“Leggings: that word leaves my brain in utter unease”

Leggings: that word leaves my brain in utter unease. Those bottoms that practically stick to your thighs are said to ‘accentuate your curves’ which we can all agree, is totally untrue. They surely don’t compliment my figure when I’m helplessly staring into a 2 meter mirror with some black leather ones on, I mean it looked fine previewed on chicnova.com but I must bear in mind that was upon a 6″1, 24 inch waisted Korean supermodel. Anyway apparently men are all for them, yeah that probably only applies to the Korean supermodels once again.


During the periods of the 2014 fashion weeks where practically everybody is wearing clothing and outfits that are considered ‘on trend’, there was certainly a lack of the tight bottoms, instead people were opting for more dimensional and flared bottoms such as: boot-cut jeans, in my opinion these are equally as terrifying as wearing leggings; and culottes, which recently has had countless appearances in Vogue. My favourite from the two is culottes because despite their incredible inappropriateness to the environment I live in (Britain having weather that 99.9% of the time is pouring rain mixed with 100 mph gale force winds), these bottoms surely have been one of the few hopelessly searched on Google images keeping me up till 3 am in the morning just looking at street style outfits involving the specific attire. On the other hand, boot-cut jeans are as I previously indicated not scribed in my good books as much. It’s the fact that they highlight the thighs massively reasoning why we only see the jeans on Claudia Schiffer and people on 1960s to 70s black and white photographs considering that those years were the original golden era of the flared style.

Latex Leggings British Vogue October 2009 Gisele-Bundchen-Vogue-UK-leggings

As well as the fashion weeks, there is also a legging rarity in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar which could be the indication of something those of us who wear the bottom attire regularly may be quite saddened to hear. However, when leggings do make an appearance upon street style blogs/webpages and magazine segments, it is most common to be that of a leather material yet they do appear rather baggy than normal leggings so whether you classify this style as bottoms is your own opinion, but what about jeggings? Jeggings have definitely risen in popularity in recent times due to the fact that they are akin to skinny jeans, nevertheless are even tighter and created from a larger comfort based material that is soft and thin meaning jeggings won’t increase sweating during summer contrary to authentic leggings. Jeggings are most frequently made from a blend of denim and spandex whereas leggings are lycra, nylon, polyester and cotton mix. You can see how the leggings are of a thicker material.

DD-VOGUE-LEGGINGS blob-out-6-684726_0x420

Of the few various presences of leggings in street style, I have managed to pick a favourite. This look is made up of some very in-trend leather black leggings, a white faux-fur (we hope) coat over a cream saggy polo-neck sweater and some opaque stilettos which may be the ones seen at the Miu Miu show. I adore this outfit because of the fact that the bottom half is very tight and non-textured though the top half is filled with texture, different lengths and fabric. Overall, the look is a contrast of black and neutral with the skin colour showing from the opaque boots complimenting it perfectly. Furthermore, there’s quite a mix of adequacy for both sides of the seasons; see-through boots, the classic block black sunglasses and the minimalistic panama hat added besides the furry insulation of the coat, snug knit of a sweater and of course, the shine of some black leggings (being black they will provide great warmth). This outfit proves that winter doesn’t need to be all dark to stay at a moderate temperature.

Fur - White - Coat - Leggings - Clear Heels - Josefin N

On to catwalks, Balenciaga speculated some leggings I would die for in there spring/summer 2007 show. Costing $100,000 at the time, they were part of the Transformer Collection contributing to the birth of futuristic style. Forwarding on, the garments were made ready to order and despite the resemblance and colossal price, were not made from real gold. I love them as greatly as they do not show the full shape of the legs contrasting to standard leggings. By being segments placed together, the bottoms are able to fool people and instead, remake the wearer’s leg shape themselves. Personally they remind me of the lost treasures of Ancient Egypt by result of their shine and pronounced quality, instantly depicting quite an aspect of higher-class to the attired.

balenciaga-legging-6 balenciaga-legging-4 balenciaga-legging-3 balenciaga-legging-2 balenciaga-legging

My October Favourites

I’ve seen frequent post titled under the bloggers favourites of not just fashion but general things therefore, after being quite stuck on what to post, I have decided to join in. Every season, I will provide a list of stuff in which I have been enjoying at that current time. Don’t expect just fashion because I will also list other products such as books and décor. Even though, these posts will not be centred around style, I still want my blog to be based around that subject so please don’t lose interest in this site by virtue of this alternative subject, just remember that Largerfeld Enthusiast is still a fashion blog and in no way whatsoever do I intend for it to be a lifestyle blog or any other kind.

