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  Marni recently launched a new collection involving a few feminine and floral printed garments contrasting to the alternative plain apparel that it was released with. Despite this, we saw the Marni’s fluorescent apparel on their s/s 15 catwalk when dominant Victorian prints were presented with tribal-like exotic layers of matching necklaces. The Marni Flower Market was definitely expected. Bundles of herbs arranged in leather Marni bag whilst the violet and pale roses provided that bit of colour needed. 


Everyone knows that Milan Fashion Week isn’t just about catwalks and perfect street style images but it’s also about the designers promoting themselves through other forms. On Saturday, the Rotonda della Besana was the lucky location to host the pop-up Marni flower stall showing groups of appealing produce and enticing blossoms. Marni wanted to convey their true Italian heritage through the limited edition Marni vases, aprons and pots holding the contents, however the pin-point of the occasion was its alluring aromas depicting Marni’s blossomy perfumes. 

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Carolina Castiglioni, Marni’s creative director arranged the event. Seen keeping with the theme, she attired a dress emblazoned with patterned leafs that was included in the preceding Marni catwalk. Later on, Carolina proudly directed friends and family around the netted paradise informing them about the sweet blossoms and delicate crops. Never mind the aprons, vases and pots, some of us would be pleased with a piece of the kale coloured Marni paper that enclosed some products as if they were some greasy takeaway chips cloaked in The Daily Mail’s pages. The Marni goddess told the press that she enjoys filling her home’s courtyard and terrace with plants and herbs; I’d share the same view if I had my own mansion as-well. Additionally, Carolina stated her hope to provide the cities children with a unique experience as well as mentioning the inspiration coming from that of her own passion for growing produce.

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Aesthetics were certainly a significant feature having energetic coil dragonflies and insects hanging from the ceiling attracted to the scene as much as the spectators were. One cursory Italian pronounced in a strong accent “you’re a legend” to Carolina as she swiftly purchased numerous blooms grinning like a child in a sweet shop. A benefit of this wonder is the towering sculptures of wired mannequins perked with rainbow skirts hand-crafted by Columbian artisans of which a majority of the proceedings are given to children’s charities, an example being that of the charity Vimala. 


Every part of the show was considerably lively just a typical local florist. Supermodel Coco Brandolini d’Adda casually pulled outside on her bike escorting her two children in meanwhile alternative model, Shala Monroque concentrated on crafting hued necklaces of recycled materials based around the brand’s own wacky jewellery. Unfortunately, the herds of travellers were disappointed when they realised they couldn’t take home the intended amount of merchandise due to their limiting baggage allowances. 


Likewise to Marni, Burberry has surprised catwalk attendants with their latest spring/summer 2015 catwalk with a completely different theme of colour than usual. Pastel pinks and dominant yellows along with denim jackets. A stark contrast when compared to the brand’s statement masculine tartans and tedious beige, whites and blacks. No need to worry though because they ensued with the country theme throughout the compelling maxi-coats imprinted with elegant images of nature, for instance bees, the specific coat Suki Waterhouse wore upon the runway show. 

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Let’s not all try and convince ourselves into believing that floral is one of the major trends this summer because it is not at all. Times when floral came in was back in 2011, the year when Rodarte gave models angelic dresses overlaid with roses not so long after the women’s faces had been covered in talcum powder like they had just taken part in that game where you search for the sweet in a heap of self-rising flour. Other designers that year incorporated blossoms into their runways: Vivienne Westwood, Paul and Joe and Rochas. 


I apologize for the short post readers as I am currently staring at an infinite stack of homework since moving into my last 2 years of high-school. As a result I may not be able to post as often so please don’t unfollow me due to the lack of consistency. 

5 Trends of the Eighties – The Tragedies and the Successes

Although your reminiscence of the eighties is most possibly not the best considering it involves that of an excess of neon, tremendously obscure hairdos for example the mullet, and the men who wore shorts that were funnily enough, too short, there has been a rise in eighties throwbacks presented amongst this seasons catwalks. Particularly Chanel and Lanvin have shocked in vibrant turtle necks and models wearing prodigious mullets, the designers are certainly emphasising the eighties brights. But what can we pull off without looking like a die-hard raver in-need of a contemporary hair do? Well after some research through various sources of eighties fashion, I hope that I, myself can provide a response.

