How High is your Metronome on Monochrome?

Each time I shop, whether its or the Topshop in my city centre, there’s always a voice trying to convince my ostentatious side to make an appearance but that never occurs because I always end up purchasing the same four colours: black, blue, white and grey. But who can’t go wrong with a bit of monochrome? It is the queen of all colour matches as you should know that white goes with everything and black goes with everything, so what could go wrong?

Despite having the decreased risk of an erroneous pairing, monochrome can tend to bore as at some times the match can be very dull and have a primitive reality. In my opinion, it should be worn in proportion with colourful clothing similar to eating chocolate but balancing it out by eating vegetables in addition. Even though I think this, when choosing between a magenta filled floral tunic dress and a plain abalone tunic dress, I just can’t resist grabbing the more comfortable, easy-to-pair and reassuring piece. Yes, you should be able to feel sanguine in the style you undertake but we need to embrace our figure instead of concealing it in a blanket-like shallow gown. Maybe we should all attempt to wear clothes that usually would be pushed forward on the rail. Because, if not these items will remain as a deliberate avoidance forever.

To end, I would like to present to you two of my favourite clothing items that are purely of course grey, black and white:

Number 1 is a Ribbon acid-wash grey sweater that gives me a feeling of protection as it is 3 sizes bigger than my actual size, I just love the extent of over sized sweaters because they hide my  insecurities resulting in a swift transportation of myself without the apprehension that I look likewise to an elephant.

Grey sweater edited

Secondly, is an H and M white cable knit jumper costing £19.99 which I agree to the fact that it is a substantial bargain when compared to the equally protracted length of wear that £60 Jack Will’s cable knits implement. Furthermore, white never fails to look pertinent with any form or colour of bottoms which makes the combinations involving this knit appear materialize at an endless rate.


Although relieving dyes bring an infinite ballot of long-term benefits (confidence, reliability and economical pleasantry), there are still ceaseless pieces that speculate endorsing characteristics such as contentment and  spontaneity of which include no sign of black or white. Motivation of the people who attire to these items of clothing still leaves my mind roving every day. 

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