Reasoning my Desire for a Parisian Lifestyle via my most Favourable Instagram Accounts

Before you read on, I just want to spare a moment to apologize for missing two blog posts as I aim to post on an agenda of every 2 days. I hope that this has not decreased the reputation of my blog in your own mind and I myself wish to put this occurrence aside, thank you.

Since the Instagram mania hit the globe suddenly mostly through the advances in technology, i.e. smart phones and tablets resulting in major breakthroughs to occur in the fashion industry. An example of this is the idea that regular people who have no experience in education regarding photography are able to take images providing both a professional structure in addition to a professional state of quality. After this, they then have the option of uploading this image onto social media generating an entirely new faction of viewers.

Being an Instagram devotee myself, I have often come across a number of accounts in which I can’t resist to check up on at least once a day as well as taking inspiration in order to improve my own profile’s allure.

Kate Rooney is a beauty editor located in London. Having an extensive make-up collection to die for, she regularly posts white bordered images in a variety of formulated arrangements. Despite her competent lifestyle, Kate apprehends comments and undertakes the odd reply unlike most lucrative accounts. Additionally, Kate holds a blog stating that it caters as ”your definitive guide to beauty, health and style”. Regarding this promise, after pondering across the site I found it rather helpful through the differentiating posts that cover everyone’s opinions in the subjects included. Instagram pictures consist of piles of piquant French macaroons to the elegant outline of Kate’s killer shins in shredded Levis.

theglowedit profile overview

theglowedit 1

theglowedit 2

Instagram – @theglowedit

Twitter – @TheGlowEdit

Blog –

If you’re looking for an extremely minimalistic feed, @imindiarose captures the most immaculate pictures. Focusing on the repercussion of monochrome, India shows modern outfits set mostly on the side-walks in the exquisite city of Paris. Despite outfits we see pictures of her own pedigree canine, the exclusive insights of Parisian interior and the impeccable carcass of a Giorgio Armani model. Regarding myself, I adore the women’s surreal hair being a waterfall of beach waves and a colour of clear mahogany.

imindiarose profile review

imindiarose 2

imindiarose 1

Instagram – @imindiarose

Next, saying that she wants to be the reason Londoners turn into Calis, Alice Zielasko has a passion for street style, taking the most intricate pictures in a variety of subjects. In addition to sporting the most highly regarded attire, Alice appears to consume some of the most aesthetically pleasing meals in existence due to her competent approach in food photography. What appealed to me the most was the secluded fact that the sets she displays comprise a scarcity of accessories meaning that a beginner in combining clothing to create a decent outfit finds the vital process less difficult. Not only does Alice’s Instagram profile perplex but her wondrous array of information and photography is presented on ‘Alice Point’, her imposing site.

alicezielasko profile review

alicezielasko 1

aliceziasko 2

Instagram – @alicezielasko

Twitter – @alicezielasko

Blog –

Now I am highly convinced that in the future, I will be strolling along the opulent streets of Paris carrying a cardboard coffee cup of an expensive company and the varnished cover of French Vogue. @meetmeinparee seizes this dream to the maximum rate with the idealistic Parisian lifestyle; appetizing cup-cakes delicately renovated as well as flawless action shots of Nikita herself. Even though Nikita is based in Paris, she is originally half Chinese and half English but comes across as a plausible and emblematic Parisian. In my opinion, Nikita’s quirky character stands out the most, whether its placing designer sunglasses upon pineapples or using the inner-circle of doughnuts to replace a person’s relevant eyes, Nikita has it all covered in her unique and visionary way.

meetmeinparee profile overview

meetmeinparee 2

meetmeinparee 1

Instagram – @meetmeinparee

Blog –

Another competent minimalist profile is that of Angelia Prisca. Shown through her conscientiously planned images of monochrome goods and immaculate spaces (all of which could be placed in an IKEA catalogue). Significantly, Angelia is Indonesian and an art connoisseur implementing the greatest reason behind her remarkable dimension of imagery. To continue, Angelia’s art and lifestyle blog depicts a whole new set of exclusive pictures still proceeding with the same aspect of beautiful photography and tenacious minimalist.

angeliaprsc profile review

angeliaprsc 2

angeliaprisc 1

Instagram – @angeliaprsc

Blog –

Beneath all my most favoured Instagram accounts there comes one particular reason, I want to live their lives and hope to in the future. An artistic lifestyle providing the knowledge of looking exceptional every day in addition to having an equally valuable job that must consist of this main aspect, I enjoy it no matter what task is given.

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