Piercing – Love it or Hate it?

I remember being a galvanic 7 year old, gazing at the ear lobe of a teenager longing for the day when I could finally accustom a piercing just like her. For years my parents had gone through infinite mithering of “can I have my ears pierced please” “when your 18” they would say every. Single. Time. But it wasn’t until my friends began joining the club, one by one until it became a need. Back then I didn’t view it as a form of fashion, I viewed it as an aid of becoming ‘cool’, if you had a piercing, your level on my cool-o-meter would instantly be increased. Then finally, on my 11th birthday, feeling like the last one of my friend-ship group to experience it, I had the puncher placed through the skin. Prior to entering the local hair-dressers, I was secretly nervous as hell after years of my own pierce-less father disputing the process “why would anyone want a gun shot through their ear” I was actually here, and it was not a gun, thanks for the ghastly imaginings of that situation dad. Overall, the enduring pain was more like a friendly pinch and it was over in a jiffy. 


Whether it is the prevalent ear lobe or the contentious genital area, locations of piercings are becoming obscurer by the second. A vast majority of the female population have one yet vibrant Brazilian, Elaine Davidson owns the greatest amount at an astonishing 7,000 piercings. Included in Rodarte’s recent New York Fashion Week catwalk, Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy startled the show attenders with a full model force consisting of brows capped of metal rings (they were glued on), this took back the latest craze of resolute eye-brows. Furthermore, a less courageous presentation of piercings occurred back in 2012 when Chanel as well as Givenchy sent out there collections accompanied by numerous gems surrounding the mouth and beautiful nose rings connected to the lobes giving a definite reminiscence of the body-hole starters back in ancient Persia from the Persepolis. Many people believe Karl’s inspiration for his immense involvement of piercings was after he viewed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. A book turned film featuring that of ring filled goth Lisbeth Salander in fact the actress who plays the murky character, Rooney Mara, admitted to receiving a nipple piercing just for the result of gaining the particular part: “it just felt like a good one to get – a necessary one to get.”

noomi_rapace_the_girl_with_the_dragon_tattoo_lisbeth_salander Beauty_Hakaan

Mentioned in the bible, piercings are of tremendous significance to human-kinds culture as Jacobs is declared to have stolen his families and idols earrings then proceeded to have buried the jewellery (Genesis 35:4). Regarding physical evidence, archaeologists have uncovered the body of a 5,300 year old ear-pierced mummy with holes of an audacious 7-11 mm diameter, a little larger than your almost 0.5 mm standard ear lobe hole. Alternative earring eras dwell on that of the Pacific North-western Americans, the Tlingits in which attiring earrings was only undertook by those of a prodigious prosperity unlike the present day where hefty sleeper earrings are genuinely stereo-typed under ‘chav’. Additionally, we had the ancient Greeks with god shaped ear pieces as well as the ancient Romans decorated with the most delicate of gemstones costing a price of which only the most up-scale of people could afford. Clearly, piercings have been the mode for a lengthy amount of time nonetheless this did fall subsequent to World War I when shock, horror, people developed a pre-eminent enthusiasm for clip-on earrings, never-again! Yes, 60’s fashion icon Twiggy did accustom the items usually found in the contents of a girl’s princess costume set, but for now I’ll give it a miss!

Vogue-UK-September-2013-Daria-Patrick-Demarchelier-4 chanel4

Previously, being in possession of a piercing placed other than your ear lobe was an immense put-off; anyone with a lip ring was a definite insurrection whereas having that of a septum piercing (the one resembling a cow’s nose ring) was only for exotic native tribes. Whereas nowadays you are never less than a meagre 10 foot away from someone with a body-piercing. Particularly, I have noticed an upsurge in nose-piercings amidst the fellow students of my high-school, constantly being told to pull the jewel out by teachers these once Indian culture traditions are now becoming the norm throughout British young-people. I have no opposition towards this piercing situation but know that Indians have it completed due to the belief of it being a nostril of female reproductive organs therefore by piercing this specific place; discomfort can be declined for the duration of menstruation and labour. Celebrities such as the contradictory Miley Cyrus have been known to wear a nose ring now-and-again. You never know, this might be a part of her fascinating dirty-hippy look! 

Tattoo faced Desia Khond abbey lee ear piercings

Inspired by Harry Potter’s Launa actress, Evanna Lynch anyone with a nose ring should try pairing it with grunge themed clothing reflecting that hipster feel, meaning cosy cardigans with the strings intentionally hanging out, vintage maxi skirts and chunky leather belts for dimension. Likewise to Evanna, I would recommend accessorising with a substantial necklace that predominant to the garment, not only does this convey confidence but it also provides emphasis towards the all-important nose ring. All in all, the greatest advantage of dressing all flower-power is the aspect of reusing clothes that would usually be given to a charity shop or just non hesitantly dumped into your black bin, forgotten about forever. Focusing on the extra jewellery, I’d use materials that are often having the outlook of being ‘organic’, for instance: wood and feathers, influenced by Armani’s wooden badged summer collection in 2013. 

Evanna+Lynch+Body+Piercings+Nose+Piercing+TNhGvoKpeALx Marni ss2013 catwalk adorn london jewelry trends blog

What is your view regarding piercings? Make sure that you leave a response in the comments.

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