Go Wild for Animal Print

Who can’t roar for a bit of animal print? Positively, this ongoing style is a pattern that is constantly being combined with differentiating clothing and accessories to create original pieces. Numerous Celebrities from Nicole Richie to the singing sensation of Jennifer Lopez have been successfully attiring this energetic tendency. Overall, the unique aspect of animal prints is their vast amount of variety. For example, you can have snake, leopard, zebra and many other distinguished bodily arrangements, allowing an idea of merging your own habitat with a completely different habitat of the animal print in which you are wearing.

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Genuinely being resolutely against killing animals for clothing, I believe that the print should not be made of real skin. Doing this brings no benefit when compared to producing the clothing with vegan materials such as hemp, jute and faux leather (pleather) therefore there is no need to bring innocent animals to their death with the meagre aim of converting their skin into clothing. Furthermore, in December last year after announcing her change to the limited diet of a vegan, Beyonce entered a vegan restaurant wearing a full clothing set created from the legitimate body fur of a cow. This intrigued me because becoming vegan not only includes the avoidance of consumption of entirely any animal product but the avoidance of using entirely any kind of animal product.

Personally, I despise most animal prints and possess a lack of the style upon my clothing. Whereas, if I had the command to wear a kind it would have to be that of a snake, not the texture due to the fact that I find it quite decrepit but the stereo-typical print of dozens of analogues circles combined to make the spectacle of a well formed as well as alluring shape. Mainly, I discovered this preference from the allurement of Vanessa Hudgen’s attempt at attiring the exclusive pattern. In my opinion, the way that Vanessa has successfully paired two items of the same print without the occurrence of over-doing the set is exceedingly impressive. As a result of the fringed kimono, we get added texture besides that of the snake print and improvise contrast the deep between the belted play-suit and kimono with the fringe and shoes. Cleverly, Vanessa supplemented a spark of colour as a consequence of the pastel pink Chanel vintage matelassé shoulder bag providing an aspect of optimism being a rich shade.

vanessa_hudgens_snakeskin_prin Vanessa-Hudgens-Chanel-Purse

Next Barbados pop-star, Rihanna has been seen sporting the compact apparel of a lush red jumpsuit including an opinion-varying gap below the breasts. Forwarding onto benefits, being the holder of an elegant tattoo on show in addition to having an idealistic figure, this jump suit fits perfectly with Rihanna’s body formation however may be the opposite when pursued by others. Following on, Rihanna’s exotic skin-town aids the outfit by implementing vibrancy and dominance. Clearly, we see the intact accessory of a black clutch bag mixed with the affluent impression provided by the way-farer sunglasses which personally, gives me an idea of class and brings a vintage statement to the outfit. On the other hand, I disagree with the shoe’s presence. Having a single item of monochrome admitted produces further colour involvement, being the route of overwhelming fallout. 

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Last of the print reviews comes the curious case of the tiger print. Boldly, Rosie Huntington-Whitley attired this pattern during the annual staging of the MTV Movie Awards. Similarly to the animal its self, this pattern has a definite impact and stands out from a congregation in an undeniable way. Although I would never be the holder of as tight a dress as Rosie’s I think that it suits her enormously. One reason for this is the correlation of her hair colour and dress colour conveying a dramatic feature to the piece. Additionally, the dresses fur consistency depicts the fact that the set is mightily compelling nevertheless still covers Rosie’s character notably. An important aspect of the outfit are the accessories which in this case are a substantial relief under the circumstance of the colours being solid and plain preventing the appalling incidence of a colour clash.

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 To conclude, animal prints have the unique ability of combining themselves with the wearers character. For instance, they cause the wearer to adapt to the animal and provide an immense confidence in which the original being possesses. Being a straight-forward person, I believe that the pattern should by safely worn, meaning an absence of farther print should be combined apart from that of the or-ready present pattern. On the other hand, before venturing into the dominance of animal prints, you must be certain that it corresponds with your figure in a conclusive way as alternatively, you will lose appeal which doing so is at a high possibility.