The Black Leather Jacket

Certainly not the most unappealing of 80’s attire nevertheless it was a sure root from testosterone. After John Travoltra’s appearance in Grease during 1978, the leather jacket was not an estimation of fashion but a guarantee of fashion. Slick and cool, this jacket also featured in 1985’s Back to the Future (everyone loves a bit of Marty McFly) and 1986’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (“Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…”). Despite the simplicity of this attire, the 80’s trend setters couldn’t resist adding some intensity to the piece through dominant patterns and loud colours. Personally I love the idea of pairing a leather jacket as part of a Rocker look, skinny jeans with a thick belt of course, and the distressed tank top. As well as this, add gold statement jewellery to increase the rebellion feel.

carol alt model Vogue Nippon June 2011 michael-jackson-zipper-jacket

Teased Hair

Not only did Grease predict the leather jacket but also the unnecessarily teased do. Back-combed and permed as much as possible, I admit that this wasn’t the best flash back. In fact, there is probably not a single 80’s film where no teased do is included. The biggest recommendation for achieving this style would be the bigger, the better and I just can’t resist referencing Bueller ok; I believe that Jennifer Grey’s hair was appropriate yet I thoroughly disliked Brooke Shields mainly due to the coiled fringe. All in all, the government should have set a law stating the measures of teasing size then we wouldn’t have to look back and cringe tremendously. Remember that there are limits but a teased style is always satisfactory for night outs because there is no light to see it. However, if you are risking the nest of hair and aiming for a tragic eighties appearance, place some neon leg warmers over a leotard and socks just because you’ll be drunk by the end of it.

Celebrity Hair braided-ponytail8dd8f868e6de18d99c7bdd15fa2675f5

The Zipped Up Jumpsuit

Subsequent to the aerobics craze and ABBA’s costumes, jump-suits became a must have for not just girls, but boys too. Even though gays were vastly discriminated during this time period, there couldn’t have been any stereo-typical attire for them regarding the fact that straight men wore rompers showing half their chests. Nonetheless, the male jumpsuit isn’t a complete miss for everyone as without it the 90’s shell-suit may not have existed. Yes, I agree that a two piece matching shell is wrong in so many ways but take a look at the jackets. Alike to bombers, shell jackets can add flare to a colourless outfit without being mistaken for a character from the 1984’s Ghost Busters. Regularly wear your bomber jacket with super skinny jeans and if your brave enough, the classic circular Lennon sunglasses producing a hipster mixed with contemporary kind of look.



Although your first thought after someone mentioning the netted fabric is gothic and emo. Amidst the eighties, these prevalent forms of hand-wear were viewed as Party pieces whilst still being an accessory for the every-day. Popularized by Madonna’s arrival along with the childish headbands and lace-ribbons, fish nets were originally the attachment of a hat piece elegantly worn by fashion icons such as Co Co Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Generally, the fabric was opulent and higher class until it became a garment indicating rough hen-dos and dishevelled tramps. Please do not go crazy with the material identically to how Kate Moss did when she overlay a turquoise bikini in Marc Jacob’s fish net dress amid her August Ibiza holiday earlier this year. Neither replicate Madonna’s tartan catastrophe from the 2013 Met Gala. Instead, maybe copy that of Miley Cyrus’ look in placing the fabric above a plain maxi dress. Even though Miley has been in the media recently for her antithetical outfits, this is one that I deem applicable.

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Shoulder Pads

In addition to male taking on female clothing, females on the other hand undertook that of male clothing, an example being shoulder pads. I agree that they create a masculine appearance nevertheless they can be an easy route for providing sophistication to an item of apparel. In contempt of the fact that they look to be supportive and capable, these structures of padding tend to be quite uncomfortable due to their substantial weight for clothing. Thought to have been influenced by Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, shoulder-pads were considered as an apparel for people with an element of class. This explains why shoulder pads were most generally worn for formal occasions in the midst of the starting of other figure changing garments such as peplum skirts and batwing sleeves. Alternatively to the shell suits, it is acceptable to wear sholder parts as part of a matching two piece or akin to a found catwalk look; it is good to wear the pads with a considerable amount of layers along with an opaque bottom wear.

Jean Pierre Braganza LFW SS 15 80s Shoulder Pads hbz-street-style-paris-fw13-day4-07-lgn

Back then the main influence of fashion was evidently the film industry. Who doesn’t love the 80’s teen stereo-typical movie? Some of the most well-known and directed films were created in that time: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Dirty Dancing, and Star-Wars. Still there is a recognizable link between all these films, they are teen, and young-adult dominated presenting the idea of there being no age limit in those days. Both mums and their teen daughter would wear the classic mum jean, both dads and there teen sons would attire a dapper leather jacket. Further on into the 21st century there still prevails those assuring attire that can be worn no matter what the age.

Piercing – Love it or Hate it?

