What’s worn better by Petites?

Recently, I had one of my stupendously precious readers contact me via Twitter placing the astute proposition of writing that of an absorbing post regarding petite fashion. Due to the overwhelming extent of contradiction with reference to body sizes and shapes at this present day, I realised that the fundamental focus point of this form of material is principally on those of us with larger body structures thus those who are petite are often a subject that is at a considerable inadequacy. As a result, this now-commenced post will be an enunciation analysing that of the visually finest yet mentally complacent structure and style of apparel simultaneous to those of us wearing the subordinate magnitudes of apparel.                       

Further regulation cannot be emphasised enough on the idea that whatever scheme or approach of style you decide to attire, this essentially being any clothing/accessory whatsoever, you must feel genuinely adequate and sanguine in the confines of the over-lay, i.e. no introvert should be caught in perception. Furthermore, you are not as remarkably apprehensive that this feeling reflects upon your body’s expression and gestures, moreover this can be a cause an ample deterioration in the exclusive presentation that is of your utterly prodigious style.

Another pivotal admonition is to never focus categorically on the measurement of your instinctive prominence. Why not think about your vastly symptomatic silhouette? As we all are under astounding acknowledgement of: subsisting are several garments of which unequivocally elements a palpable appearance that lacks great overture when placed upon us as individuals. Despite this, these irrefutable pieces may be visualised as utterly ravishing when alternatively worn in the environs of our venerated friends and vies versa. An example of this can be that of obtaining a definitive hourglass embodiment where personally in this situation, I would escalate your wardrobe’s magnitude of peplums for a boundless accentuation of your entrancing curves; nonetheless latitudinal leather belts must be abundantly unmentionable.

Advancing on, I will now thoroughly endeavour into further guidance regarding the subject of what up-scale clothing exceedingly emulates extravagant alacrity when worn upon petites however, in this occasion with a meagre amount of pre-eminent depth as well as interpreting the surpassingly compelling yet still exclusively diversified methods in a more advantageous specialisation:

To begin with we have the enticing ambrosial of the skater dress. What was essentially the most compelling aspect of this feminine composition of mode to me was its profoundly whimsical aura meaning that it brings a perception of increased eccentricity. Being eccentric, the dainty ensemble also provides an indisputable intimation of reiterating youth where being petite obtains an extended superiority in behalf of the fact that subtracting of bodily heights are able to yield the dresses protracted childish ambiance and divinely naive perception. Crucially the indispensable particularity that cannot be asseverated so much for me to be in a satisfactory state of mind is to preserve deep minimalism when undertaking this authentically ethereal state of appearance. Overall, I’d consider placing this garment with that of some tremendously resplendent ballet flats proceeding with the magnificent refinement of a robust bowler bag (just for the convenience), maybe even further on, an elementary pair of wayfarer sunglasses because your integrated well-being is a predominant particular of perceiving style withal anticipating style.

ADEAM_fall2014 740f5c1d7680c445264d0623c0775d25

Paul and Joe Skater Skirt Dress

In conjunction with this supremely accessible point, the audacious feature of vertical stripes also brings a resolutely prodigious height that specifically appears progressively taller then what is in the substantive existence. Culminating from this action will be the overwhelming benefit of expanded charm established by the idiosyncratic scheme of pattern accordingly providing prominence towards the mannerism of your outfit in addition to the anatomy of this piece is greatly exhibited through the configuration of garments.  Likewise, being in the attire of vertical stripes places the fact that people will be constitutionally absorbed into the sailor pattern therefore will situate focus upon the size of the stripes rather than your carcass measurement. Altogether, this will curtail attention towards you however prioritise the focal points of your garments. In all veracity, the same contingency is enforced throughout preponderance of intensely courageous all the same assuredly obscure pieces (as long as the outfit is aesthetically pleasing). Cautiously place vertical stripes underneath the reliable periphery of a markedly tantalising pair of dungarees or a surpassingly play-full comprehensively coloured pinafore dress. Greater alternatives bring me to recommend you to undertake immersed scrolling to antecedent blog posts to eventually locate that of one of my most primitive articles called ‘How I Style Stripes’ which comprises supplementary consultation regarding anthologized suggestions of scheme with reference to this favour-some pattern hence the plenteously austere title.

