. Specifically the greatly pigmented lip-gloss in all foliage comes to mind as a result of the product’s tremendously intensive phosphoresce as well as its commendable durability.

If you could interview any designer who would it be and why?

Possibly the most significantly conventional answer to this question but it is unequivocal that I would choose the vast prodigiousness of Karl Largerfeld because of his sui-generis achievements that have brought a colossal amount of prosperity to his life. It would not only be the privilege of a fascinating experience but I would feel abundant appreciation to hear of his

Who, in your opinion, is the most stylish woman to have walked the earth (can be dead or alive)? 

I find this exceedingly difficult to answer. I have no response, sorry.  

What is one trend that you love right now? 

Despite the clothing items accustom focusing on extensive functionality rather than the intense pulchritude of style, cotton yoga pants are my currant ardour since I purchased a black h and m pair to use during school sport sessions.

What are your pet peeves in regards to fashion? 

Conspicuously, I have found myself repeating antecedent points at a what-I-feel considerably bedevilling rate yet, one being the answer to this catechize. Anyway, my greatest pet peeve in regards to fashion is the occurrence of a designer brand being worn just on the account of it being a designer garment. I constantly repeat this sentence: THE OUTFIT HAS TO LOOK GOOD. Thus designer pieces should only be attired amidst the presentation of an appropriately well-favoured set rather than the utter aversion of a considerably fortuitous combination of attire.

If you could attend one fashion show, which one would it be? 

Valentino period

How many pairs of shoes do you have? 


What is your favourite scent/perfume? 

Subsequent to copious sniffs amongst the Boots sample counter, I highly favour that of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe right now? 

My Vero-Moda navy shift dress recently purchased surprisingly for a comic convention in the dainty ensemble of Kiki from the anime Studio Ghibli film ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’.

How would you describe your personal style?

I thoroughly adore the vast alleviation of cable knit sweaters as well as the deeply sophisticated flannel or boyfriend shirt. Portraying quite a preppy outlook of which I possess the single belief of having a predicable affect upon my character.

Who is your biggest style inspiration? 

Above all, Twiggy’s whimsical and audacious outlook towards fashion plays a major part when I decide what my attire will be for the day. As well as myself, I consider that Twiggy will have also concerned that of the clothing as she caused such a substantial impact upon clothing designers.

Secondly, I was nominated by Lizelle at http://lipseyescheecks.wordpress.com/ :

1) What do you enjoy most about blogging

As stated during my about tab, the exclusive scheme of having the capability of writing with no instructions or requirements unlike the restrictions of school pieces.

2) What is your favourite make-up or beauty item?

Collection Super-Size Mascara

3) Your best fashion advice?

When in doubt, turn to black.

4) What inspires you?

Characters in 80’s and 90’s movies.

5) What is your favourite part of the day?

When 5th period ends after a remarkably repetitive school day.

6) What has been the best advice you have been giving about blogging?

Never forget that you have a blog, i.e. post at an appropriately consistence of proportion to preserve your primary audience.

7) What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

I aim to cause an increase in my own English and Fashion capability in addition to erudition, moreover, a developed contact with those who apportion the aforementioned interests.

8) What is your best quality?


9) What fashion or beauty item would you spend the most money on?

Anything Valentino, except for anything in the new fringe collection, I deem the garments as appearing quite cheap and ghastly.

 10) Why did you start blogging?

To maintain a lack of the annoyingly habitual boredom of the summer holidays whilst substantially aid my English and journalism skills.

11) Fill in the blank…. “love is ……

Exceedingly needless to say that love is Alexa Chung and Alex Turner together.

Next I was also nominated by http://coffeeanddaria.wordpress.com/ :

1) What one sentence would you use to describe your blog?

This blog is an intensely prevalent teen that poorly makes out to be classy.

2) What differentiates your blog from any other?

Ever found a 14 year old blogger who describes jackets as imperturbable and uses the word ‘sui generis’ on a regular basis?

3) What’s your favourite fashion find of all time? (currently in your closet)

My River Island Gold Drop Lion Earrings.

4) What inspires you to blog?

My dominant yet improbable-to-occur desire of becoming a fashion journalist of a Parisian inhabitancy.

5) …and what/who inspires your personal style?

80’s/90’s female film characters.

6) Simpsons, Family Guy, or “Cartoons aren’t my thing…”??

The Simpsons

7) Who is your favourite fashion icon? (Fictional, real, famous, not, whoever)

Yet to decide

8) On a Saturday night, would you rather bar hop in the city, attend a dinner party at a friend’s, or order take out and stay in in your jammies?

Order take-out and stay in jammies

9) Chicken or the Egg. What comes first? The shoes, the outfit, or the accessories? (When you get dressed every day.)

The outfit

10) And last, but not least, what do you want to be when you grow up? (and it doesn’t matter how old you are!!) What’s your dream job?

Fashion Journalist

Finally, I had a nomination from https://sarahspreppycloset.wordpress.com/ :

1) Why did you start blogging?

Previously answered.

2) What is your dream job?

Previously answered

3) What are you most terrified of (failing, bugs)?

Shock in general, taking part in anything that can cause even the slightest bit of shock upon my-self. 

4) What’s your go-to outfit on days where your running errands?

Skinny Jeans with a sweater (tucked in of-course) along with the convenience of some trainers (converse, new balance).

5) Health nut or not?

Undeniably, mostly food-wise.

6) Are you a perfectionist or a neat freak, or neither?

People say that I apply to both

7) What’s your favourite store and do you shop there often?

Due to living in a desolate area of England, chain high-street shops are a vast distance so I attend my favourite store at a what-I-feel too little rate, the shop being under the title of H and M.

8) Do you like Walmart or Target?

I am neither included in the residence of the USA or visitors of the USA therefore have never experienced the attendance of either store.

11) Fill in the blank- I can’t live without my _______, and why

Hair Mousse, no one wants to even envision my instinctive hair without the adequate appliance of commodity.

10) Where is your dream vacation and why?

Bora Bora since it screams warmth and exotic allure.

11) If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Justin Bieber because have a considerable fascination and love for him and that will never relinquish. 

I wish an immense thank you to all 4 bloggers who gave me a nomination.

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My 11 Questions to the blogs nominated:

1) How did you find an interest in the topic of your blog?

2) Do you prefer DVD’s or CD’s?

3) What is your favourite magazine/newspaper?

4) Do you prefer black or white?

5) Would you like to move out of your current country? (If so where?)

6) Have any pets?

7) Best place you have ever travelled to?

8) Who is your favourite blogger?

9) What is your guilty pleasure?

10) What is the most obscure thing you have ever tasted?

11) Is their any fashion decisions you have made which you now regret?

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