“Leggings: that word leaves my brain in utter unease”

Leggings: that word leaves my brain in utter unease. Those bottoms that practically stick to your thighs are said to ‘accentuate your curves’ which we can all agree, is totally untrue. They surely don’t compliment my figure when I’m helplessly staring into a 2 meter mirror with some black leather ones on, I mean it looked fine previewed on chicnova.com but I must bear in mind that was upon a 6″1, 24 inch waisted Korean supermodel. Anyway apparently men are all for them, yeah that probably only applies to the Korean supermodels once again.


During the periods of the 2014 fashion weeks where practically everybody is wearing clothing and outfits that are considered ‘on trend’, there was certainly a lack of the tight bottoms, instead people were opting for more dimensional and flared bottoms such as: boot-cut jeans, in my opinion these are equally as terrifying as wearing leggings; and culottes, which recently has had countless appearances in Vogue. My favourite from the two is culottes because despite their incredible inappropriateness to the environment I live in (Britain having weather that 99.9% of the time is pouring rain mixed with 100 mph gale force winds), these bottoms surely have been one of the few hopelessly searched on Google images keeping me up till 3 am in the morning just looking at street style outfits involving the specific attire. On the other hand, boot-cut jeans are as I previously indicated not scribed in my good books as much. It’s the fact that they highlight the thighs massively reasoning why we only see the jeans on Claudia Schiffer and people on 1960s to 70s black and white photographs considering that those years were the original golden era of the flared style.

Latex Leggings British Vogue October 2009 Gisele-Bundchen-Vogue-UK-leggings

As well as the fashion weeks, there is also a legging rarity in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar which could be the indication of something those of us who wear the bottom attire regularly may be quite saddened to hear. However, when leggings do make an appearance upon street style blogs/webpages and magazine segments, it is most common to be that of a leather material yet they do appear rather baggy than normal leggings so whether you classify this style as bottoms is your own opinion, but what about jeggings? Jeggings have definitely risen in popularity in recent times due to the fact that they are akin to skinny jeans, nevertheless are even tighter and created from a larger comfort based material that is soft and thin meaning jeggings won’t increase sweating during summer contrary to authentic leggings. Jeggings are most frequently made from a blend of denim and spandex whereas leggings are lycra, nylon, polyester and cotton mix. You can see how the leggings are of a thicker material.

DD-VOGUE-LEGGINGS blob-out-6-684726_0x420

Of the few various presences of leggings in street style, I have managed to pick a favourite. This look is made up of some very in-trend leather black leggings, a white faux-fur (we hope) coat over a cream saggy polo-neck sweater and some opaque stilettos which may be the ones seen at the Miu Miu show. I adore this outfit because of the fact that the bottom half is very tight and non-textured though the top half is filled with texture, different lengths and fabric. Overall, the look is a contrast of black and neutral with the skin colour showing from the opaque boots complimenting it perfectly. Furthermore, there’s quite a mix of adequacy for both sides of the seasons; see-through boots, the classic block black sunglasses and the minimalistic panama hat added besides the furry insulation of the coat, snug knit of a sweater and of course, the shine of some black leggings (being black they will provide great warmth). This outfit proves that winter doesn’t need to be all dark to stay at a moderate temperature.

Fur - White - Coat - Leggings - Clear Heels - Josefin N

On to catwalks, Balenciaga speculated some leggings I would die for in there spring/summer 2007 show. Costing $100,000 at the time, they were part of the Transformer Collection contributing to the birth of futuristic style. Forwarding on, the garments were made ready to order and despite the resemblance and colossal price, were not made from real gold. I love them as greatly as they do not show the full shape of the legs contrasting to standard leggings. By being segments placed together, the bottoms are able to fool people and instead, remake the wearer’s leg shape themselves. Personally they remind me of the lost treasures of Ancient Egypt by result of their shine and pronounced quality, instantly depicting quite an aspect of higher-class to the attired.

balenciaga-legging-6 balenciaga-legging-4 balenciaga-legging-3 balenciaga-legging-2 balenciaga-legging

My Personal Style Icons

If someone asked me who my most favoured fashion icon was, I would be lost because there is no particular person who influences my style. Despite this, there is several whom of which I receive outfit ideas from on a regular basis. As you read on, it becomes definitively clear that most of these are extremely cliché but that’s the reality and I am not going to fake a point just to seem original, I’ll just give the absolute truth. So here are the five humans who take the greatest superiority over my wardrobe and outfit configuration:

Alexa Chung

Most certainly, she is one of the biggest names in the industry of mode. Model turned TV presenter turned Vogue fashion journalist, Alexa possesses the uttermost desirable life for myself and she dated Alex Turner (it is unknown whether they are together at present day), another stupendous life achievement. Regarding style, hers is so effortless yet so effective, a goal I wish I had the capability of achieving. In addition, it is very masculine which she states by describing it as ‘boyish’ and adding to the idea of her living in my dream life, her wardrobe seems infinite. Literally, she wears different clothing every single day because she must have the majority given to her for free by companies but no matter what garment, Alexa can produce a striking combination. Overall, I believe that Alexa is the first British member to successfully pull off that chic Parisian look.