mja_0448-450x675 Jil_Sande_1859783a

Marc Jacobs Stripe Sequin Dress

My responsively-eventual proposal of satisfyingly engaging attire for petite frames is that of the phenomenal imprudence of the cropped jacket. Albeit the fact that plentiful of fashion enthusiasts generally announce a receptive adieu towards this garment, I believe that the incremented maturity yet evident cultivating add on of this style inflates the exaggeration of the wearers leg length bringing a presumably doubtless reputation of positive sensuality. Leading on, the cropped characteristic enhances a lack of burgeoning age (a thriving substitute for the so-called relatively miracle enforcement of contemporary yet inordinately-priced anti-ageing creams!) On the other hand, the jacket has the competence to enhance an utterly imperturbable attitude without feelings of prevalent insecurity apropos to having a redundant rate of skin on display because you are assured with the idea that there is always the obligation to attire an auxiliary garment underneath. Personally, I think that this powerfully epitomizes the idea that you can appear as both an adolescent age and your pragmatic age at explicitly the same period of time. Predetermined as a look for occupational attire, add the simplicity of some dexterously detectable yet emphatically competent jeans, the restrained stipulation of a classic white/black cami top ,onward with a unmistakable glow of a luminous statement necklace.

Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 - Day 2 jalba_gl_5oct12_wen_b

Meteo By Yves Salomon Cropped Jacket

In a somehow ongoing intricate brevity, as stated in the inauguration of this certain article, petites are often accessibly overlooked on the grounds that the intermittent susceptible of losing-weight is at a current intensification. Everyone has a sui-generis configuration likewise to that of the constant dynamics of your exclusive fashion preferences and underlying personality. Essentially, this is the literal structure you are presently inhabitancy of; thereupon take into narrative your bodily construction prior to purchasing singular fragments of apparel. To conclude, fashion is a competent technique to embracing the fragile manufacture that is you without extraneous time being concerting wasted.

Happy 22nd Birthday Cara

For as much as her thoroughly congruous receiving of Model of the Year 2012, British blonde Cara Delevigne has unequivocally played a tremendously archetypal captivation in her precipitous approach towards the world of fashion. In reference to traipsing adjacent to the dynamic Chanel deli counter in the dominance of a Persian rose pink queerly shredded track-suit during Karl’s Chanel haute couture supermarché extravaganza, to resolutely grinning parallel to the considerable mode icon of Suki Waterhouse amid Cara’s recent prepossessing Burberry campaign. Despite not only these unprecedented but improbable executions, the exquisite model celebrated her exceedingly anticipated 22nd birthday yesterday posting an ardent image upon prominent photography social-networking app, Instagram speculating Cara beside the intensely lively faces of her cherished friends including that of fellow super-models: Suki Waterhouse and Clara Paget. Set in Ibiza, the rhapsodic classification appeared abreast of a proponent slate silver 22 inflatable balloon whilst they grinned with overwhelming ecstasy primed to inaugurate their superlative extortionate birthday holiday.


Regarding Cara’s numerous campaign appearances, there is abated predicament in identifying a few without the need for a source of reference. As a result, I have come to the pronouncement of designating some of these fascinating campaign presentations that proceed to influence incipient models and provide guidance towards those proposing to make it in the fashion industry, not only this but the campaigns have tremendous emphasis upon their products all fundamentally by virtue of Cara, therefore Cara executes her occupation perfectly through expanding the designer’s sales. 

