Get Wardrobe Ready for Upcoming Trends of Autumn/Winter 2014-15

We are all placed in a frequent situation against the considerably dynamic world of fashion and trends, one minute you’re wearing the finest Chanel parka, next minute, it is a tedious and basic coat at most. In order to provide an extensive amount of aid in this upcoming crisis, I have devised a clear list stating some of the upcoming trends according to this month’s issue of British Vogue with hope that it will decrease the exasperating stress and amount of intermittent occurrences where you’re Louis Vuitton gown is no longer a contemporary piece that the whole party tremendously desires to be in possession of. 

The Adequate Knitted Trouser

Firstly is quite a controversial form of attire… knitted trousers? Especially amidst the duration of bitter and ashen winter days, these complacent bottoms give convenience yet to some may have a reputation of appearing as old-fashioned, not good old vintage, just bad vintage, In other words similar to a piece which has the possibility of lying in your grandma’s wardrobe. Despite this adverse statement, the trousers can be found in various patterns taking away the ancient-aspect. For instance, Roberto Cavalli offers a pair at £447.06 presenting that of a monochrome snake print which in my opinion, is print in which has a lack of difficulty when deciding on a separate garment to go with. One being a knitted jumper in the same dull shade, additionally, if the weather is a fragment lower, maybe add that of a shirt underneath the broad sweater. As well as adding warmth and amenity, we now have a section of texture and dimension to the set.

Roberto Cavalli Knitted Snake-Print Trousers

see-by-chloe-022 j1 (1)


The Ebullience of the Geometric Print

Next we have the persistent staple of geometric, seen through Chanel’s paintbrush stroked gown upon British delicacy, Cara Delevigne amidst the craze of Paris Fashion Week; this is definitely arriving once anew. Vibrant primary colours grab necessary attention leading even the most confined of people to depart from there open-ended shells. Extended from the dominance of this statement, the print provides emphasis of appreciable artistry and renowned authenticity. Even if it is as meagre as a diagonal bulging yellow line combined with the contrast of a prussian blue, the piece demands pronounced significance yet discernible innocence. What to pair this obscure form of garment with? Doubtless this should be that of the relief of a plain piece corresponding with one of the colours upon the geometric pattern. Apart from a situation of an existing geometric clothing set, never the differentiating patterns of a geometric and a geometric be united because if so this has a vast possibility of being visualised as negatively disparate and erroneously ambiguous. 

Comme des Garçons Geometric Print Blouse

article-2440001-186D861000000578-188_634x960 geometric-elena-perminova

The Practicality of the Maxi-Coat

As far as my immediate thoughts are concerned, Maxi-Coats administer reminiscence of the exceptional British countryside. The attire cooperates to give a sense of naturalism into preserving and extravagant urban locations. Unequivocally, this is a compelling reason behind its propriety regarding the drizzly and harsh atmosphere that usually materializes throughout the months of September to February. Mainly popularized by British brand Burberry, it implements an almost exhaustive cover-up yet still places your stylish characteristic idiosyncratic show. Favourably, Audrey Hepburn was seen an exceptionally upscale figure perched upon a window ledge pairing the protracted coat with a substantially chic vintage house-wife approach of an eerie cumulous cream headscarf. If aiming for an immense entrance, pair this comprehensive scheme of garment with leather knee high boots as this attire has the intention to be worn as a thoroughly mysterious however noticeably sophisticated look. Moreover, a movement of horse-rider themed approaches is predicted for this imminent season. For instance: greatly towering knee-high boots, textured tweed and canvas material based clothing and appropriately mature blazers.

Burberry Yellow Shearling Maxi-Coat

Valentino Leather Riding Boots

trench coat audrey-hepburn-trench-coat-650x1058

The Enthusiasm of Sequins

Known for late nights of entertaining celebration and rhapsodic abundance, glitter can have an impact of tremendous shine and an immediate expectation of large prosperity. Principally noted by Marc Jacobs which he then proceeded to present amongst last year’s Autumn/Winter collection through seductive Old Monterey Grey hot-pants to the professionalism of a Peter Pan collared glitz blazer, these garments exhibited the spectacles of traditional dedication and lucubration implanted upon every single delicacy belonging to the association of haute couture clothing items. Exceptionally, glitter tends to be easily combined with other glitter as the result of the sight being associated with populous parties and vibrant festivity. My recommendation would be some notoriously sparkly stilettos and staggeringly lustrous forms of accessories; doing so contributes a lack of ample negligence and grants abounding eagerness and teeming ardour.

