The Revolution of Vintage Attire

Unsurprisingly, trends have been through the usual recycling process. Besides these numerous fashion manias, there is one tendency that has dominated the world of fashion…vintage clothing. 2014 Zara camis are being taken out by a cherished vest top of Chanel vintage as people become greatly fantasised with the new classic clothing invasion. But what is vintage? any clothing released in 1920 until 20 years previously from this particular day. Any time before this is considered antique which is obviously too ancient for today’s approaches. In my opinion, Alexa Chung turned up looking fearless in her fluorescent lust red dress by Calvin Klein paired with a vintage menswear Burberry satchel in addition to the prevailing vintage diamond necklace that hangs perfectly underneath her collar-bones.

As well as Alexa’s intense triumph of pulling off the vintage attires, Confessions of a Shopaholic star, Krysten RItter was seen wearing a vintage silk floral dress that had roses bursting with Victorian artistry providing enough sense to only add on a sophisticated pair of darkened stilettos, complimented by an appropriately sized bow attached to where the heel end of the foot rests. Despite this lack of quantity to the piece, it was still an impressive set due to the vibrancy of the sui generis buds. 

Regarding myself, I am yet one to own such a momentous sample of clothing as no venture into the vintage market has occurred. Particularly my main fear is the fact that wearing a second hand item or even owning one to that matter does have the reputation of grunge and negative exposure, whereas my inner-vintage fairy has on multiple occasions drawn me a mm away of completing the purchase of that novelty 1940’s jersey top.

5 thoughts on “The Revolution of Vintage Attire

  1. Do not be afraid. Vintage has a narrative that new clothes can never have. A romance and mystery that makes them so much more interesting. Take a look at my latest post. Vintage Chanel, what’s not to like?

  2. I totally agree with PoshPedlar, I love vintage and the unique style it immediately creates. Wearing something vintage makes you feel lkke you’re wearing something one of a kind, because you’re not likely to see another girl walking down the street in the same outfit. 🙂

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