At the inception of 2014, Vogue released their January 2014 issue with Cara attiring that of some ravenous red leather jeans, a sophisticated cropped wool tuxedo jacket and an intense leopard-printed silk chiffon blouse somehow presenting an established facial expression that caused me to sense a feeling of ample intimidation however a negligible hint of innocence. As Accomplice with Cara’s immense achievement in her career, she is able to generate diverse responses from one single image depending on her embedded facial interpretation. This capability assiduously arrays the classic statement of ‘a picture can say a thousand words. Additionally, as a consequence the campaign can be related with many a diverse range of target markets. Furthermore, for the duration of this photo-shoot, Cara appears to be presenting genuinely contemporary forms of posture and greatly exuberant statements in order to anticipate the forecasting year of 2014, one being that of Cara capturing a comical selfie, winking with bounding tenacity. In particular, I found the courage in Cara throughout this shoot principally inspiring thus I desire for myself to be in possession of that level of depreciated anxiety.


cara-delevingne-vogue-jan13-3-9jan14-alasdair-mclellan_b_320x480 Cara-alasdair-mclellan-vogue-jan14-5dec13_b_320x480

Conceivably the utmost reputable of Cara’s campaigns has to be that of her opulent shoot for countryside themed designer Mulberry. Cara was displayed as acting as a surface for a pearl cockatoo in extension; Cara also implanted company for a charming Parson’s Jack Russel and a judicious Great Dane, the profound beak of a pelican, a lackadaisical tortoise and that of an elegant British pony. Primarily, the campaign predetermined that of an emblematic British tea-party overcrowded with excessively illustrious strawberries and a legitimate Victoria sponge in conjunction with staggeringly beautiful and delicate china pieces. Another grand aspect of this campaign was its magnificent setting, a palatial English country house which in my opinion is a reminder of the endowed Victorian aristocracy novel, Pride and Prejudice. What most astounded me amidst this compelling photo-shoot was Cara’s competence to be remarkably versatile likewise to the controversial British model of Kate Moss. Substituting versatility in models is a major stipulation in the interest of the fact that it depicts a competence of being able to adapt into the company’s brand and motif as well as the company’s theme of clothing collection that the conscript model is notably promoting.


mulberrySS14_4 mulberrySS14_3

Ultimately most observed in one of the monotonous advertisements inside Vogue, Cara has strikingly executed an appropriately playful yet relatively convenient range of attire for DKNY. Throughout the images, Cara is benevolently delineated as striding across the preserving avenue’s of the astounding big apple in the overlays of audacious athletic melodic functional garments conveying formidable amenity whilst admitting a generous reputation of prevailing style and predominant prosperity. Individually, the internal of this assortment of images transmit Cara’s mediocre idiosyncrasy, as if she can metamorphose into an ordinary member of public. For instance, she is shown likewise to operating procedures people of deteriorated popularity undertake: expeditiously checking her emails whilst she imbibes the stamina of a reassuring espresso and lingering for the arrival of a luminous yellow taxi cab.


Cara_Delevingne_DKNY_SS13_Campaign_03 elle-dkny-cara-delevingne-campaign-de

Ever since I began to concede an enchantment for the immeasurably exhilarating commerce of fashion, the model that I endorsed at the most stupendous endevour was doubtlessly Cara Delevigne. Never will I loose interest in her enormously impressive facilitys in addition to her impliccable ambidexterity that as I previously mentioned, can become a great subsidy for anyone wishing to venture into the dubious occupation of modelling. Supposedly I believe that Cara will immoderately advance on yet still prohibitively attain the equivalent reputation that of radically prestiged models such as Kate Moss have conserved. Overall, have a surpassingly momentous 22nd birthday Cara. 


Get Wardrobe Ready for Upcoming Trends of Autumn/Winter 2014-15

We are all placed in a frequent situation against the considerably dynamic world of fashion and trends, one minute you’re wearing the finest Chanel parka, next minute, it is a tedious and basic coat at most. In order to provide an extensive amount of aid in this upcoming crisis, I have devised a clear list stating some of the upcoming trends according to this month’s issue of British Vogue with hope that it will decrease the exasperating stress and amount of intermittent occurrences where you’re Louis Vuitton gown is no longer a contemporary piece that the whole party tremendously desires to be in possession of. 