Givenchy Sequin-Print Sweatshirt

a73c5ad2df80803b_Marc_Jacobs_Runway_Spring_SequinJacket Sweatshirt with sequin skirt_Style Scrapbook

In the process of these eventual markedly cordial and somewhat shimmering summer days, remember to never obliterate the aspect of fashion in distinction to your already-combusted mind possibly teeming with the recent hipster enthusiasm or even the lassie floral frenzy. Whereas, it is only an abbreviated amount of time until you will be expected to hide away those conceded crop tops and adolescent denim shorts but instead bring out flaring glittered tops and dimensional knitwear. Overall, my one and exclusive consultation for you in advance of then is to stay cool visually before the briskness of autumn comes where staying cool will have to be taken into consideration both visually and physically. 




A Diverse Outlook into a Prodigious 30 Years of Marc Jacobs

An iconic 30 years of Marc Jacobs has already passed. Beginning in the minor New York boutique of Charivari at the tender age of 13 to inspiring long-term fashion on an international scale, Marc Jacobs has definitely lived a so far pivotal life. As a result of this crucial designer’s anniversary, I have been given the indication of analysing ten of the most exemplary junctures in Jacob’s life and career so read on to discover the achievements of a man barely into his 50’s.

Number 1 – Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke

It is doubtless that you have come across the articulate decoration of the Marc Jacobs Diet Coke bottle. Covered with a matching colour of patterns and images, the Marc Jacobs version is under a definite appeal that attracts a far greater amount of customers than that of the original Diet Coke design. Becoming the creative director for this year only, Jacobs is aiming to influence his designs by the presentations of Jean Paul Gautier and Karl Largerfeld, quoting that the outputs are supposed to be “stylish and light-hearted”. Jacobs also states that the unique designs will “capture the rise of female empowerment through the Eighties, Nighties and Noughties” conveyed by the exclusive composition and aesthetic of Marc Jacobs.

marc-jacobs-diet-coke3 article-2292175-18924151000005DC-488_634x417

Number 2 – Designer of the Year

How could Marc Jacobs miss the situation of owning a triumphant victory of Designer of the Year at least once, well 3 times and that’s only for women’s wear. Having the extraordinary titles of Accessory Designer of the Year in 1998, 1999, 2003 and 2005 in addition to the equally phenomenal address of Menswear Designer of the Year in 2002, there is no apprehension that Jacob’s himself has recognisability of his own achievements and improbable ability in the fashion design industry. After deservedly receiving the award of Designer of the Year in 2002, Jacob’s quoted “any opportunity to adorn one-self is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.”

37th+Annual+FiFi+Awards+Inside+5onUbghRUI-l 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards - Winner's Walk

Number 3 – ‘I vote Obama’ T-Shirt

During the re-election of Obama in the January, 2012, numerous fashion designers generated pieces promoting their opposition towards the election of Obama. Reading ‘I vote Obama’ in a circle likewise to the recognizable Pepsi logo, Jacobs chose the colours of the significant American flag: red, blue and white representing the equality and joined unit of the American public. Despite the focus on politics, Jacobs could not resist distributing the text of ‘Marc Jacobs’ in a Parisian written font dominantly beneath the circle. In my opinion the clothing was at a moderate amount selling at a legitimate $45 furthermore providing the total sales to a hefty $40 million once combined with the funds raised by other designer’s pieces including: handbags by $75 Tori Burch and $95 Thackoon Panichgul Scarves. Sounding quite cheap when compared to that of the recommended retail price of £225 for a standard Tori Burch Amanda handbag. 

