Back to the Future as New Reoccurring Trends are being Created

New York, London, Milan and finally PARIS: the city where inhabitants are said to be born with a natural flare for fashion, a place where love is only a foot-step away and a place where the fashion week season is concluded. Being the centre of mode and the anticipated ending, Paris is the location where all the big labels will speculate there Spring/Summer 2015 Collections. Comme des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more; a budding designers biggest opportunity would be for their collection to be showcased at this particular event, forget London, Milan and New York, Paris is the pin-point of fashion success.


Throughout Paris fashion week, we see the new collections yet there is always a different theme each year. This year that theme was futuristic. Alexandra McQueen had models wearing sleek black sun visors with faux fur garments, a mix of natural and contemporary, it was like having a female ‘men in black’. I believed the show to feel very astronomical due to the supernaturalism of alien resemblances. Just when I thought the show was creepy enough, all the models had closed mouths and a lacking facial expression. Overall ‘back to the future’ would be the perfect title. This idea of time was definitely conveyed through the group of hourglass dresses (faux fur of course) finished with a metallic sword shaped belt, resembling the costume your mum made you for fancy dress parties. Specifically designed by creative director, Sarah Burton, the women who famously curated the scheme of Kate Middleton’s angelic wedding dress, this collection of apparel emphasised the fluffy trend massively, mixing 60’s faux fur with 21st century metallic.

alexander-mcqueen-rtw-fw2012-runway-33_180056457184 amazing-wedding-dresses1

Another designer that took us above and beyond the current times was Jean Paul Gaultier. The audience witnessed multiple selfies being taken as the models posed at the end holding up IPhones with over enthusiastic faces. Some pretended to call contacts with popular girl gestures as if it was a scene from Clueless just 20 years later. Gaultier was able to create garments that complimented picture taking. Dramatic is what the labels known for, also having stereo-typical wags, eighties Madonnas and even heroic wrestlers. Basically, the show was completely random still it appeared as being complete. To end, Jean Paul came on in a black suit overlaid with a pageant banner for his circus extravaganza.

00410h_426x639 00450h_320x480

Besides the different approaches to futuristic collections, there was one re-occurrence that wasn’t just seen on the catwalk, smart phones, it is impossible to find a show of this season without the infinite rows of smart phones poised high primed and ready to post the latest looks to social media. We are in times when promotion by the brand is not a major need because there are always the wealthy and successful bloggers, journalists and celebrities whom the majority of which have over a hundred thousand followers on their social media accounts. These members of society can have a single photo taken of themselves in a hot pink leather Moschino skirt and instantly, this particular garment becomes the new quilted Chanel chain bag. On the other hand, one of these people could mention how the Dries Van Noten ankle boots were a complete waste of money and in an instant, 50,000 people are put of purchasing the apparel.


Furthermore, the catwalks are no longer just a place of presenting clothes but IPhone cases too. Moschino gave out his signature unique and quirky collection involving Barbie mirror phone cases, a new addition to its previous ice cream case. Other brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and Valentino have released pouches for phones. Valentino in particular offers a red gold-studded case for £190 however there is hope as a Marc by Marc Jacobs Bunny Hop case comes in at £35, well worth it if you regard the considerable amount of times your phone is shown in public daily. My favorite case is doubtlessly that of Moschino’s, being very present-day anyway with the use of a Mcdonald’s fries design, Barbie doll mirror and ice cream, the pouches combined with modern day technology just reflects the contemporary subject greatly.

28126c00a70cd04c2ea0751075de9b95 Best-Street-Style-Milan-Fashion-Week-Fall-2014-999x1024

Evidently, glossy shades are the standard colour of the future, metallics to be precise. Metallics have hit this season hard, Givenchy has released shoes in dominant metallics for evening wear. Even some consisted of Butterfly prints, not one for me to be honest. Isabel Marant produced the a portable disco with its becka metallic leather tapered pants in gold which following on from the craze for leather pants, would love great with a maxi coat and shoulder bag (placed across the shoulder). Furthermore, the high street has also undertaken this space based look, Topshop triumphs overall providing items from those box shaped bags Alexa Chung always wears to old-school scrunchies (and we all know that scrunchies will never leave fashion).

alexa diesel-black-gold-italy-2014-2015-fall-autumn-winter-fashion-womens-runway-mercedes-benz-fashion-week-new-york-denim-jeans-silver-metallic-biker-sheer-01x

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