How I Style Stripes

Countless celebrities have been detected attiring the most common pattern in fashion, stripes. But how do you style stripes? In addition to googling the frequent search term of ‘Taylor Swift wearing stripes’ I had the most indisputable sense of deciding to show you how I, myself tend to style the sailor originated print.

To start with, I paired a printed t-shirt of which I folded over the sleeves to decrease the feel of effortlessness to the outfit. Additionally, a choker was placed which creates more individuality when combined with the Jesus bracelet and monochrome rubber swatch watch (contemporary retro). Regarding shoes, I choose once again a retro piece, some black jelly shoes. I believe that Jelly shoes convey much formality as they cover a greater amount of skin when compared to your standard sandals or flip flops. Most importantly, these items all came together with the flicker of pattern in which the striped jersey skirt offers. In my opinion, dominant prints such as stripes and spots must be worn with genuinely plain clothing and accessories because if not, the outfit will appear as quite over-dramatic. Ideally, this outfit can be worn during a day-event, for instance meeting up with friends.

outfit 1

Choker – Purchased by my dear grandma during a holiday in sunny Barbados,

Watch – Swatch Watch,

Bracelet – Jacaste (local variety shop in Glossop),

T-shirt – Tee and Cake at Topshop,

Skirt – H and M,

Shoes – JuJu,

Lipstick- Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Mayfair Red Lady.

Forwarding on, I have a striped mid-length sleeved top in black and white combined with some navy leggings that can easily be replaced by navy or black trousers as some feel self-conscious in this form of bottom-wear. Personally, I adore the spark of colour which the blazer rolled-up sleeves offer being a plumb pink as well as the bold aura of the lust red lipstick. Due to the fact that stripes are associated with sailors, using a red lipstick seemed like the perfect feature to emphasise the sailor semantic field. Concentrating on the situation in which this set can be worn, I believe that wearing this to work would be appropriate. Consequently because of the high heels that depict a genuine and non-casual feel.


Blazer – Dorothy Perkin’s,

Top – Next,

Leggings – Zara,

High Heels – Primark,

Lipstick – As Before.

My final set presents formality and intelligence. Having the top button done up on a shirt reduces the risk of having a nonchalant reputation but instead being receptive, when we incorporate the potent black heels there is a real intensity of these characteristics. What is most convenient about this piece is the fact that it can be worn to a wide variety of occasions:  out with friends, business meetings, parties ect. Furthermore, skinny jeans administrate a sumptuous figure both physically and mentally meaning that you will appear more appealing moreover is more positive of your body-image.


Shirt – Ralph Lauren,

Bag – H and M,

Jeans – Next,

High Heels – As before.

To summarize, I think that stripes are genuinely appropriate in summer being a sailor related print however can be worn to indoor situations such as work occasions. In my opinion, it is a very controversial pattern as the possibility of awry combinations are not difficult to occur when this pattern is involved. 

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