Marc-Jacobs-Obama for-a-more-subtle-tote-obama-fashionistas-can-get-this-derek-lam-number-for-75

Number 4 – Charivari Sweaters are photographed by Bill Cunningham

Getting his first job at the budding age of 13, Jacobs worked at the Charivavi boutique in New York. Further on in his time working there, the first designs of his own mind were born, beautiful sweaters under the name of Charivavi boutique. Whilst attiring a piece of this collection among date of December, 1984 across the boundless streets of New York, Jacobs was photographed by famous New York Times photographer, Bill Cunningham. Due to this instance, Jacobs quoted that he felt it was “sort of the beginning of my career”.

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Number 5 – Polar Bear Outfit

Who says that designers have no character? Marc Jacobs surely does as he attended the 2003 Marc Jacobs annual holiday parting wearing the obscure costume of an extensive polar bear, possibly the most curious episode Jacobs has undertaken. Overall, expect Jacobs to be the most imaginative when the instructions were “think glitter!” “Think 1920’s Hollywood movie musicals!” “Think 1920’s Busby Berkeley!” Clearly stating that he has a lessened expectation of needing the outfit on another occasion, Jacobs told the other guests that he purchased the authentic ensemble online for an extravagant $600.

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Number 6 – Fashion Walk of Fame

Regarding further achievements, Marc Jacobs was given the privilege of having his own plaque placed upon the Fashion Walk of Fame in New York City’s Garment District amid July 2002. Reading ‘a fashion prodigy’ the plaque features a slender hand drawn woman in the classic trench coat and mid-heels. Other plaques among this area include: the buoyant designer of Betsey Johnson, the contentious character of Rudi Gernreich and enticing clothing designer, Ralph Rucci. 

WOF_title 72ecb2945e29ed10b7e7d4dc55eac038

Number 7 – Jacobs’ Engagement to Lorenzo Martone

A focused fashion industry suddenly halted and became a euphoric group in 2009 when Jacobs confirmed his affectionate engagement to Brazilian boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone. Subsequently, rumours took over the headlines spreading various circumstances of their marriage taking place. Through the beginning of January, various pieces of proof were released such as the couple relaxing in white garments among the exotic coast of St Barths. Not only this but pictures of the two poised besides an imposing wedding cake topped with edible replica figures of themselves. Later on, Martone stated that it was an “intimate ceremony”.

Marc+Jacobs+Lorenzo+Martone+Cinema+Society+vqtc3OPSNCfl MANGO Flagship Store Re-launch

Number 8 – Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

Along with the unique designs of Louis Vuitton, Jacobs’ pieces are remarkably popularized pending the length of the New York documentary ‘Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton’. Released in 2007, the documentary displays the moments of ecstasy moreover the unfavourable consequences that Jacobs faces. Furthermore, the film had a reasonably appropriate rating of 6.9 stars out of 10 by popular movie site ‘IMDb’. Convincingly, the site stated that the movie “with seemingly unlimited access to the workshops and houses, Marc Jacobs is disarmingly pleasant to watch. Having not yet viewed the film, I thoroughly hope to in the future as the reviews cause it to sound intriguing and a major watch for anyone having desires of entering the dynamics of the fashion industry.

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 9.37.03 PM

Number 9 – Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs

Since the recent controversy about the recent return of Hannah Montana Star, Miley Cyrus, it came as quite a dubious decision when Jacobs announced their collaboration. Giving out a concerned face upon the posters of Jacobs’ spring campaign, Miley is seen attiring a more monumental amount of clothing than usual in a deep violet and strong maroon orchid gown in dull sand. Additionally, another shoot shows the pop-star lay boldly showing off the artistry of her black tattooed arm. As well as wearing an authentic Victorian dress that includes the lace of a gothic corset top. Personally, I believe that the shot demonstrated Miley as having a melancholy attitude emphasizing the eerie style Jacobs accomplished in this collection.

