The Anorak – This Season’s Top Coat

If you glance outside, there is noticeably a vast difference in atmosphere, i.e. an over-cast sky and maybe an increase in precipitation as the year delves deeper into September as well as autumn. Floral mini dresses are starting to be placed amongst the clearance rail whilst cushy knits upsurge in demand. Despite knits, there is another form of clothing that rises in popularity during the bitter days – coats. Whether it’s a broad parka, a sophisticated maxi-coat or even a chic pea-coat, we all have the fundamental attire upon our Autumn/Winter clothing agenda. Evidently, there is a wide range to choose from however a year never passes where one type is the current trend. This year particularly, I believe it to be the anorak: lightweight, tremendously convenient and when-chosen-right visually top-notch. An anorak is this season’s must-have.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Numerous designers have undertaken this certain apparel; Marc Jacobs for instance. Amidst his spectacular Marc by Marc Jacobs line, he created a classic anorak jacket in a khaki style fatigue green. With the involvement of substantial pockets either side of each other, this make is at a considerable suitability to the girl who transports many of her belongings and has an immediate need for items. Overall the busy commuter ideally inhabited in the bustling city. Being exceedingly thick, this coat will maintain a good level of insulation yet still contribute a trendy aspect.

marc-by-marc-jacobs-green-classic-anorak-jacket-product-1-23074367-2-277369776-normal Capture

Miu Miu

In my opinion, Miu Miu produces the most dainty of clothing and is one of my personal favourites of designers so when I discovered the label’s pretty anorak coat, it left a large desire upon me. With the brand’s usually childish pastels, this anorak is very prominent. Furthermore, it could be paired with endless outfits as a result of its striking colours and unique layout. This coat can make any rainy day a sunny one as of the vibrant body in pale blue and deep midnight green shown through the hood. Most of all, the coat’s parallel draw strings add strong texture as well as bringing back a partly-good throwback to the recently previous years. In addition to this, the fact that the coat has a lack of length guarantees that your dearest bottom wear can still fully be on show.

P00107588--STANDARD P00107588-Lightweight-anorak-BUNDLE_2

The Ragged Priest at Topshop

Anyone searching for outerwear to make a bold statement will be intrigued by this garment. The Ragged Priest pink splashed anorak is remarkably holographic, offering glows that resemble the baco-foil in your kitchen cupboard. Strikingly space based, it holds a pop of neutral throughout the slight hint of grey upon the ending of sleeves that also take-away the major thin based fabric of the apparel. Even though this anorak may come as too prevailing for everyday situations such as work and coffee catch-ups, I think it is perfect for drizzly festivals and may-be coming home subsequent to late night parties because this attire accentuates a superior presence.

62A13GPNK_large 62A13GPNK_2_large

White Chocolate at ASOS

Corresponding with the preceding Miu Miu attire, this anorak is substantially childish, mixing a mature scheme with a spontaneous pattern, polka dots. Available in 2 contrasting colours of dashing navy and a courageous scarlet, this coat can be worn by either side of the personality spectrum. If you’re wearing an outfit that lacks print, just throw on this charming overthrow to be viewed from a more out-going yet dynamic perspective. What is most significant about this energetic piece is its astounding versatility through the compelling pattern and difference in existing colours.

image3xl image4xxl


Known for its efficient rain-wear (hence the name), Rains endears a greatly constructive yet artistic outlook to its apparel. Using color blocks of black sleeves and a black top section besides the remainder being overtook with an assertive sky blue, this anorak is the chief of contemporary clothing. In my opinion it would look best paired with a geometric print considering that the coat consists of no patterns whatsoever. Regarding disadvantages, dissimilar to that of the other garments, this anorak subsists of a short zip rather than a full zip which can cause the removal of the coat to be more time consuming therefore less conducive then substitutes of a comparable design and/or arrangement.

12182501-black-sky-blue_b7d522ee-1517-4b31-9c6b-5cba4c1d5796 0016_Rains_lookbook_64_V006-2

 Acne Studios

Last but not least is the exceptionally deluxe label of Acne, popular upon social media, this brand may be lavish but its extravagance is worth the money. Having features identical to the Marc by Marc Jacobs anorak, this piece is undoubtedly thick but still practical. In addition, the maxi approach contains that of an inside faux-fur coat that is unequivocally able at keeping a satisfactory neck temperature and in damp circumstances, an equally as good head temperature. Focusing on colour, this coat is in the frequent shade of navy conveying an idea that it is not difficult to be paired with other clothing.


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