One of my favourite Alexa Chung outfits was the one she wore to the Chanel Ready to Wear Show in 2011. Sporting a special edition Chanel tote bag looking to be made from straw, she brought quite a childish feeling. The bag in particular was no surprise since she is seen regularly with cube/cuboid shaped bags which I rarely see in high street shops. Furthermore, the add-on of the biker shorts and spotted tights underneath a white blouse and grey tweed blazer (probably Chanel) really make the outfit quite preppy yet still keeping with her ‘boyish’ style, the plain and simple colours result in a lack of vibrancy conveying formality.

la modella mafia model street style Alexa Chung 1 njds tumblr_mj1yljjgwr1rmca72o1_500 tumblr_mqoxu1ilNv1rsek1eo7_250 tumblr_mqoxu1ilNv1rsek1eo1_1280 Various at London Fashion Week, London, Britain - 21 Feb 2011


Twiggy is such a vast contributor to the fashion industry. Many articles have referenced her as being ‘the first supermodel’ with her long twig legs of which she received the name from. Regarding Twiggy’s style, many of the looks is ones used today that come as a reoccurring trend. Shift dresses and polo necks are the fundamental attire of the British icon. And here we are with shifts and polo necks lying on the shelves of almost every store. Another Twiggy trend I absolutely desire to master however has not yet completed is her definitive use of eye make-up. Sharp, thick black lashes as well as bold and audacious eye-liner with a precise line of black eye-shadow outlining her eye lids above that of quite a nude colour of base. To finish off her appearance, there was the classic Twiggy pixie-cut that many try to replicate: Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley to name a few. Besides my fascination for the do, I would never get one myself after having a bob during primary years of which I thoroughly despised.

tumblr_ma1c130RuV1rf1jvro1_500 tumblr_mahd8po0n11r9lhfqo1_500 tumblr_mhb5do37mL1rsqu6no1_400 tumblr_mnbkl74fTn1rw64hoo1_500 tumblr_n0n2pxVvPD1totd0lo1_500 tumblr_n9c3s3AMNt1rze0r3o1_500 Twiggy-Ultimate-Style-Icon-14

Tavi Gevinson

Now I discovered Tavi Gevinson after reading an article in Teen Vogue where she was interviewed by Alexa Chung. If you haven’t noted Tavi before than basically, she created a fashion blog called ‘Style Rookie’ (Google it) at 12 years old and became remarkably acknowledged in fashion. After having such a high status, Tavi got invited to shows and therefore, continued to be publicised even more. Meeting idols such as Karl Largerfeld and Anna Wintour, Tavi is a massive inspiration for me not only through her style but her success. Moving on to her fashion sense, it started as appearing very erratic however the looks worked. She’d combine a variety of textures she’d combine, one for instance was a wool rose brooch, tweed blazer and satin shirt. Yet, by the age of 18 (at present) Tavi tends to be more matching in her clothing, slightly having a greater use of common attire (denim shorts, converse) largely opposing the purple kimonos worn when she first came onto the scene.

tumblr_nbr1ephAUc1rf29u9o1_500 tumblr_n6wffny8sH1qgvybqo1_500 tavi-gevinson-rex_1807806a Tavi-G-1 tavi3_v_25feb10_rex_b tavi 1 cn_image.size.tavi-broadway elle-tavi-gevinson-mdn

Jenn Im 

I admit to being a YouTube addict likewise to many people my age. Subscribed to mostly the American teenagers channels, the ones who post morning routine videos when literally every single one of them has a house the size of a palace, views yoga as a religion and drinks kale, lettuce and whatever-other-green-vegetable-to-make-it-look-gross-as-hell smoothies. In conjunction with these perfect-lived teens, I also watch fashion channels such as fashionista804 and British Vogue, but above all I love Jenn Im’s (clothesencounters) content. Jenn has an alternative style to other ‘fashiony YouTube channels’. I mean this by the fact that she isn’t cliché. Rather than the teenagers on YouTube and those who go to my school of which they all practically wear the exact garments and the exact outfits, whereas Jenn Im dresses like someone from a street-style gallery- imaginative and à la mode. Plus Jenn always recommends amazing stores that I never knew existed.

tumblr_na5rxwH4OS1qfyjoto1_500 tumblr_ndevqcgrdj1s3yxaeo1_500 tumblr_n1w0z3J6N41s3yxaeo1_500 tumblr_munwuasJsp1s5lg9eo1_1280

Franca Sozzani

Franca is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. Basically she’s the Italian version of Anna Wintour. A constant wearer of maxi coats and dresses, the outfits she creates lack quantity demonstrating the capability of producing a great look without using so many elements. Besides this, the most dominant feature of Franca is her georgous blonde locks that are always shaped into those perfect intertwining waves, a look that myself as well as many others strive for. In my opinion, maxi coats wouldn’t have rose as such as big a trend without Franca whose been wearing them since what seems like birth.

franca8tumblr_mb1b310zOu1qd8hm0o1_500 tumblr_ncbc3njwiy1qa7p1yo1_500