MFW more like MFM

  Marni recently launched a new collection involving a few feminine and floral printed garments contrasting to the alternative plain apparel that it was released with. Despite this, we saw the Marni’s fluorescent apparel on their s/s 15 catwalk when dominant Victorian prints were presented with tribal-like exotic layers of matching necklaces. The Marni Flower Market was definitely expected. Bundles of herbs arranged in leather Marni bag whilst the violet and pale roses provided that bit of colour needed. 


Everyone knows that Milan Fashion Week isn’t just about catwalks and perfect street style images but it’s also about the designers promoting themselves through other forms. On Saturday, the Rotonda della Besana was the lucky location to host the pop-up Marni flower stall showing groups of appealing produce and enticing blossoms. Marni wanted to convey their true Italian heritage through the limited edition Marni vases, aprons and pots holding the contents, however the pin-point of the occasion was its alluring aromas depicting Marni’s blossomy perfumes. 

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Carolina Castiglioni, Marni’s creative director arranged the event. Seen keeping with the theme, she attired a dress emblazoned with patterned leafs that was included in the preceding Marni catwalk. Later on, Carolina proudly directed friends and family around the netted paradise informing them about the sweet blossoms and delicate crops. Never mind the aprons, vases and pots, some of us would be pleased with a piece of the kale coloured Marni paper that enclosed some products as if they were some greasy takeaway chips cloaked in The Daily Mail’s pages. The Marni goddess told the press that she enjoys filling her home’s courtyard and terrace with plants and herbs; I’d share the same view if I had my own mansion as-well. Additionally, Carolina stated her hope to provide the cities children with a unique experience as well as mentioning the inspiration coming from that of her own passion for growing produce.

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Aesthetics were certainly a significant feature having energetic coil dragonflies and insects hanging from the ceiling attracted to the scene as much as the spectators were. One cursory Italian pronounced in a strong accent “you’re a legend” to Carolina as she swiftly purchased numerous blooms grinning like a child in a sweet shop. A benefit of this wonder is the towering sculptures of wired mannequins perked with rainbow skirts hand-crafted by Columbian artisans of which a majority of the proceedings are given to children’s charities, an example being that of the charity Vimala. 


Every part of the show was considerably lively just a typical local florist. Supermodel Coco Brandolini d’Adda casually pulled outside on her bike escorting her two children in meanwhile alternative model, Shala Monroque concentrated on crafting hued necklaces of recycled materials based around the brand’s own wacky jewellery. Unfortunately, the herds of travellers were disappointed when they realised they couldn’t take home the intended amount of merchandise due to their limiting baggage allowances. 


Likewise to Marni, Burberry has surprised catwalk attendants with their latest spring/summer 2015 catwalk with a completely different theme of colour than usual. Pastel pinks and dominant yellows along with denim jackets. A stark contrast when compared to the brand’s statement masculine tartans and tedious beige, whites and blacks. No need to worry though because they ensued with the country theme throughout the compelling maxi-coats imprinted with elegant images of nature, for instance bees, the specific coat Suki Waterhouse wore upon the runway show. 

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Let’s not all try and convince ourselves into believing that floral is one of the major trends this summer because it is not at all. Times when floral came in was back in 2011, the year when Rodarte gave models angelic dresses overlaid with roses not so long after the women’s faces had been covered in talcum powder like they had just taken part in that game where you search for the sweet in a heap of self-rising flour. Other designers that year incorporated blossoms into their runways: Vivienne Westwood, Paul and Joe and Rochas. 


I apologize for the short post readers as I am currently staring at an infinite stack of homework since moving into my last 2 years of high-school. As a result I may not be able to post as often so please don’t unfollow me due to the lack of consistency. 

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