The Adequate Knitted Trouser

Firstly is quite a controversial form of attire… knitted trousers? Especially amidst the duration of bitter and ashen winter days, these complacent bottoms give convenience yet to some may have a reputation of appearing as old-fashioned, not good old vintage, just bad vintage, In other words similar to a piece which has the possibility of lying in your grandma’s wardrobe. Despite this adverse statement, the trousers can be found in various patterns taking away the ancient-aspect. For instance, Roberto Cavalli offers a pair at £447.06 presenting that of a monochrome snake print which in my opinion, is print in which has a lack of difficulty when deciding on a separate garment to go with. One being a knitted jumper in the same dull shade, additionally, if the weather is a fragment lower, maybe add that of a shirt underneath the broad sweater. As well as adding warmth and amenity, we now have a section of texture and dimension to the set.

Roberto Cavalli Knitted Snake-Print Trousers

see-by-chloe-022 j1 (1)


The Ebullience of the Geometric Print

Next we have the persistent staple of geometric, seen through Chanel’s paintbrush stroked gown upon British delicacy, Cara Delevigne amidst the craze of Paris Fashion Week; this is definitely arriving once anew. Vibrant primary colours grab necessary attention leading even the most confined of people to depart from there open-ended shells. Extended from the dominance of this statement, the print provides emphasis of appreciable artistry and renowned authenticity. Even if it is as meagre as a diagonal bulging yellow line combined with the contrast of a prussian blue, the piece demands pronounced significance yet discernible innocence. What to pair this obscure form of garment with? Doubtless this should be that of the relief of a plain piece corresponding with one of the colours upon the geometric pattern. Apart from a situation of an existing geometric clothing set, never the differentiating patterns of a geometric and a geometric be united because if so this has a vast possibility of being visualised as negatively disparate and erroneously ambiguous. 

Comme des Garçons Geometric Print Blouse

article-2440001-186D861000000578-188_634x960 geometric-elena-perminova

The Practicality of the Maxi-Coat

As far as my immediate thoughts are concerned, Maxi-Coats administer reminiscence of the exceptional British countryside. The attire cooperates to give a sense of naturalism into preserving and extravagant urban locations. Unequivocally, this is a compelling reason behind its propriety regarding the drizzly and harsh atmosphere that usually materializes throughout the months of September to February. Mainly popularized by British brand Burberry, it implements an almost exhaustive cover-up yet still places your stylish characteristic idiosyncratic show. Favourably, Audrey Hepburn was seen an exceptionally upscale figure perched upon a window ledge pairing the protracted coat with a substantially chic vintage house-wife approach of an eerie cumulous cream headscarf. If aiming for an immense entrance, pair this comprehensive scheme of garment with leather knee high boots as this attire has the intention to be worn as a thoroughly mysterious however noticeably sophisticated look. Moreover, a movement of horse-rider themed approaches is predicted for this imminent season. For instance: greatly towering knee-high boots, textured tweed and canvas material based clothing and appropriately mature blazers.

Burberry Yellow Shearling Maxi-Coat

Valentino Leather Riding Boots

trench coat audrey-hepburn-trench-coat-650x1058

The Enthusiasm of Sequins

Known for late nights of entertaining celebration and rhapsodic abundance, glitter can have an impact of tremendous shine and an immediate expectation of large prosperity. Principally noted by Marc Jacobs which he then proceeded to present amongst last year’s Autumn/Winter collection through seductive Old Monterey Grey hot-pants to the professionalism of a Peter Pan collared glitz blazer, these garments exhibited the spectacles of traditional dedication and lucubration implanted upon every single delicacy belonging to the association of haute couture clothing items. Exceptionally, glitter tends to be easily combined with other glitter as the result of the sight being associated with populous parties and vibrant festivity. My recommendation would be some notoriously sparkly stilettos and staggeringly lustrous forms of accessories; doing so contributes a lack of ample negligence and grants abounding eagerness and teeming ardour.

