Warby Parker’s Limited Edition Corner Capsuel Collection makes Contacts a thing of the Past

Now Warby Parker is a brand whose concept, those of us with an average person’s budget can all thank. They saw the growing possibilities of the sunglasses industry and having experienced a college student budget, created Warby Parker. Both sunglasses and optical wear are available in store and they now have concessions in major American locations such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, their success is expanding by the day. Their other focus is charity work, they have partnerships with non-profit organisations, one being Vision-Spring, which assures them that a less fortunate person in need of optical eye wear will receive a free pair of optical glasses for every pair of Warby Parker glasses that are purchased.

Amidst their limited edition Corner Capsuel Collection, there are 5 new styles for both eyeglasses and sunglasses fitting any wearer’s preference. Uncover your inner Hepburn with the seductive leopard print cat-eyes or reminisce about the seventies with some transparent box lens eyeglasses. What’s more, the label has successfully added two contemporary hues, Rhubarb and Quartz. Incorporated with Parker’s professionally polished eye-wear, the distinctive shades provide sparking up of your standard plain pair of glasses.


I myself was immediately won over by the Teddy 285 Topdown Suns. An Emerald Lens rimmed with exotic leopard print upon quite an obscure style. Yet the elements combined together make a peculiar masterpiece, it isn’t like your typical pair of sunglasses where a designer takes them, uses one fixed colour then adds just one differentiating pattern or shade so they can place the word ‘exciting’ throughout its description. Alternatively, this model goes where others fear and I can assuredly affirm that risk as being an ultimate triumph.


Another positive feature is the collection’s reoccurring theme of British styles. To start with, some have that mahogany look; a style one would most commonly associate with a man carrying a satchel in chinos. It’s that business sense, moreover sophistication. You are able to wear these to work without appearing as overdone however they still act as a stylish accessory. Forget those only-child-with-glasses days and finally be satisfied with that identification. Who needs contact lenses when we have Warby Parker? There is no doubt that the attire will be noticed amongst a crowd.

Forwarding on to pairings, cat eyes look great with suits because you’re mixing both the masculinity of a blazer and trousers with the femininity of the all-important point upon the glasses. Never the less, use modernistic colours such as solid blues, blacks, whites and silvers to amplify the contrast between Hollywood vintage and the 21st century, for this look use the Warby Parker Goodney 100 Angel Suns. Secondly, let’s discuss the Hutton Topdowns for men. Appearing as a narrower though protracted form, these are suited for those with oval shaped faces who desire for them to look a meagre amount larger. By the small, square shaped rims, this style will sharpen the eyes whilst elongating the face providing a more muscular presence which is a goal most men strive for.


Alternatively to the Hutton Topdowns, the collection includes a quirky pair called Topper Topdowns. This has a combination of the classic almond brown with sparks of white that emphasise the glass’ tremendous glow. These glasses correspond to that of Ray Ban’s tortoise shell acetate products however they are a lot cheaper, giving out that they look remarkably prodigious over other models without a lack of sensibility.


‘The Corner Collection gets its name from our seasonal preoccupation with silhouettes and angles. This time around, we’re experimenting with traditional shapes; think crisp keyhole bridges, sloping brow lines, sharp temples, and straight-edged brow bars in a handsome mix of horn-inspired acetate and stainless steel.’

The New Corner Capsuel Collection matches Warby Parker’s creation process combining the unique inspiration of global features with hand designed quality pair of glasses. In addition, their material is always the best quality ranging from premium Japanese titanium to custom single-sheet cellulose acetate all manufactured its own family-run factory.

Overall this Corner Capsule Collection bravely explores like no other brand. It captures new trends, combining patterns and shades in a group of exclusive eye-wear that is the answer to all our prayers. Their limited edition collection would make the perfect photo base for Instagram, they are the styles you see on a popular fashion blogger’s feed, and thus they are a clear portrayal of futuristic trends with a touch of the trendy vintage past.

Be sure to comment your favourite pair from the collection.

Warby Parker’s Online Store – https://www.warbyparker.com/

Warby Parker on Twitter – https://twitter.com/WarbyParker

Warby Parker on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/warbyparker

Warby Parker on Instagram – http://instagram.com/warbyparker

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