Feels for Flats whilst Heels Jog on

I can guarantee that this won’t have been the first time you’ll have heard about how flats are superbly dominating heels right now. From Chanel’s tweed sneakers to Valentino’s quirky rock-runners, this is a craze everyone knows about. And it isn’t just trainers, but sandals, ankle-boots and many more; finally we can walk around without getting blisters yet still looking stylish. What more I hear you say? Well these flats aren’t all £900 Chanel, we can actually purchase them from the common in-your-local-shopping-centre brands making everything just that £800 cheaper.

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First let’s talk about the ugly wedge flats. Being a regular appearance at this year’s fashion weeks, the category includes that of a sandal that can be worn both in the winter and the summer as well as the industry promoting its new turn-around of being absolutely acceptable as a pairing of socks. Of course Anna Wintour still detests the socks and sandals look, moreover, she is a keen opposition of the all black look yet we still continue to see all black everywhere. Likewise to sandals, creepers are another flat that has been reigning the schemes of shoes for as long as I can remember (you can read my blog post about creepers here – https://largerfeldentusiast.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/who-would-have-thought-that-creepers-originate-from-the-army). Mostly viewed as a youthy gothic attire, Prada produced chunky creeper brogues amidst there runway show way back in spring 2011 however, I believe that we’ve got a long time to wait until they become an attire of the past. Another fact is that creepers are definitely 110 times better than heels just because, they’re not heels.

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Flats have become the new heels mainly due to convenience, who wants to be running around the city whilst balancing on a 3 inch stick? Exactly. As the human population’s percentage of city inhabitancy has increased so has the need for functional footwear that works with the busy lives of working people. Additionally, gender rights have improved dramatically therefore women now require just as much efficiency in the things they wear just as much as men do when attending work. Plus, women travel at a fair greater amount (hence those idealistic Instagram accounts, for instance the ones who live in Paris and drink green smoothies religiously), another reason behind the sudden rise of even-soled shoes.


Secondly, the majority of people in the fashion industry are stereo-typed under being over 6 foot yet having a 22 inch or less waist and we all know how awkward it can be for a 6 foot friend to wear heels besides there average-height-of-5’4 friends due to the fact that they look like a giant rather than a tall person. In my opinion, it looks good on the runway when the models are joined with 100 other 6 foot-or-higher humans yet it doesn’t when you’re in reality. For example, I recently read Naomi Campbell’s – Back in Brixton article for British Vogue where she is photographed in 5 inch heels standing beside her 5 foot mother (Naomi is 6 foot!). Yep, not the best image regarding composition. Associated to the idea of expanded female employment, women have started to take a more masculine approach to fashion through garments such as sophisticated blazers and boyfriend shirts/jeans. Take a look at Cara Delevigne’s numerous blazer and trouser suit-combos. Evidently men aren’t known to take on a heel larger than 1.5 inches so bringing back flats is just another cause of female fashion’s manly take-over.

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One flat we all can’t live without is ballet flats. Seen constantly on British Vogue editor, Alexa Chung, there is a ballet for any outfit, all you have to do is find the colour that matches and bam fashion crisis solved. Other well-known people who aren’t a stranger to ballet flats include Taylor Swift. Red, yellow, black, you name it, Taylor has worn it. As part of her typical sailor style, Taylor combines the footwear style with printed shirts (most commonly stripes) as well as plain skater skirts. This is such an effortless set yet the outcome is incredible. In relation to Alexa, she has done the same by placing the shoes with a long sleeve striped shirt however besides some vintage denim shorts. Moreover, Alexa most frequently pairs ballet flats with just a single dress thus far she still manages to look flawless against the simplicity.


Furthermore, there are the classic trainers or sneakers if you prefer. This category is definitely the most relatable to my point in reference to how women need helpful footwear. Especially this season we have seen a mass wearing of trainers everywhere yet mainly upon the feet of city livers. Brands such as New Balance, Superga and Nike are the current superiors, in my opinion, this scheme of shoes has now exceedingly overtaken the classic All Stars Converse, which was once thought to be impossible.

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