Givenchy Sequin-Print Sweatshirt

a73c5ad2df80803b_Marc_Jacobs_Runway_Spring_SequinJacket Sweatshirt with sequin skirt_Style Scrapbook

In the process of these eventual markedly cordial and somewhat shimmering summer days, remember to never obliterate the aspect of fashion in distinction to your already-combusted mind possibly teeming with the recent hipster enthusiasm or even the lassie floral frenzy. Whereas, it is only an abbreviated amount of time until you will be expected to hide away those conceded crop tops and adolescent denim shorts but instead bring out flaring glittered tops and dimensional knitwear. Overall, my one and exclusive consultation for you in advance of then is to stay cool visually before the briskness of autumn comes where staying cool will have to be taken into consideration both visually and physically. 



An Eminent Photographer to Both Fashion and Royalty

 Lord Snowdon is behind the considerable logic of why noble yet fascinating photographs endure of the most immense icons in fashion, from presenting the reality of an apprehensive Christian Dior to showing the opulence that of John Galliano possesses as he is seen lounging across cream fabric of course including that of his dominant americane moustache as if hand-drawn. You name it, Snowdon’s done it. Stating “I hate the word portraits”, Snowdon majority of captures have the components of adequate frames and show the spectacle of reality of people’s nature causing controversy against society’s speculation of opinion. 

Born in the hustling city of London, England, Snowdon was first influenced by his art focused great-grandfather, Edward Linley Sandborn being that of a mordant photographer and cartoonist. Not only does it run from his sardonic great-grand-father, but also Oliver Messel, Snowdon’s uncle having the prolific career of a theatre, ballet and opera designer.  Furthermore, in 1943, Snowdon was enrolled to the well regarded Eton College alike to his barrister father, Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones. Here was where Snowdon took a profound intrigue in the significant topics of Science and Engineering however this was soon overpowered by his interest in photography therefore he effectively came to the decision of invigorating the lacking Eton Photographic Society .

A deplorable incident occurred during Snowdon’s period of a 16 year old; he was contracted with the lamentable disease of polio bringing great distress and trauma to him-self and his family. Meanwhile, as an act of condolence and to less an the feeling of durability in hospital, Snowdon’s mother, Anne Messel permitted Snowdon with a camera with the acknowledgement that it would envision her son’s successful prospects. 6 months later, Snowdon was not entirely recovered still holding the devastating impact of a withered left leg, marginally briefer than that of his right leg.

Subsequently, Snowdon’s intellect in the field of Science brought him to the obvious conclusion of studying the resourceful subject during his University years at Jesus College, Cambridge. Despite Snowdon’s dedication to Science, he soon discovered that his yearning of photography was at a much greater level, with gratitude to his theatrical productions working uncle as inspiration, Snowdon then converted to studying architecture which includes photography regarding buildings. As a result, Snowdon purchased his first extensive form of camera, a second hand Thornton Pickard. Quoting – “I used to stay with him (uncle) in Venice and we would walk all night. Most people look down. He taught me to look up. You miss so much not looking up.”, hardly any time passed before Snowdon was capturing portrait schemes of photography. 

Significantly, Snowdon’s first profitably published photograph was that in Tatler, a British associative magazine considering the outset of his apprentice alongside London humanity photographer Baron. Additionally, 3 years passed and it was 1954 when Snowdon photographed that of the opening of Terence Rattigan’s Separate Tables, two one act plays of whom Rattigan achieved the pride of a CBE for writing such a phenomenal piece of literature. This capture of such a superlative spectacle provided Snowdan with tremendous promotion over the theatre industry as well as his intense superiority in the field of society photography. This stride in Snowdon’s already-enormous popularity gave him numerous opportunities such as photographing for the favoured fashion and life-style magazines: Vogue, Tatler and even Harper’s Bazaar.