Sleeper Earrings

To be honest, I believe that the large sleeper earrings appear as quite ‘chavvy’ however I have a major love for the ones measuring in at 4 cm and under. Unlike regular stud earrings, sleepers are vastly definitive, they move whenever you move not only adding activity to a piece but also dimension. Moreover, they are the perfect add-on to an outfit lacking dimension such as a suit or trousers and tee. Sienna Miller wore the hoops well during a charity event she attended in Los-Angeles, not only placing them on the lobes but the helix also. 

DSCN2201_edited The silver ones are from Claire’s and the gold ones are from Urban Outfitters.

Tartan Scarves

Let’s not discuss how I ended up with this (it is not my mums ok) but I think tartan is such a beautiful pattern especially in the classic Scottish reds, blues and whites in addition to your standard Burberry beige. Literally everyone I see is attiring the print in the form of a checked scarf and what’s more, scarves are an absolutely wonderful accessory due to their versatility. You just Google image ‘scarf’ and in an instant appears oceans of different methods of knotting the garments. My favourite is possibly the most common technique; I’ll place a picture of it below. Anyway, scarves are a considerable bonus during this season as it is starting to get cold and we all want to be consistently comfortable whilst still looking chic. 


Vintage Postcards 

One of the few items that is cheap yet can make the biggest of differences are second-hand postcards. But I’m not talking about that trashy but classy man-wearing-Speedos-with-a-colourful-filter Benidorm merchandise, I’m meaning the ones that sell for 25 pence (40 cents) a piece in vintage shops. Lord do I love vintage shops. Anyhow, a few months ago I discovered some exquisite, inkwell-style postcards in a secluded vintage store in Kirkby Lonsdale down near Cumbria, England. One was originally from Venezia and featured a man and women attiring very opulent clothes. Whereas the other was taken at Wells Cathedral in the UK showing a sample of the building’s striking architecture, think opulent columns and arched walkways. Unsurprisingly, these postcards are visually compatible besides the three (again monochrome) postcards’ I bought at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which I now know as my dream place of inhabitance. 



Subsequent to receiving a new phone, I immediately needed a case so being the stereotypical Tumblr girl; I began my find for the perfect Tumblr quote case. By ‘Tumblr Quotes’, I mean ‘Can You Not’ or ‘Too Sassy for You’ I would have been perfectly fine with a mediocre Mean Girl’s ‘you can’t sit with us’. Surprisingly I couldn’t find a single one so instead I ordered a clear case then uncovered some Tumblr stickers reading ‘Nope’ ‘Can You Not’ ‘Go Away’ and ‘100% Done’ upon a quirky site called RedBubble.com. Basically the shop other a wide range of designs but they are all ones that people like because it’s independent sellers who create them rather than one big brand. Not only do they sell an assortment of quirky stickers but also Wall art, Stationary and many others. And I won’t forget to mention alternative designs, the ones that I most take an interest in being Karl Largerfeld, The Great Gatsby and Cats holding up Canon Camera’s. 

(Can I just mention that this is all my personal opinion and RedBubble has not asked for their feature in this post.)

1984 by George Orwell

I confess to being the ultimate bookworm, I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and the remainder of John Green’s books though not many alternative teen-crave novels (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner etc.) More so, I am most probably the only living 13-16 year old who has not yet seen any of The Hunger Game movies, neither do I have a desire to since not being a stranger to falling asleep midst the showing of any Harry Potter film. Despite this I am currently making my way through the top 20 penguin classics to complete my bucket list goal of, you guessed it: ‘Read all the top 20 Penguin Classics. Now, without a doubt, some that I’ve read so far have been a bit too old English therefore my head hasn’t completely figured out the storyline (essentially every single Jane Austin book, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry ok). Yet, the last one I finished, 1984, was exceptionally good. I won’t spoil anything but it’s basically about living in a world dictated by a Utopian government and besides being a novel that’s impossible to put down, it is quite educational and if your studying law in any form, I would read it asap.


Maxi Cardigans 

Forget those long black cocoon coats that are practically seen in every single street style image of 2014 and on the other hand, take note of cardigans, maxi ones in particular. To start with they are extremely versatile, but be cautious regarding colours, as I preach constantly, black is best. Worn with a patterned pencil skirt, tights and a plain tee, a cardigan can make a summer outfit become the perfect forest-wanderer for autumn. On the contrary, go all one colour. For example, grab a grey knit cardi; some grey skinny jeans and a grey top however add on some striking white and black Adidas originals for the look of a minimalist city-commuter. I adore undertaking the look of a base colour with one prevailing contrast of shade, in addition to being the culminating a la mode of looks; it is markedly affordable and convenient.


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