Gown; an essential

Everyone needs that one special gown that was a complete one off, a garment that they hesitantly “umed” and “ahed” about thoroughly previous to finally giving in and handing over the ‘one off’ sum of change. It’s that piece that provides such a depth of satisfaction when you delicately place it on. The apparel that makes you constantly glance over at your reflection whenever a mirror is passed or a shop window is seen. Despite an evening dress’ overwhelming elegance only some designers dare to include it in their collections, particularly during this season it included that of Emilia Wickstead, Oscar De La Renta and Christopher Kane. But of whom ended in a success and of who ended in the idea that it should not be taken any further? Amidst this post, I will pick out my most favoured attempts yet also the ones I greatly oppose.

Alberta Feretti produces quite bohemian style pieces in nature related colour for instance: camel beige, subtle nudes and patent whites. Overall, its gowns are exceedingly angelic and in my opinion, would make the perfect prom dress catalogue. Specifically, I adore her undertaking of lace which being saintly itself is embroidered to create ethereal attire that when developing a-line skirts can sneakily cause a 1 foot increase in any ones height. Throughout presenting lace clothes, the label uses dominantly ginger haired models further emphasising the sense of outdoor environment as well as an indication to religion due to the fact that Eve herself (stated in the bible to be one of the first people God placed on planet earth along with Adam) had red hair. Moreover, we can all continue to note infinite connotations of spirituality but if I did we would be here all day. Anyway, I love the patterns symmetry upon the dress, Victorian style floral mixed with the sudden full block of white located at the bottom hem. Unlike other designers output of the lace material, Alberta Feretti makes sure that the piece isn’t overwhelming (dissimilar to approaches by designers such as Valentino and Roberto Cavalli), instead it can be worn by everyday people without looking out of place.

Alberta Ferretti Lace White Dress Para 2 Roberto Cavalli Lace white dress para 2 Valentino lace black dress para 2

On the other hand I am not a fan of Prada’s new collection of gowns exhibited at Milan Fashion Week mainly due to the thorough overuse of pattern and colour. Although the shades involved in each gown tend to be paired with each other often, at this specific occurrence, the concept has clearly not worked. Furthermore, I believe that this point has caused the dresses to appear behind time. Yes, vintage is the new contemporary but this example is grandma vintage which only grandmas can wear. However, if you disagree with my opinion which is possible since everyone has a different taste, you’d best be placing an intensely patterned gown with that of some plain garments. In this case, ditch the socks and wear flat gladiator sandals as well as a sun-hat because it is extremely rare to see one in a single layer during winter.


Next, as well as discovering a new collection of dresses, I discovered a new designer called Matthew Williamson. Some may be wondering where I’ve been all my life but it turns out that he is a big label. For instance, he has had models such as Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne speculate his creations which include a fascinating group of gowns. In particular, I chose a kind of hallucination style of dress with the dominance of a black rose bunch as a belt. To be honest, I am not completely sure about the material types however I suspect it to be tweed. Tweed is an incredible material due to the versatility as well as the texture it provides to apparel, not only to the fabric but the colours it placed with. As a result, I believe that this dress wouldn’t be as enhancing to the eye without its focus on the material. To pair this piece or something similar comes as a remarkably simple task; just add heels, a clutch and your good to go.


Another dress I absolutely loved however found 2 years ago and have remembered well was the dress Emma Stone wore to the Met Gala in 2012. Covered infinite, what look to be plastic transparent poppies, this is possibly my favourite red-carpet outfit in history and being honest, I was never a fan of red until this came up on my We Heart It feed. She looks so beautiful and dainty; I would do anything to be in the ownership of that gown. By Lanvin, the dresses opulence came as no surprise also I am in total guilt for staying up till 3am by endlessly browsing the Lanvin web-store. Unfortunately, this dress is so uniquely magnificent that I was unable to find similar high-street attire. Anyway, I am forever dreaming.

Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-2012 lanvin-emma-stone-met-gala-05-07-12-nyc

Returning back to my dislikes, the Funlayo Deri Celestine Evening Gown is a definite no-no. Firstly, the placement of the satin ribbon puts me off considering it being under the bust which possibly can disfigure body shapes making them look less appealing than in reality. Secondly, I personally believe that the satin segments of the skirt resemble that of the curtain in your living room and I originally hated thigh cut outs being what this style corresponds to (just replacing the thigh outline with the material). Overall, the gown is tremendously random and clashes greatly. Moreover, it has the capability of highlighting the places most women try to avoid signifying throughout all their attire. I was unable to place a picture of this dress so if you wish to view it here’s the link – https://www.wolfandbadger.com/celestine-evening-gown/?mid=36620&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-DzJhhvUMgAUlvPJ67ixO9w .


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