New York Fashion Week – What I Thought

As usual, New York Fashion Week passed in no time similar to how the present and imminent London, Berlin, Milan and Paris ones will. There was the most spectacular of attire whereas there were also some weaknesses, in my opinion this was Miley Cyrus’ collaboration with Jeremy Scott. Jeremy said “Miley and I have something very exciting we’re brewing for the future,” which I agree he was right about “exciting” but not in a good way. After Scott took on the influential occupation of creative director at Mosichino in October 2013, the brand has obviously become more centred on cartoon graphics and modern day influence. Despite this the way Miley described the line as a representation of her ‘Dirty Hippy’ art continues to perplex me, I thought hipsters were bohemian protesters who purchase clothes from thrift and vintage stores, not the toy section in Tesco.

425034 Jeremy Scott - Front Row & Backstage - MADE Fashion Week Spring 2015miley-designs_3034455a

On the other hand, I have discovered various new designers whose line I absolutely adored. Jena. Theo was one with the blow-out structure of her dresses in addition to the flared sleeves that really add element to a piece, particularly, the metallic pastel pink shirt column dress. Being a lover of preppy, I thought this garment appeared quite sophisticated yet considerably youthful in addition to this, the Peter Pan collar provides maturity through its pointed edges. Paired with some white super-gas would make a superb outfit for commuting whereas paired with black wedges would create an ideal set for a controlled celebratory event. As well as this charming apparel, I was intrigued by the Jena. Theo white frill dress. I believe that this specific gown has the capability of being pulled off as quite an obscure wedding dress or if not, a bridesmaid dress. Overall, the garment has definite dimension as of the substantial frills that start it off, moreover the striped embroidery detail which has been distressed at the helm of the skirt. Unlike the other dress mentioned, this could not be worn as a casual outfit. Personally, I would place it with some stilettos and a clutch, alike to that of Emma Watson’s outfit for attending Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter Couture Show.

010_426x639 011_426x639

Furthermore, Marc Jacobs make-up look for his catwalk was no make-up! It may be extremely difficult to believe but during New York Fashion Week a group of models strode across the runway completely bare-faced. Nars being the chief make-up company of New York Fashion Week quoted “only moisturising lotion and that’s it.” Amongst some of the all-natural startled models were none other than Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima and Jessica Stam. Apparently Jacobs’ demand for bare-faced models was in the objective to have a model army however Palau told Fashionista that “…he likes to depersonalise the girls.” In the end, the girls were sent out wearing black bob wigs with striking fringes and pale faces. Besides this idea, Nars commented saying that the models all had perfect skin anyway and it they were a fan of having a face involving no vibrant colours whatsoever. Using no-make-up was certainly peculiar for Marc Jacobs considering that he only just released his make-up line this year yet only included that of the Limited Edition Marc Jacobs nail lacquer in deep burgundy in possibly one of the most acknowledged catwalks he will hold amidst 2014.

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On to the prevailing catwalk attenders, Olivia Palermo made her way to the event in a black frilled mini skirt corresponding with that of a dull fringe tote. In addition to this, she wore some strapped stilettos and a white sweatshirt consisting of the only hint of pattern throughout its sleeves. In reference to accessories, she didn’t waste a last chance for attiring sunglasses and placed a silver cuff bracelet on one wrist then a slim black leather watch on the other. Even though wearing a bracelet on both wrist can often appear as quite obscure, Olivia managed to make it look satisfying as she does with every form of attire. My favourite part of the set was decidedly the sweater. This is mainly a result of its dainty detailing, the triangle-shaped cut located at the front gives out an effortless vibe nonetheless laced detail upon the sleeves convert it into an outfit of a more pre-eminent superiority. Most of all, this genuine Palermo set should be noted with no questioning as it exceedingly fits the group of outfits that can be re-made with lack of difficulty without thousands of pounds spent on designer clothing. Just grab any sweater and place it with a skater skirt or over a thin-fabric dress for supplementary warmth. After, accompany with some coordinating stilettos (laced is best) along with the significance of bracelets on both wrists. I’d miss out the sunglasses if you live at the depths of the southern or northern hemispheres.

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