miley-cyrus-black-dress-2-200 miley-cyrus-marc-jacobs-ads-new-4

Number 10 – Opening of First Marc Jacobs’ Beauty Store

Of course implanted in the burgeoning city of Manhattan, New York, Jacobs opened the doors to his assiduously anticipated first beauty store in 2013. Jacobs had been the main culprit beauty obsessive’s satisfaction when he declared and discharged the start of Marc Jacobs’ beauty products midst the year of 2012. Having conceived a quantity of 122 pieces in a year alone, Jacobs submitted the products to Edie Campbell. Campbell then experimented with the thriving assortment. Focusing on the store its self, the floor expands over 500 foot centred with a shadowy granite table depicting the sophistication of the brand. Plus, each shelf is either covered with conditioned make-up or the amorous liquid of Marc Jacobs perfume in opulent glass bottles.

Marc-Jacobs-Beauty_1 marc-jacobs-beauty

There is no shadow present when Jacob’s repercussion to fashion is taken into account. Individually, he is a quirky character however does not take the junction of being conveyed as peculiar akin to that of Vivienne Westwood or Irene Luft. Regarding the future, the incident of Jacobs being long forgotten is almost impossible because his affects towards the fashion industry will be taken into consideration forever.

High Street vs Designer

Since the recession has hit bringing a vast number of consequences, one being a 2 million rise of people in the field of unemployment, the public has had no option but to turn to the reliance of retailers that are named as budget shops. ALDI or LIDL may appear upon your mind even though this same retailer arrangement occurs in the worlds clothing businesses. 

In that regular circumstance where your dream Valentino gown is selling for a considerable £3,000, being way out of a middle-class person’s budget, we can always be consoled with the fact that the Primark down the road holds an almost similar piece at the economical price of £20. But does this copy give us the same amount of satisfaction as that of the original piece? Of course not but be assured that with the £2980 there is a colossal saving to place towards further pieces from the high-street. 

Despite this tremendous benefit there still lies the classic saying of “quality over quantity”. Unsurprisingly, we all fully well know the idea that a Valentino gown is going to last longer and provide a larger level of amenity with the fitted shape and durable fabric it offers when compared to the estimated size and hesitant material that of a Primark shirt overtures. As I previously mentioned, it’s still a bargain right? You could purchase over 100 Primark shirts with the expense of payment that of a Valentino gown would require.

Another benefit of attiring the luxury of a Valentino gown is the exclusive reputation you will receive. People will expect a profound purse and extravagant mansion of your own inhabitancy. I’m picturing a husband resembling Luke Brandon, i.e. being in possession of a polished Chrysler in addition to a gold iPhone 5 for contact with his personal assistant. In my opinion, this can’t be the situation where the brand is being worn because of the logo; it has to be a situation where the brand is being worn as part of an acceptable outfit. Every day of my life I witness the scandalous sight of numerous teenagers wearing a CHANEL jersey flap bag (in neon pink may I mention) paired with the ghastly ridicule of a new look top imprinted with growling tigers. It doesn’t match. Furthermore, I class this position as a complete waste of money.

Focusing back onto high-street, an exceptional one of a kind outfit has no difficulty of birth through a mere £50 spent. In other words, someone can make a £50 set be visualized as a million dollar masterpiece. Due to the plentiful as well as diverse range of pieces each high street store offers there is a 0.0000001 chance that someone will have been or ever been attiring an the clone outfit as yourself. On the contrary, what makes the handbags of a designer so iconic is the lack of quantity the range offers, there is a limited choice meaning that owners of each piece will be at a higher percentage than owners of a certain high-street piece.

Undoubtedly, designers are in a much greater remarkable condition when trailed against the alleviation of high-street copies. Pieces can be made to have the same level of effect upon others whether or not the top is by Valentino or Primark. Regarding designers, they cause a feeling of superiority and opulence moreover the fact that they are the genuine piece. On the other hand, high-street clothing saves money, which juxtaposes the expense of designers in addition to sounding as a more favourable concept in the current days of austerity. Above all, the main case that has arrived to me during writing this article up is that you can wear designers, just as long as it is not a form of boasting and on the other hand, a form of making a statement. To conclude, as long as the outfit is competent therefore provides the wearer with a feeling of pleasure, no action is needed in taking into account the name in which the dress label displays.