I remember being a galvanic 7 year old, gazing at the ear lobe of a teenager longing for the day when I could finally accustom a piercing just like her. For years my parents had gone through infinite mithering of “can I have my ears pierced please” “when your 18” they would say every. Single. Time. But it wasn’t until my friends began joining the club, one by one until it became a need. Back then I didn’t view it as a form of fashion, I viewed it as an aid of becoming ‘cool’, if you had a piercing, your level on my cool-o-meter would instantly be increased. Then finally, on my 11th birthday, feeling like the last one of my friend-ship group to experience it, I had the puncher placed through the skin. Prior to entering the local hair-dressers, I was secretly nervous as hell after years of my own pierce-less father disputing the process “why would anyone want a gun shot through their ear” I was actually here, and it was not a gun, thanks for the ghastly imaginings of that situation dad. Overall, the enduring pain was more like a friendly pinch and it was over in a jiffy. 


Whether it is the prevalent ear lobe or the contentious genital area, locations of piercings are becoming obscurer by the second. A vast majority of the female population have one yet vibrant Brazilian, Elaine Davidson owns the greatest amount at an astonishing 7,000 piercings. Included in Rodarte’s recent New York Fashion Week catwalk, Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy startled the show attenders with a full model force consisting of brows capped of metal rings (they were glued on), this took back the latest craze of resolute eye-brows. Furthermore, a less courageous presentation of piercings occurred back in 2012 when Chanel as well as Givenchy sent out there collections accompanied by numerous gems surrounding the mouth and beautiful nose rings connected to the lobes giving a definite reminiscence of the body-hole starters back in ancient Persia from the Persepolis. Many people believe Karl’s inspiration for his immense involvement of piercings was after he viewed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. A book turned film featuring that of ring filled goth Lisbeth Salander in fact the actress who plays the murky character, Rooney Mara, admitted to receiving a nipple piercing just for the result of gaining the particular part: “it just felt like a good one to get – a necessary one to get.”

noomi_rapace_the_girl_with_the_dragon_tattoo_lisbeth_salander Beauty_Hakaan

Mentioned in the bible, piercings are of tremendous significance to human-kinds culture as Jacobs is declared to have stolen his families and idols earrings then proceeded to have buried the jewellery (Genesis 35:4). Regarding physical evidence, archaeologists have uncovered the body of a 5,300 year old ear-pierced mummy with holes of an audacious 7-11 mm diameter, a little larger than your almost 0.5 mm standard ear lobe hole. Alternative earring eras dwell on that of the Pacific North-western Americans, the Tlingits in which attiring earrings was only undertook by those of a prodigious prosperity unlike the present day where hefty sleeper earrings are genuinely stereo-typed under ‘chav’. Additionally, we had the ancient Greeks with god shaped ear pieces as well as the ancient Romans decorated with the most delicate of gemstones costing a price of which only the most up-scale of people could afford. Clearly, piercings have been the mode for a lengthy amount of time nonetheless this did fall subsequent to World War I when shock, horror, people developed a pre-eminent enthusiasm for clip-on earrings, never-again! Yes, 60’s fashion icon Twiggy did accustom the items usually found in the contents of a girl’s princess costume set, but for now I’ll give it a miss!

Vogue-UK-September-2013-Daria-Patrick-Demarchelier-4 chanel4

Previously, being in possession of a piercing placed other than your ear lobe was an immense put-off; anyone with a lip ring was a definite insurrection whereas having that of a septum piercing (the one resembling a cow’s nose ring) was only for exotic native tribes. Whereas nowadays you are never less than a meagre 10 foot away from someone with a body-piercing. Particularly, I have noticed an upsurge in nose-piercings amidst the fellow students of my high-school, constantly being told to pull the jewel out by teachers these once Indian culture traditions are now becoming the norm throughout British young-people. I have no opposition towards this piercing situation but know that Indians have it completed due to the belief of it being a nostril of female reproductive organs therefore by piercing this specific place; discomfort can be declined for the duration of menstruation and labour. Celebrities such as the contradictory Miley Cyrus have been known to wear a nose ring now-and-again. You never know, this might be a part of her fascinating dirty-hippy look! 

Tattoo faced Desia Khond abbey lee ear piercings

Inspired by Harry Potter’s Launa actress, Evanna Lynch anyone with a nose ring should try pairing it with grunge themed clothing reflecting that hipster feel, meaning cosy cardigans with the strings intentionally hanging out, vintage maxi skirts and chunky leather belts for dimension. Likewise to Evanna, I would recommend accessorising with a substantial necklace that predominant to the garment, not only does this convey confidence but it also provides emphasis towards the all-important nose ring. All in all, the greatest advantage of dressing all flower-power is the aspect of reusing clothes that would usually be given to a charity shop or just non hesitantly dumped into your black bin, forgotten about forever. Focusing on the extra jewellery, I’d use materials that are often having the outlook of being ‘organic’, for instance: wood and feathers, influenced by Armani’s wooden badged summer collection in 2013. 