An example of Snowdan’s legendary work includes that of US Vogue’s issue cover in April 1971 presenting British American glamour actress, Elizabeth Taylor giving the convincing stare emphasising her consciousness and opulence. Snowdan’s choice of a cougar blue definitely contrasts exceptionally with that of Taylor’s nude based make up. Not only contrast but the maya blue eye’s Taylor acquires corresponds to the enigmatic backdrop adding mystery and an eerie sense. Moreover this can be related to the prestige theme involved in that of Taylor’s endeavours. Another evidently conferred feature is the way in which Snowdon is able to create effect, in this specific image being the excessive neutrality of Taylor’s profound facial expression, this conveys how placid clients felt working beside Snowdon.


Secondly, after a multitude of perpetual research, I finally came across this vintage and exceedingly elegant Snowdon capture of Jean Quick. Although thorough inquiry by myself was undertaken, I was unable to uncover any kind of information about this women categorically thus I can only case my perspective on the image itself without reference to reality. To start with, this photograph appears to have been set in that of an ornate cafe/restaurant depicted from the luxurious cloth and expensive-looking attire. Coincidently, Quick gives me the impression that likewise to the aspect of Taylor, she is a remarkably enigmatic woman, perhaps a person who goes unnoticed, inexorably the standard of person with a preference to being in their own presence rather than others hence the inadequacy of information around the internet. Something more, the idea that the background is blurred evidently is intended for us to focus on quick, stating a matter of the women looking mediocre externally nonetheless being the holder of something substantial internally. Quick causes my feelings to recalibrate into intimidation as if the image is reticently applying an act of coercion. 


Comprehensive of all of Snowdon’s pieces, the most iconic ultimate is the many captured of Princess Margaret, Snowdon’s authoritative wife from 1960 till 1978. For instance, the primed portrait photograph of the princess is shown attiring extravagant and extensive earrings that justify the momentous women’s affluence and fascinating prosperity. On the other hand, what is the most appealing about this photograph is the ceaseless shadow amongst her face that separates in addition to giving dominance to a sentiment of two sides. When it comes to a dark and light colour, this sentiment distinctly represents the concept of good and bad, angel and devil, and yin and yang. Undoubtedly a royal in the spotlight of fashion must demand an element of her life and soul that is private which this idea could be a rumination of.


Overall, my reaction to Snowdon is quite controversial. Although being able to constitute the most awe-provoking photographs, I still do not utterly believe in the entire concept of each after the meticulous depictions I have approximately analysed. Decidedly, every Snowdon photo I have seen so far illustrates a genuine secrecy that other images do not, just showing the notion that everything is not what you see it as and everybody has a concealed enigma corresponding to his 2008 biography’s confession to unconstitutionally fathering a child briefly preceding on from his divorce with the beautiful Princess Margaret.

Paris: The World Capital of Mode

Known internationally for being the fundamental location of the fashion industry, Paris plays host to numerous amounts of trend-setters and style-expertise, Karl Largerfeld and Louis Vuitton to name a few. Despite this conspicuous information, has it ever come into mind the comprehensive reasoning behind Paris’s perspective of being the chief venue for hosting the fascinating affair of mode? Possibly not, as I only came into realisation that the answers are thoroughly desired by the majority of style enthusiasts. Therefore I came to the palpable summation of providing you with this significant interpretation regarding Paris’s considerable association with high-end fashion.

Let us travel to the elegant Haute-Couture establishment of the 18th century, people finally had the tremendous allowance to stride across cities in perfectly fitted clothing as courtiers, alterationists, tailors, whatever your preference of name, began the formulation of assiduously exclusive hand-made clothing that would then be presented amongst the opulence of a runaway show to affluent trend-spotters yet not sold. Being a French form of language, “haute” translates to “high”, whereas “couture” translates to “dressmaking”. Further on in time, ‘haute-couture’ was a favourable term of pieces created in Paris, an example being Charles Frederick Worth, producing unique garments during the mid-19th century. ‘Haute Couture’ has since been a legally protected term of Paris to only be used towards pieces that meet an exact set of luxury standards. Worth was the first tailor to place his name on his own pieces, trying the garments out on beautiful models to have input from not only his creative self, but the differentiating public’s views deciding whether the garment was visually pleasant. Leading on, designers commenced to copy this idea thus building up the aspect of strong dictation in regard to clothing trends. 

