Ponchos Are The New Coat

Ponchos, ponchos, ponchos; the certain cape on the scene right now is that of Burberry’s custom initialled with a sophisticated font. You may not have noticed it but you will have come across it. Olivia Palermo had the ‘o’ and the ‘p’ on hers which she outstandingly paired with some black above-the-knee suede boots whereas Cara Delevigne opted for including her middle name of ‘Jocelyn’ having black lettering reading ‘CJD’. Excuse me before I start rambling on about the others (Suki Waterhouse, Rosie Huntington-Whitely) but where’s Alexa? To be completely honest, I don’t enter the craze of a product until she’s been snapped attiring it. Anyway, all my fellow Vogue readers will most probably be nodding their heads right now knowing how the magazine is just caped in ponchos at the moment. And surely enough we all want to pull one off right?

manual_de_uso_de_los_ponchos_657518464_800x (1) manual_de_uso_de_los_ponchos_174677258_800x

Taking its design way back to the times of the Paracas, a Peruvian and Pre-Inca Culture amongst the years of 500BC, the design was originally as simple as a blanket cut with a hole for the head and arms. However, several years later in 1850, the ruana (poncho in Columbian and Venezuelan) developed an increased market being worn by U.S military forces upon the Western Plains. These models in particular were produced through a latex-covered, waterproof cloth identified under the name of gutta percha muslin. Eventually, the chamanto (Chilli for poncho) was commonly worn as a form of water-proof apparel as well as a surface sheet for sleeping during the years of the American Civil War.

Let’s start with talking about the reoccurring item I’ve seen two fashion icons pair with the cosy overthrow. Knee-high boots are a tall person’s go-to whereas if you’re in a similar situation to me being 5’3 and below, this is definitely the opposition thus I’d opt for some regular stilettos instead. Anyhow, wearing such protracted garments besides a textured over-sized poncho really helps to cover-up. Another advantage of this look is the fact that due to the poncho and boots enclosing the majority of your body, there is take such time of thought into what you are wearing underneath, all that is needed is a t-shirt and jeans, items that everybody’s closet holds.

On the other hand, the runway takes a very alternative approach to styling ponchos for example Rag and Bone undertook their usual punk twist upon the pullover in of course dull greys that gave a gothic sense. Seen with some knee length socks (replacing the boots) and laced ankle boots, I deem this look to give out a greater feeling of youth rather than middle aged attire because of the socks childish aspect. Additionally, I love the bottom garment being an almost secretive pencil skirt emphasising the ponchos size further emphasising the poncho as a whole.


Another runway collection was Alexandra Wang’s back in the 2011 New York Fashion Week, bringing a more pure vibe rather than paranormal. Consisting of pastel pinks with intricate wool and furry detail the garments resembled angelic beings moreover angels conveying the flow of the poncho. However there were also Alexandra Wang ponchos in entire black that I am not so keen on. Altogether, both forms were of an extremely wide design and cover up a plentiful amount of the body reassuring that snug enclosed aspect you expect from a standard poncho.

Alexander Wang Fall 2011 RTW

Personally, I adore Hunter’s new group of ponchos. Some of which have a white top and coloured bottom corresponding well with their welling ton’s theme of block colour. Being water-proof, the capes are very convenient for those living an outdoor-orientated life who still wants to look stylish; even so, if you live in a rainy location such as Britain for example, this is an efficient pick-me-up for walking to and from places. None the less, there seems to be no hood. This may bring a disadvantage to those desiring one but there always lays Hunter’s moustache bubble umbrellas to keep your hair in-tact. Overall, having this look would appear as exceptionally art-deco as well as combining the classic with the modern because let’s face it, primary colours (blue, yellow and red) will always depict a contemporary essence.

20140820093034ORG_CDW_AW14_WRO1000VAD_product 658a3ab49502f0b630a8c074e54dfe21_l

Another poncho I particularly liked was that of Johnstons wool and cashmere-blend poncho. To start with, this design is partially similar to the Burberry form I talked about previously. Why? Because of its delicate cashmere and parallel print. Secondly, by using beige and cream shades, the design has a neutral feeling about it as if weightless. Therefore, during usage, the attire will appear more free-flowing and quite effortless. Similarly to my preceding paragraph, pair with some form of boots meaning dark ankle boots, knee length boots or just regular boots. From then on, it’s your choice. I believe that capes look acceptable with any kind of bottoms but as long as boots are included, everything is fine.

133-79005136-TB000035VU8521_BEIGE_ALT01 133-79005136-TB000035VU8521_BEIGE_M

Here are some of my favourite poncho outfits I found on the internet:

http%3A%2F%2Fmedia-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2F736x%2F88%2Fe2%2F9f%2F88e29f5476bae752a9ba2cc8dd603747 e4732d5e6446d1bfc8b7764fdae54db3 e3e2b34f9d1b3a45b4f58f08842bde78 Miroslava-Duma-Street-Style article-1338988-0C7F1571000005DC-828_224x423

Please pop a comment below of feedback regarding this post as I always want to improve to interest my readers more.

Thank-you for reading,

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