Evanna+Lynch+Body+Piercings+Nose+Piercing+TNhGvoKpeALx Marni ss2013 catwalk adorn london jewelry trends blog

What is your view regarding piercings? Make sure that you leave a response in the comments.

New York Fashion Week – What I Thought

As usual, New York Fashion Week passed in no time similar to how the present and imminent London, Berlin, Milan and Paris ones will. There was the most spectacular of attire whereas there were also some weaknesses, in my opinion this was Miley Cyrus’ collaboration with Jeremy Scott. Jeremy said “Miley and I have something very exciting we’re brewing for the future,” which I agree he was right about “exciting” but not in a good way. After Scott took on the influential occupation of creative director at Mosichino in October 2013, the brand has obviously become more centred on cartoon graphics and modern day influence. Despite this the way Miley described the line as a representation of her ‘Dirty Hippy’ art continues to perplex me, I thought hipsters were bohemian protesters who purchase clothes from thrift and vintage stores, not the toy section in Tesco.

425034 Jeremy Scott - Front Row & Backstage - MADE Fashion Week Spring 2015miley-designs_3034455a

On the other hand, I have discovered various new designers whose line I absolutely adored. Jena. Theo was one with the blow-out structure of her dresses in addition to the flared sleeves that really add element to a piece, particularly, the metallic pastel pink shirt column dress. Being a lover of preppy, I thought this garment appeared quite sophisticated yet considerably youthful in addition to this, the Peter Pan collar provides maturity through its pointed edges. Paired with some white super-gas would make a superb outfit for commuting whereas paired with black wedges would create an ideal set for a controlled celebratory event. As well as this charming apparel, I was intrigued by the Jena. Theo white frill dress. I believe that this specific gown has the capability of being pulled off as quite an obscure wedding dress or if not, a bridesmaid dress. Overall, the garment has definite dimension as of the substantial frills that start it off, moreover the striped embroidery detail which has been distressed at the helm of the skirt. Unlike the other dress mentioned, this could not be worn as a casual outfit. Personally, I would place it with some stilettos and a clutch, alike to that of Emma Watson’s outfit for attending Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter Couture Show.

010_426x639 011_426x639

Furthermore, Marc Jacobs make-up look for his catwalk was no make-up! It may be extremely difficult to believe but during New York Fashion Week a group of models strode across the runway completely bare-faced. Nars being the chief make-up company of New York Fashion Week quoted “only moisturising lotion and that’s it.” Amongst some of the all-natural startled models were none other than Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima and Jessica Stam. Apparently Jacobs’ demand for bare-faced models was in the objective to have a model army however Palau told Fashionista that “…he likes to depersonalise the girls.” In the end, the girls were sent out wearing black bob wigs with striking fringes and pale faces. Besides this idea, Nars commented saying that the models all had perfect skin anyway and it they were a fan of having a face involving no vibrant colours whatsoever. Using no-make-up was certainly peculiar for Marc Jacobs considering that he only just released his make-up line this year yet only included that of the Limited Edition Marc Jacobs nail lacquer in deep burgundy in possibly one of the most acknowledged catwalks he will hold amidst 2014.

00040h_426x639 00160h_426x639 00200h_426x639

On to the prevailing catwalk attenders, Olivia Palermo made her way to the event in a black frilled mini skirt corresponding with that of a dull fringe tote. In addition to this, she wore some strapped stilettos and a white sweatshirt consisting of the only hint of pattern throughout its sleeves. In reference to accessories, she didn’t waste a last chance for attiring sunglasses and placed a silver cuff bracelet on one wrist then a slim black leather watch on the other. Even though wearing a bracelet on both wrist can often appear as quite obscure, Olivia managed to make it look satisfying as she does with every form of attire. My favourite part of the set was decidedly the sweater. This is mainly a result of its dainty detailing, the triangle-shaped cut located at the front gives out an effortless vibe nonetheless laced detail upon the sleeves convert it into an outfit of a more pre-eminent superiority. Most of all, this genuine Palermo set should be noted with no questioning as it exceedingly fits the group of outfits that can be re-made with lack of difficulty without thousands of pounds spent on designer clothing. Just grab any sweater and place it with a skater skirt or over a thin-fabric dress for supplementary warmth. After, accompany with some coordinating stilettos (laced is best) along with the significance of bracelets on both wrists. I’d miss out the sunglasses if you live at the depths of the southern or northern hemispheres.