d66f023575f3144b415153b47411e0c3 f20dfa2e595eefc78917a9d602e0c7d4

Considering the occurrence taking place in the exquisite city of Paris, designers assembled the view that ample success in clothing brands was only achievable when situated in the mod area. This basing in Paris came with the involvement of placing either an extravagant fashion house of their own or becoming part of an existing popular fashion house. Subsequently, Paris was the fashion capital, a location of the anchor of aspiring designers, a metropolis of fashion houses were built and fashion fanatics made their way through distant countries and sinuous oceans just to be involved in the nascent frenzy.


Concentrating on designers, although most would expect the demand to be at its greatest for the beloved brand of Coco Chanel, Dior, still being in possession of its French origins, held 1st place in reference to popularity followed by the labels of Yves Saint Laurent as well as other pretentious clothing designers. These incredible fabricators aided in the implementation of holding Paris in its peak.

On the other hand, there comes many other acumen. One example is that of the golden triangle, a district between the monumental Avenue Marceau, the Champs-Elysée and the Avenue Montaigne. Being the prime spot of designer retailers, for instance: Kenzo, Chloe and Versace, this refined space only grants those with the inmost of purses to depart holding a purchase. Not only does the area involve the lavishness of extravagant clothing brands but annually has Haute Couture clothing shows amidst the months of January and July. In the intern, crowds of prominent top-models congregate attiring that of the greatest rarity of apparel upon their slender figures. These stunning catwalks require a boundless fee that only the most prosperous hold.

15892_Champ-Elysees map2

With gratitude to the flourishing designers that compromised Paris’ chic allure, this city is the conclusive source of all fashion enthusiasts aspiring to become a significant affect in attires leadership. Consciously, I peer at those delicately placed macaroons behind the glass window coaxing the idea that it is just another form of fashion that Paris holds proving that every single feature of Paris is dictated by fashion. Although other primary cities will attempt to overrun that of the cities glamorous culture, fashion will always affect Paris’ amicable society and the way that society advances with their composure of life.

Reasoning my Desire for a Parisian Lifestyle via my most Favourable Instagram Accounts

Before you read on, I just want to spare a moment to apologize for missing two blog posts as I aim to post on an agenda of every 2 days. I hope that this has not decreased the reputation of my blog in your own mind and I myself wish to put this occurrence aside, thank you.

Since the Instagram mania hit the globe suddenly mostly through the advances in technology, i.e. smart phones and tablets resulting in major breakthroughs to occur in the fashion industry. An example of this is the idea that regular people who have no experience in education regarding photography are able to take images providing both a professional structure in addition to a professional state of quality. After this, they then have the option of uploading this image onto social media generating an entirely new faction of viewers.

Being an Instagram devotee myself, I have often come across a number of accounts in which I can’t resist to check up on at least once a day as well as taking inspiration in order to improve my own profile’s allure.

Kate Rooney is a beauty editor located in London. Having an extensive make-up collection to die for, she regularly posts white bordered images in a variety of formulated arrangements. Despite her competent lifestyle, Kate apprehends comments and undertakes the odd reply unlike most lucrative accounts. Additionally, Kate holds a blog stating that it caters as ”your definitive guide to beauty, health and style”. Regarding this promise, after pondering across the site I found it rather helpful through the differentiating posts that cover everyone’s opinions in the subjects included. Instagram pictures consist of piles of piquant French macaroons to the elegant outline of Kate’s killer shins in shredded Levis.

