Some Souvlaki Please, with Extra Valentino

Historical gowns patterned with ravishing floral decoration, who couldn’t doubt that the designer is Valentino. This stereo-typical style was clearly shown during Valentino’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Cover Show where Greek goddesses took strides along an almost Adam and Eve based runway, filled with elegant bushes that resembled every child’s imagination of the enchanted forest. Meanwhile, Mr Valentino himself was perched, front row with the exemplary and exquisite female of Kim Kardashian discussing the strong character of the show. Other celebrities fortunate enough to be written on the invitation list included Emma Watson, dressed in a sophisticated black Valentino two pieces and Olivia Palermo, carrying a white satin blouse paired with a black and rosso corsa coloured skort. Furthermore, I just want to mention how opulent the single dangling earring looks on Emma, it has certainly inspired me to wear a similar style of one earring.
Valentino : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Valentino : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015
As explained in my previous post, I unquestionably adore monochrome so it came as a tremendously pleasant surprise when I realised that every piece included in the collection constituted of complete monochrome. Additionally, the spectators must have or ready been told about this feature previous to the dawn of the catwalk, hence Emma and Olivia are both presenting monochrome attire apart from the horizontal line concluding Olivia’s skort.

To follow on I am going to display my three favourite pieces that adequately took their place along the naturalistic catwalk:

First of all we have this mature darkened maxi dress paired with wrapped leather flat sandals, emphasising the Greek theme of the collection. Its mandarin collar adds a mysterious feel to the piece however we then see the gap between the top and skirt providing greater composure and emotion. Another aspect of its piece is its realistic nature. Being a pleated dress among flat soled shoes produces the most perfect outfit for everyday life, particularly city people who spend the majority of their time upon their feet. Especially moving around quite a lot which as you should know, it is not of the highest intelligence to be attiring a pair of Louis Vuitton stilettos in this situation. Even though these beige sandals offer a lack of heel, it is still enough to make an entrance and have others take you seriously. 


Secondly, this piece really composed the formality of Valentino’s collection. By the use of the geometric pattern included in the set contrasting to the pale, partly see-through, collar of the cropped yet still sophisticated top gives the most gallant personality. Once again worn with the khaki sandals, it is very easy to tell that Valentino’s main aim for this collection is that it can be worn in any kind of environment and is comfortable yet still gives a mod impression. In addition to this, I have also noticed that all the pieces have no difficulty in being adapted to fit the season. For instance, the following image pictured only needs a removal of the striking jacket to evolve from an ideal business like winter/autumn set to an impeccable outfit for radiant summer days.


This last piece is likewise to the youthful skater dresses often worn by teenagers of this generation; as a result it’s directed towards younger people. Boldly, there is a considerable appearance of what most people dread showing… legs, however it is not too short to have everyone giving it a deep hesitation when they eye it up in Selfridge’s. Due to the long set-in sleeves, this piece has drama and is definitely not your typical item of a plain, pasty dose of apparel. I believe that the most effective component of this set is the impeccability of the bow that conveys innocence and is associated with the archival form of the graceful fragment of an emblematic Victorian gown.


To summarize, Valentino successfully granted everybody’s idealistic Greek atmosphere by the use of monochrome yet somehow exotic gowns, divine taupe sandals amongst a runway brimming with sensual basil plants. You could only get slightly more Greek if Valentino himself was consuming the luscious taste of a grape during the fascination of his enigmatic show.

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