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Shrimps – My Favourite Supplier of the Furry Line Coat

Subsequent to purchasing British Vogue in February, I took a read only to come to the considerable discovery of a new clothing brand featured called ‘Shrimps’. Now one may have noticed the consistency of faux fur coats renovated with the essence of two horizontal lines in a disparate colour, but this was the first situation in which I witnessed the quirky form of jacket. At first, I found the line terribly obscure and as if I had seen that of a fancy dress costume. As if the jacket was another one of those experimental fashion trends that had hit a major crisis. However the days went on and so did my speculating of fashion blogs and magazine articles. Anna Wintour, Laura Bailey, the coat was a constant feature in the media so much so that I have come to thoroughly adore the once negatively but now positively eccentric outerwear.

Firstly let us discuss faux fur, it’s similar to Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Me personally, I’m a self-confessed convert, when I disagreed with the material, it was extremely tacky and appeared cheap whereas now, being a lover, I believe that since the popularity of ugly wedged sandals have been proven to provide edge to an exceedingly pretty outfit, faux can do the same. It’s the texture. Who wants the meagre width of a straight forward maxi-skirt and crop combo when you can amp-it-up with a fuzzy overthrow, faux fur gives you the opportunity of attiring a reassuring blanket but out of bed. In addition, the frizzier, the better! Not your hair, the fur meaning that despite the many uses you get out of the garment, no bother is included when it begins to develop, this material is beyond robust!

fade_1 Street Style at London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014, Britain - 15 Feb 2014

Regarding catwalk labels, Fendi has recently launched a new line consisting of non-other than a set of charms named ‘Bag Bugs’. Spruced with fox, mink and rabbit fur, dainty eyes and a leather tag, the pieces are undeniably a newcomer to fashion. And who knows? Maybe a larger amount of successful designers will release similar products. Though, there is evidently an adverse disadvantage that using real animal fur brings which alternatively creates extra customers for the faux-fur clothing and accessories Shrimps holds. Being one on the higher-end of the scale, a shrimps coat typically costs £595, this may sound practically unaffordable but it doesn’t reach the mammoth Moncler Gamme Rouge type at £1000. One of the most appealing features of this label is the fact that it is one of those shops that offers couture-like clothing to the public at relatively half the price. 


Shrimps are another aid of founding incredible new designers to come out of there shell and develop into well-known names. In this case, the label’s designer is Hannah Weiland, set in London; she attended the well-renowned London College of Fashion leaving with a diploma in textile design. Furthermore Hannah became intrigued by 60’s fashion and wanted to in-corporate this into her creations, quoting that the clothing aimed to be “sweet, fun and welcoming.” This was clearly achieved by the loud statement colours used within the collection. Moreover inspiration is said to have mainly come from contemporary art and childish shades, textures and prints. Explaining the peculiar outlook my fascination for Shrimps began with. 


These coats use lively colours that emphasise primary school days, shades that are an endless enjoyment juxtaposing that of the usual British brand’s uses of bright reds, dull navy and basic white, practically an ocean of assortment suited to fit every personality and character. Forwarding on, Shrimp’s offers a line of plush key-rings similar to that of Fendi’s set but with the superior advantage of being animal friendly. So could shabby be the new pricey? With numerous loads of long-haired apparel expecting to be included in couture shows, this idea is at a high possibility. On top of this, we too have the current New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin and London fashion weeks occurring carrying assumptions of the immediately prior winter trends that must contain the feature of observing warmth. 

tumblr_n1yvmzPgiZ1qc8yajo1_500 Moncler-Gamme-Rouge-Clothing-Styles-For-Fall-Winter-2014-2015-1

When topic is on British designers, Vivienne Westwood can occasionally come as a bore to teenagers my age and Burberry only uses quite tedious colours that give out an impression of Britain being stationed around country-life. Withal, when I identified Shrimp, my entire view on British fashion came to a halt. Above all, the colours are unlike other British labels, not revolved around the national flag alike to that of Cath Kidston or not joker-style certain to Alexandra Mcqueen. The lines specifics of vintage pastel pink colours, the muggy combination of orange and black, the ambiguous placement of shapes, it all comes down to an extensive diversity of perspectives meaning that no matter what the person, Shrimps has a coat for them.

Visit Shrimp’s online store at –

(I am in no way being paid to write this, everything is my own personal opinion.)