theglowedit profile overview

theglowedit 1

theglowedit 2

Instagram – @theglowedit

Twitter – @TheGlowEdit

Blog – http://www.theglowedit.com/

If you’re looking for an extremely minimalistic feed, @imindiarose captures the most immaculate pictures. Focusing on the repercussion of monochrome, India shows modern outfits set mostly on the side-walks in the exquisite city of Paris. Despite outfits we see pictures of her own pedigree canine, the exclusive insights of Parisian interior and the impeccable carcass of a Giorgio Armani model. Regarding myself, I adore the women’s surreal hair being a waterfall of beach waves and a colour of clear mahogany.

imindiarose profile review

imindiarose 2

imindiarose 1

Instagram – @imindiarose

Next, saying that she wants to be the reason Londoners turn into Calis, Alice Zielasko has a passion for street style, taking the most intricate pictures in a variety of subjects. In addition to sporting the most highly regarded attire, Alice appears to consume some of the most aesthetically pleasing meals in existence due to her competent approach in food photography. What appealed to me the most was the secluded fact that the sets she displays comprise a scarcity of accessories meaning that a beginner in combining clothing to create a decent outfit finds the vital process less difficult. Not only does Alice’s Instagram profile perplex but her wondrous array of information and photography is presented on ‘Alice Point’, her imposing site.

alicezielasko profile review

alicezielasko 1

aliceziasko 2

Instagram – @alicezielasko

Twitter – @alicezielasko

Blog – http://alicepoint.com/

Now I am highly convinced that in the future, I will be strolling along the opulent streets of Paris carrying a cardboard coffee cup of an expensive company and the varnished cover of French Vogue. @meetmeinparee seizes this dream to the maximum rate with the idealistic Parisian lifestyle; appetizing cup-cakes delicately renovated as well as flawless action shots of Nikita herself. Even though Nikita is based in Paris, she is originally half Chinese and half English but comes across as a plausible and emblematic Parisian. In my opinion, Nikita’s quirky character stands out the most, whether its placing designer sunglasses upon pineapples or using the inner-circle of doughnuts to replace a person’s relevant eyes, Nikita has it all covered in her unique and visionary way.

meetmeinparee profile overview

meetmeinparee 2

meetmeinparee 1

Instagram – @meetmeinparee

Blog – http://www.meetmeinparee.com/

Another competent minimalist profile is that of Angelia Prisca. Shown through her conscientiously planned images of monochrome goods and immaculate spaces (all of which could be placed in an IKEA catalogue). Significantly, Angelia is Indonesian and an art connoisseur implementing the greatest reason behind her remarkable dimension of imagery. To continue, Angelia’s art and lifestyle blog depicts a whole new set of exclusive pictures still proceeding with the same aspect of beautiful photography and tenacious minimalist.

angeliaprsc profile review

angeliaprsc 2

angeliaprisc 1

Instagram – @angeliaprsc

Blog – http://beneaththewhitesin.blogspot.co.uk/

Beneath all my most favoured Instagram accounts there comes one particular reason, I want to live their lives and hope to in the future. An artistic lifestyle providing the knowledge of looking exceptional every day in addition to having an equally valuable job that must consist of this main aspect, I enjoy it no matter what task is given.

Bonjour Mes Copains…


Welcome to Largerfeld Enthusiast, Largerfeld depicting the most known man to the fashion industry (i.e Chanel) and ‘enthusiast’ conveying the meaning of being particularly interested in a certain topic.

Anyway, hey, I’m Poppy. I’m a 14 year old high school student who has a keen interest in the world of mode. Currently I am situated in a 4 room semi-detached house in North-Western England, UK along with my parents and younger brother. Despite this, my ideal future involves a balcony consisted apartment overlooking le tour de eiffel in beautiful beautiful Paris. Furthermore, I have a dream of becoming a fashion journalist providing my idea of starting this blog. Another reason for this is to express my style views that to be honest, i feel comes as a lack of interest when I attempt to express them towards the people who surround me.

My aims regarding posts on this blog include:

-Street style,

-My outfits,

-My views on celebrities presentations focusing on their clothing,

-Occurances in the fashion industry,

To conclude, I want to use this blog as a way of recording my thoughts on fashion and sharing them with poeple who have the same interests as myself.